Rock Star Supernova Winner: Lukas Rossi

Tonight’s episode of Rock Star Supernova was the season finale and saw the Winner finally be announced. I have to say, first off, that I’m glad they packed it all into a 1-hour season finale, I hate when they drag finale’s out for 2-hours when there is simply no need to do so.

Now, on to the Rock Star Supernova Winner Recap:

Everything starts off as usual, with a recap of the previous nights performances in all their total awesomeness.

The announcement is made and the contestants to have been in the bottom two at one point or another are:

  • Magni
  • Toby
  • Lukas

*dramatic pause*

The contestants at Risk are:

  • Magni
  • Toby

Magni performs “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix

My Thoughts: Great performance again, the song was totally rockin’ and he did fantastic work with the guitarist for the house band again. With that being said, the first time he did it was a bit better then this round, but this round was still pretty good.

Toby performs “White Wedding” by Billy Idol

My Thoughts: Toby seems to be lacking some of his energy in this performance, it’s not as high as usual. The performance was decent, the vocals were only so-so, it really wasn’t his best job and he needed it most at this point in time.

Tommy Lee makes the announcement and the tommy-hawk falls squarely on Magni.

Booooo! I really liked Magni.

That leaves us with the Final 3:

  • Toby
  • Lukas
  • Dilana

Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead and Gilby Clarke of Supernova give everyone a chance to say their final piece and why they think they should be the lead singer of Supernova.

Lukas says it would be an “honor to lead them [Supernova] in a world tour.”

Dilana says “this band needs someone 1000% dedicated” and that “Lukas is amazing. Toby is incredible, but I’m the one!”

Toby keeps it simple and says “I feel like I’m ready now.”

With their final sentiments being spoken, Tommy Lee makes the request to hear everyone sing just one more song.

Lukas performs “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve

My Thoughts: Weak song, but a strong chorus. Good performance, but over all, sub-par vocals. Lukas didn’t do very good this time around, the previous version was MUCH better and much more genuine.

Dilana performs “Zombie” by The Cranberries

My Thoughts: The vocals weren’t bad, but not great by any means. The performance was a so-so effort and overall, it wasn’t anything special. Again, the first time around was much better. What is with these guys tonight?

Toby performs “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers

My Thoughts: Toby shouldn’t sing any songs by The Killers because they never end up sounding right, his voice just doesn’t fit properly with the songs. Though his performance was great and as high in energy as ever – much better then his performance for White Wedding.

Jason Newstead takes the mic and essentially says that Toby’s voice is fantastic, Supernova has never doubted it through-out the entire competition and it can cut through the guitars with no problem at all, and they love that.

Then he promptly drops the axe and cuts Toby.

Super Boo! Toby was my favorite to win, I can’t believe they cut him, he did fantastic in this competition. He’s so going to make and release his own album, without a doubt.

Toby’s parting words were that he had “the best time ever” and that “you boys, you taught me so much.” Good on you mate! You rocked it out.

That leaves us with the Final 2:

  • Dilana
  • Lukas

Both of whom received the highest votes from last nights performance show, surprisingly.

And, of course, Supernova threatens to make their decision, but first: the obligatory 5 minutes of suspense and annoyance creating commercials, yay!

Back from the commercials we come and the final words are spoken of each contestant. Supernova says that Lukas was “really, really amazing for us” and that Dilana was “enchanting” and her “voice is amazing.”

Supernova announces that they are making their decision based on the highest votes received from their fans, which means the:

Rock Star Supernova Winner is Lukas Rossi!

Everyone says how awesome Dilana is and that she has a few surprises in store for her as well:

  • Tommy lets her know that she can come on tour with Supernova and front the House band.
  • Gilby Clarke offers to help write and produce Dilana’s record.
  • Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro BOTH offer to play on her record as well.

That is a pretty sweet deal for coming in second place.

Supernova takes to the stage, hugs all around for Lukas and they break into their first song as a complete group, “Be Yourself.”

I have to say, I really got into this season of Rock Star Supernova and enjoyed it quite a bit. The competition was very stiff and big props go out to Lukas Rossi, Dilana Robichaux and Toby Rand for making it into the final 3. They all did fantastic and made the season a great one. I’m going to miss not having any Rock Star Supernova to watch anymore. I wonder what super band they’ll come up with next year?

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  1. Someone mentioned Rock star supernova tonight and it made me ill!! I still cant believe they picked that toad over Dilana she is 10 times the singer Lukas will ever be!!!!!!

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