Rock Star Supernova Update

The show starts out recaping the Monday, August 28th Rock Star Supernova show.

And then the rockers take to the stage, one by one, to sing songs picked for them by Rock Star Supernova MSN votes in a Viewer’s Song Choice Show.


Lukas sang “Lithium” by Nirvana. It was a slightly different arrangement then usual, but Jason Newsted was loving it from the get go. Both Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee loved it and thought Lukas rocked it out. Gilby Clarke said it was his “best performance yet”, while Jason added “Dynamite! Freakin’ Dynamite!”

My Thoughts: All in all it was pretty good. Considering he doesn’t even like the song, I was thinking he would blow it utterly, but he did fairly well. Interesting tid bit, it’s apparently be floating around the net today that Lukas is the winner of the show. Interesting, No?

Magni sang “I Alone” by Live and Tommy Lee is digging it right off the bat, busting out the air drums and rocking out. Magni made his way into and through the crowd and emerged beside the members of Supernova after being mauled by lusty female fans. Dave Navarro said “killer dude, awesome job!” and Gilby Clarke loved it, saying it had that “extra something” special that his performances have been missing. Jason Newsted even gave him a standing o.

My Thoughts: He absolutely rocked it! I loved this performance. This is a fantastic song and he did the perfect job, great performance too. Good work Magni.

Ryan sings “Clocks” by Coldplay and cleverly, or weakly, depends on how you look at it, avoided all of the high notes and high register vocals, which is basically the entire song. Dave said it was “killer dude”, Jason said he’s more suited for behind the pain than being a frontman and Gilby said it was a great performance.

My Thoughts: Two words for this one… Utter Crap! This was a terrible performance and Ryan avoided most of the difficult parts of the song and even managed to do a crap job of the parts he actually sang – brutal.

Storm sings “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence and Toby joins her singing back-up vocals. Dave said he was “worried” at first, but she totally “pulled it off.” Gilby said that, compared to Jill‘s rendition of the song a few weeks ago, her’s was not memorable and just okay. Jason gives her the ‘A’ for effort but doesn’t say anything more.

My Thoughts: I thought she did a good job of the song, her lower register fits the song very well but she couldn’t hit the higher notes liek Amy Lee can. Toby basically stole the show, unfortunately for Storm.

Toby sang “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol had a great performance, as usual, brining girls on stage and rocking out like a true Rock Star. Dave said it was a “really strong” performance, Gilby said he’s brought it to a “whole new level” and Tommy tipped his hat to him for bringing the girls on stage.

My Thoughts: The vocals were crap, but the performance was great. Toby is a hard one to judge cause his vocal’s aren’t that storng, but his performances are some of the best in the show. He’s a 50/50 flip for me, though I like the guys attitude.

Dilana sang “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham, hopping up on an amp during the performance and wrapping her leg around the guitarists neck – nice touch. Dave said it was his favorite performance in the history of Rock Star, season one and two. Gilby said she did a “Great Job” and Jason said it was “Really good”.

My Thoughts: Not bad, not her best. I wasn’t familiar with the song but she did a fairly good job on it, I dug the chorus a lot where she freaked out and rocked out hard, but didn’t digg the in between stuff as much. Overall, not bad.

Bottom Three:

  • Storm
  • Ryan
  • Lukas

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