Segway Falls Flat on it’s Face… Again

Segway Inc., creators of the “revolutionary” Segway scooter, have recently issued a complete recall of all Segways ever sold, to the tune of roughly 23,500 scooters.

The company, based in Bedford, NH, along with the Consumer Protection Safety Commission urged all Segway owners not to make use of the scooters until they are inspected by an authorized dealer.

Apparently there is a fault in the software that operates the gyroscopes and balancing computers that can, at random and completely unexpected times, abruptly throw the Segway into reverse. This, of course, would result in the surprised (to say the least) rider being thrown to the ground face first.

The company has dispatched specially equipt laptops to all dealers in the hopes of avoiding and future issues and repairing the existing fault. The process takes around 20 mins to complete, but will save many a Segway rider from broken teeth and a scraped up face.

This is almost as funny as when they originally hyped the Segway for release and everyone thought it was going to be something cool like a rocket pack, only to find out it’s actually a glorified lawn mower for the incredibly lazy. Go Segway!

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