Reality TV: Supernova Now Rock Star Supernova

Even before CBS’ hit reality TV series Rock Star Supernova came to an end, the band received their very first, of which there are sure to be many, lawsuit. A band from California known as Supernova, known only for their song “Chewbacca”, which was featured in Clerks, filed the lawsuit against Supernova to prevent the band from taking their name, and rightfully so, they won.

This put Rock Star Supernova winner Lukas Rossi in a bit of a hard spot as he joined Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead and Gilby Clarke in a then nameless band. However, it didn’t take long for the lightbulbs to go off and the band decided to go on using the name Rock Star: Supernova, how original. I am surprised and not surprised all at once at the fact that CBS would let them use said name, as surely CBS has a copyright and TM on the Rock Star: Supernova, or at the very least, Rock Star tag.

According to Reuters, Rock Star: Supernova is planning to drop their debut album, featuring Canadian contest winner Lukas Rossi, on November 21st. In the hopes of pumping the album up a little more the band has decided to release two singles already, “It’s All Love” and “Be Yourself & 5 Other Cliches” on Yahoo! Music.

Rest assured, I will be about as likely to pick up a copy of this, what is certain to be steaming pile of crap, of an album as I am going to pick up Ryan Star’s new album.

Rock Star Supernova

Reality TV: Rock Star Supernova Loser Ryan Star Releases Album

Rock Star Supernova reject Ryan Star has seen quite a bit of press since his “controversial” elimination from the show. Personally, I never really cared for his stuff and didn’t think he was all that great. But apparently a lot of people disagree with me on that matter.

Stone Crow/KOCH Records is trying to piggy back of the press and attention generate by the hugely popular Rock Star Supernova series by picking up Ryan Star and putting a rush-release on his debut album, Songs From the Eye of an Elephant. The album is set for a rush-release date of today and will feature stripped down outtakes and demos highlighting Ryan’s “pure talent.” So much for titling your debut album “Darkhorse”, like you said during Rock Star Supernova, eh Ryan? How quickly we forget.

Ryan Star also managed to snag the featured artist spot on MySpace for the month of March and was written up in Billboard Magazine as “absolutely incredible” and “a shining presence awaiting his close-up.”

One thing is for sure, I’m not going to be buying this piece of crap, the only album coming out I’m even interested in right now is Monument to the Masses by Ima Robot.

Rock Star Supernova

Rock Star Supernova Winner: Lukas Rossi

Tonight’s episode of Rock Star Supernova was the season finale and saw the Winner finally be announced. I have to say, first off, that I’m glad they packed it all into a 1-hour season finale, I hate when they drag finale’s out for 2-hours when there is simply no need to do so.

Now, on to the Rock Star Supernova Winner Recap:

Everything starts off as usual, with a recap of the previous nights performances in all their total awesomeness.

The announcement is made and the contestants to have been in the bottom two at one point or another are:

  • Magni
  • Toby
  • Lukas

*dramatic pause*

The contestants at Risk are:

  • Magni
  • Toby

Magni performs “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix

My Thoughts: Great performance again, the song was totally rockin’ and he did fantastic work with the guitarist for the house band again. With that being said, the first time he did it was a bit better then this round, but this round was still pretty good.

Toby performs “White Wedding” by Billy Idol

My Thoughts: Toby seems to be lacking some of his energy in this performance, it’s not as high as usual. The performance was decent, the vocals were only so-so, it really wasn’t his best job and he needed it most at this point in time.

Tommy Lee makes the announcement and the tommy-hawk falls squarely on Magni.

Booooo! I really liked Magni.

That leaves us with the Final 3:

  • Toby
  • Lukas
  • Dilana

Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead and Gilby Clarke of Supernova give everyone a chance to say their final piece and why they think they should be the lead singer of Supernova.

Lukas says it would be an “honor to lead them [Supernova] in a world tour.”

Dilana says “this band needs someone 1000% dedicated” and that “Lukas is amazing. Toby is incredible, but I’m the one!”

Toby keeps it simple and says “I feel like I’m ready now.”

