2006 YouTube Video Awards – Best Comedy Winner

The success of YouTube has seemingly been on a down turn since its purchase by overlords of the Internet Google, which is no doubt due in large part to the fact that every television network, production unit and joe blow has slapped them with countless cease and desist notices and lawsuits. With the rash of lawsuits and cease and desist notices being filed, YouTube has lost a significant amount of its television content, which certainly accounts for a portion, if not the majority of the down swing, but the guys definitely came up with a golden idea in the 2006 YouTube Video Awards.

Though the idea behind the 2006 YouTube Video Awards is a great one and has definitely pumped YouTube up yet again, but I gotta say, I’m not feeling the Best Comedy Video Award winner. I know, I know, the winners were all chosen by “the people”, but “the people” seriously screwed up when it comes to the Best Comedy award. The winner of the 2006 YouTube Video Award for Best Comedy was “Smosh Short 2: Stranded.” I’ll give the guys behind the video credit, it was witty and mildly entertaining, but in my books, the fourth place “Ben takes a photo of himself everyday” video was a lot more entertaining and without a doubt the funnier video.

Watch the “Smosh Short 2: Stranded” and “Ben takes a photo of himself everyday” video below and choose for yourself!

2006 YouTube Video Award Best Comedy Winner – Smosh Short 2: Stranded

Ben takes a photo of himself everyday

2006 YouTube Video Awards – Most Creative Winner

YouTube held its first annual YouTube Video Awards last week, honoring the best of the best from 2006 in seven distinct categories: Most Creative, Best Comedy, Best Commentary, Best Series, Best Music Video, Most Inspirational and Most Adorable.

This post is dedicated to the winner of the 2006 YouTube Video Award for Most Creative video, OK Go – Here it goes again!

OK Go’s video for Here it goes again is one of the most popular videos on YouTube and has been viewed more than 13.5-million times. The video cost the group little, if anything, to create and has made OK Go a name synonymous with choreographed treadmill dancing amongst tech geeks across the globe! Here it goes again is the pinnacle of viral marketing and is well deserving of the 2006 YouTube Award for Most Creative Video!

OK Go – Here it goes again!

Video: Apple Slings Monkey Poo At MS In New PC vs Mac Commercial

Apple hasn’t wasted a minute in getting their newest edition of the PC vs. Mac commercial series out, and might I add, just in time to coincide with the release of MS Vista. The newest commercial takes a stab at Vista new “security” features and I have to admit, of all the crappy PC vs. Mac commercials, this is one of the few I actually find amusing. The worlds “MS” and “security” should never go in the same sentence together. I have got to hand it to Apple on this one, they did a good job.

Playstation 3 Madness

I’ve always been more a fan of the Playstation than of the XBox. I simply like everything about the Playstation more than the Xbox. I haven’t had a playstation for a long time now, but it was my favorite gaming console. Now, I’m strictly a computer gamer.

Here is a special something for all you crazy people that waited in line for days to get your hands on a Playstation 3, compliments of SmashMyPS3.com!

Watch a Playstation 3 get smashed to pieces after the jump!

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Firefox 2.0 Released Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks yet another big day in the lifespan of Mozilla’s premeire browser, Firefox. The full version of Firefox 2.0 is scheduled to be released by Mozilla mid-afternoon tomorrow, although the full version has already been leaked on numerous sites tonight, to which I won’t post a link as Mozilla has request that people not release the downloads yet and, since Mozilla is behind the awesomeness that is Firefox, I am cool with that.

Firefox has proven itself as browser of far superior innovation and power to that of Microsofts Internet Explorer. The folks at Mozilla update Firefox on a very regular basis and address any and all security issues promptly. Whereas the fools over at MS are more concerned with sticking to a monthly update release schedule than protecting their customers security.

Firefox is my browser of choice and is by and far the best browser available today, and it’s completely free! Don’t forget to download Firefox 2.0 tomorrow.

China to regulate blogging, more so

The Internet Society of China has recommended to the government that all bloggers be required to register their blogs with their full, legal names, not screen names. Thought they would be allowed to blog under their desired screen names, they would be forced to register their blogs with their real names, giving the government of China all the information they need to go after a blogger that talks about something they don’t want them to talk about.

“The Internet Society of China has recommended to the government that bloggers be required to use their real names when they register blogs, state media said on Monday, in the latest attempt to regulate free-wheeling Web content.”

Heaven forbid the internet be about freedom and be used as a medium for expression and sharing of information, why that would mean the end of civilization as we know it.

Its hard to imagine what life in a country like China would be like. So many liberties and freedoms are witheld from the people, supposedly for their own good. People complain about living in Canada and the US all the time, but compared to countries like China, we’ve got it great. All I can hope for is that it stays this way, but with the governments and Canada and the US being controlled by crazy conservatives, who knows where we could be headed.


Segway Falls Flat on it’s Face… Again

Segway Inc., creators of the “revolutionary” Segway scooter, have recently issued a complete recall of all Segways ever sold, to the tune of roughly 23,500 scooters.

The company, based in Bedford, NH, along with the Consumer Protection Safety Commission urged all Segway owners not to make use of the scooters until they are inspected by an authorized dealer.

Apparently there is a fault in the software that operates the gyroscopes and balancing computers that can, at random and completely unexpected times, abruptly throw the Segway into reverse. This, of course, would result in the surprised (to say the least) rider being thrown to the ground face first.

The company has dispatched specially equipt laptops to all dealers in the hopes of avoiding and future issues and repairing the existing fault. The process takes around 20 mins to complete, but will save many a Segway rider from broken teeth and a scraped up face.

This is almost as funny as when they originally hyped the Segway for release and everyone thought it was going to be something cool like a rocket pack, only to find out it’s actually a glorified lawn mower for the incredibly lazy. Go Segway!

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RadioShack Fires 400 Staff… By Email

I’ve heard of some pretty sleezy things before, but for a company as big as RadioShack to pull a stunt like this is just wrong.

400 lucky RadioShack employee’s woke up this morning to a special message in their Inbox. You’re Fired!

That’s right, the geniuses at RadioShack decided the best and most cost effective way to lay off 400 of their dedicated hard working staff was to email them. How tasteful and respectful. My goodness, it’s so unlike a big corporation like RadioShack to pull something sleezy and underhanded like this… yeah, that’s it.

They didn’t even has the decency to sugar coat it and try to be nice in the email. Each of the 400 now former eomployee’s got a lovely message saying:

“Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated.”

Way to break the news gently. And I thought I had no tact.

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