Survivor Cook Islands Recap: Sekou Eliminated

Tonight was the 1-hour premier episode of Survivor Cook Islands that I have been looking forward to for quite a while now. Like hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of other people, I had my butt glued to the couch 5 mins before the show started and was chomping at the bit. Let the madness begin!

The show starts off like the good old days of Survivor with all four teams running around a boat, grabbing what they can and, in some cases, stealing things from other tribes. The contestants were given 30 seconds to grab everything they could get their hands on before they had to jump overboard.

Everyone seems to get a decent amount of stuff and the first bit of controversy begins when Jonathan of the Caucasian tribe (aka Rarotonga) stole one of the chickens that had been caught by Yul of the Asian-American tribe (aka Puka). Oooooh, chicken stealer! You gonna pay!

Pan to the Hispanic-American tribe (aka Aitutaki) landing at their camp site, getting setup and Ozzy scaling a coconut tree, retreiving coconuts for his Aitutaki tribe mates. These guys seem like a pretty put together team, excluding the fat, lazy, metalhead Billy, that is. I forsee much lazyness and slacking in his short future.

Flip to the Asian-American tribe (aka Puka) and we find out that Cao Boi is already feeling a bit left out, which is no surprise, really. He’s the oldest member of a young team, the only one of the team that is an Asia born Asian and he’s excentric. Personally, I think he’s going to be the cool guy this season. The cooky character that everyone loves, love Chicken George from Big Brother.

Over to the African-American tribe (aka Manihiki) we go. Sekou starts off right away trying to be the leader and trying to get everyone organized and we all know how well that works, at least all of us that have watched Survivor before. This should be an interesting tribe, the alliances started instantly, everyone of them seems to be pretty stubborn and headstrong, I can almost smell the drama.

Last but not least we see the Caucasian tribe (aka Rarotonga) getting established. Jessica “Flicka” gets herself into some hot water right away by lifting the box where the chickens were being kept, letting them escape. After a while trying to catch the chickens everyone gave up. Jessica came in as an underdog, outcast person as it is, just for being alternative by nature, and losing the chickens right off the bat sure isn’t going to help.

The African-American tribe (Manihiki) are the first to find their gross, tainted, disease ridden water supply, but at least there’s a lot of it. A few trends emerge as well, with Sekou being lazy and taking to many breaks and two of the ladies, Rebecca and Sundra getting close already – I think we have the makings of an alliance here.The Caucasian tribe (Rarotonga) can’t manage to get any kind of shelter together so they are all forced to snuggle up close and get real friendly to stay warm. Right off the bat Adam and Candice seem to be getting just a little bit more friendly the everyone else – Does Survivor have an equivalent to the Big Brother showmance? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Yul of the Asian-American tribe (Puka) complains about having a headache and Cao Boi, being the crazy old coot that he is, diagnosis it as being something called the “bad wind” and proceeds to massage, rub, manipulate and generally screw with Yul’s temples and forehead and, amazingly enough, his headache goes away. As dumb as that looked, it was pretty cool.

Survivor Cook Islands First Reward Challenge:

The challenge:

  1. Using pieces of a puzzle, assemble a boat.
  2. Load team on said boat and paddle out to a marker.
  3. Get a torch off of said marker and paddle back to the beach.
  4. Disassemble the boat, grab the rails and head to the next puzzle.
  5. Assemlbe the puzzle (N, E, S, W Compass).
  6. Head for the pire with the completed puzzle pieces and torch.
  7. Stack your rails on the pire until the entire tribe has reached the top platform.
  8. Dip the torch into the bigger torch to ignite it and win.

The rewards:

  • 1st place gets a flint to create fire and a large box full of fire making supplies such as oil, kindling and waterproof matches and the ever important immunity.
  • 2nd place gets a flint and immunity.
  • 3rd place gets a flint and immunity.
  • 4th place gets a one way trip to Tribal Council and no fire.

The recap:

Aitutaki is the first tribe to assemble the boat puzzle, bringing up second is Puka, in third is Rarotonga and in dead last and way behind is Manihiki.

The Hispanics are the first back with fire and get a head start on the final puzzle. The Asians follow shortly after, followed by the Caucasians and eventually, by the African Americans.

The Asians (Puka) complete the final puzzle, scower the pire, light the torch and are the official winners of the first Survivor Cook Islands reward challenge. The Hispanics (Aitutaki) take second place, the Caucasians (Rarotonga) take third place and the African Americans (Manihiki) are the first to head to Tribal Council.

In an interesting twist, the African American tribe gets to select one member of the three other teams to be bannished to Exile Island. Nate and Sekou make the choice, essentially ignoring the girls, and elect to send Jonathan to Exile Island for stealing Puka’s chicken.

Pan to Jonathan sitting on Exile Island, searching for the immunity idol and freezing his nuts off. Exile Island is super small, completely flat, has no shelter, no way to avoid rain or win and is really going to be brutal this season. Not like the cushy, well protected Exile Island of last season.

Off to the Manihiki camp we go to watch the girls (3), align and gang up on the guys (2). Stephanie is the swing vote as she doesn’t fit in with the guys or the girls yet, so it will all come down to her vote.

Survivor Cook Islands Tribal Council Results:

This seasons tribal council area is awesome. What a wicked looking setup. Nothing like crashed pirate ship to set the ton of things.

The only votes we’re allowed to see, as usual, are:

  • Sekou votes for Sundra.
  • Sundra votes for Sekou.

Jeff Probst reads the votes off:

  1. Seundra
  2. Sekou
  3. Sundra
  4. Sekou
  5. Sekou

Sekou is the first person eliminated from Survivor Cook Islands.

Manihiki is sent back to camp short one member, but at least they were given a flint by Jeff Probst before their trip back. Now everyone should have fire in no time.

So ends the first episode of the controversial new season of Survivor Cook Islands. You can gaurantee that it’s only going to get better from this point on, so be sure to stay tuned to dingoRUE for all your Survivor recaps!

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