Rock Star Supernova: Ryan Eliminated

Last night Viewers Coice Performance saw the most votes ever received for Rock Star Supernova. And for good reason, the competition has been heating up something fierce and everyone is really on their game now. It’s a hard competition to call and it keeps getting better.

Lukas gets picked to sing with Supernova and they sing their newest song “It’s On.”

It wasn’t to bad of a performance, though I still don’t see Lukas meshing with the rest of the Supernova guys. I love his voice and I think he’s got a lot of talent, but I just don’t see him fronting Supernova.

Toby scores the Encore performance and performs “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol again. This time he runs around everywhere throughout the perfomance and manages to cover almost the entire studio, even the dark, unlit area in the back. The performance was great, as always, Toby is a killer showman and really know how to put on a crowd pleasing show. He did a much better job singing the song tonight as well. He sang it the way I expected him to last night.

On to the juicy stuff:

Original Bottom three:

  • Ryan
  • Storm
  • Lukas

Later Additions to the Bottom three:

  • Toby
  • Dilana

That’s right folks. Magni was the only one NOT to show up in the bottom three at any point during the voting. After seeing the bottom three a few times over the past few shows, not being in the bottom three for Magni was huge! Finally people seem to recognize his talent, as they should after he rocked out “I Alone” by Live as well as he did. Good work Magni!

After all is said and done, the final tally is taken.

Final Bottom three:

  • Ryan
  • Storm
  • Dilana

Ryan sings “Baba Oreilly” by The Who. One word for this one, CRAP! I love this song and Ryan‘s version was brutal, he slaughtered this song.

Storm sings “Helter Skelter” by The Beattles. Gilby loves it and rocks out singing along with her performance. Storm jumps up on the Supernova section of the stage and rocks it out infront of them for the entire song, singing from Tommy Lee‘s lap at one point and she ends it all by falling backwards into the crowd. Not a bad performance, but certainly not my favorite version of Helter Skelter.

Dilana sang “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. Very interesting song choice, and a poor one on Dilana‘s part. It’s just weird in general and she doesn’t seem to really be pulling it together anywhere. This was Dilana’s worst performance yet, in my eyes.

Now we’re forced to sit through the usual 5 minutes of commercials before coming back to the show and getting the final verdict. Supernova confer together for quite a while over this one and talk up Ryan, saying he’s the only one to have evolved so much in the show. Then the Tommy-Hawk falls:

Ryan is eliminated from Rock Star Supernova.

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  1. I’m not a Ryan fan, but Storm is definitely the least talented out of those left. I was really surprised she is still there.

    I agree with you that it was Dilana’s worst performance so far, but she’s still my favorite.

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