With their final sentiments being spoken, Tommy Lee makes the request to hear everyone sing just one more song.

Lukas performs “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve

My Thoughts: Weak song, but a strong chorus. Good performance, but over all, sub-par vocals. Lukas didn’t do very good this time around, the previous version was MUCH better and much more genuine.

Dilana performs “Zombie” by The Cranberries

My Thoughts: The vocals weren’t bad, but not great by any means. The performance was a so-so effort and overall, it wasn’t anything special. Again, the first time around was much better. What is with these guys tonight?

Toby performs “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers

My Thoughts: Toby shouldn’t sing any songs by The Killers because they never end up sounding right, his voice just doesn’t fit properly with the songs. Though his performance was great and as high in energy as ever – much better then his performance for White Wedding.

Jason Newstead takes the mic and essentially says that Toby’s voice is fantastic, Supernova has never doubted it through-out the entire competition and it can cut through the guitars with no problem at all, and they love that.

Then he promptly drops the axe and cuts Toby.

Super Boo! Toby was my favorite to win, I can’t believe they cut him, he did fantastic in this competition. He’s so going to make and release his own album, without a doubt.

Toby’s parting words were that he had “the best time ever” and that “you boys, you taught me so much.” Good on you mate! You rocked it out.

That leaves us with the Final 2:

  • Dilana
  • Lukas

Both of whom received the highest votes from last nights performance show, surprisingly.

And, of course, Supernova threatens to make their decision, but first: the obligatory 5 minutes of suspense and annoyance creating commercials, yay!

Back from the commercials we come and the final words are spoken of each contestant. Supernova says that Lukas was “really, really amazing for us” and that Dilana was “enchanting” and her “voice is amazing.”

Supernova announces that they are making their decision based on the highest votes received from their fans, which means the:

Rock Star Supernova Winner is Lukas Rossi!

Everyone says how awesome Dilana is and that she has a few surprises in store for her as well:

  • Tommy lets her know that she can come on tour with Supernova and front the House band.
  • Gilby Clarke offers to help write and produce Dilana’s record.
  • Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro BOTH offer to play on her record as well.

That is a pretty sweet deal for coming in second place.

Supernova takes to the stage, hugs all around for Lukas and they break into their first song as a complete group, “Be Yourself.”

I have to say, I really got into this season of Rock Star Supernova and enjoyed it quite a bit. The competition was very stiff and big props go out to Lukas Rossi, Dilana Robichaux and Toby Rand for making it into the final 3. They all did fantastic and made the season a great one. I’m going to miss not having any Rock Star Supernova to watch anymore. I wonder what super band they’ll come up with next year?

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Rock Star Supernova Winner: Finale Tonight!

Don’t forget, tonight is the finale of Rock Star Supernova and the winner will be revealed. The season finale starts at 8:00pm EST/PST on CBS, don’t miss it, it’s going to rock!

Tonight we will finally learn who is going to be the lead singer of Supernova and Rock Star Supernova Winner. Will it be Dilana, Lukas, Toby or Magni? Who knows, you’ll have to watch to find out.

My personal hopes are that either Magni or Toby become the Rock Star Supernova Winner. One thing is for sure, come 7:55pm I’ll be glued to the couch for at least an hour scribbling away on my note pad.

Stay tuned for the official Rock Star Supernova Winner recap post!

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Rock Star Supernova Recap

Rock Star Super Nova is down to the final four and tonight’s show was the last performance show before tomorrow night’s grand finale.

The finale four contenders are Magni, Toby, Dilana and Lukas. It’s been a tight race for most of the show and it’s still all up for grabs.

Ryan Star was apparently picked as the favorite artists, for some reason, and got a chance to come back, sing another crappy song and plug his doomed album.

  • Ryan sang “Back Of Your Car”, which is his original and it sucked as much as it did the first time I heard it.
  • He plugs his new album, which is cleverly titled “Darkhorse” and thanks Dave Navarro for the idea.
  • He also wins Honda’s newly redesigned Honda CRV, yippy.

Now on to the actual show, sorta.

Everything stars off with a recap of the entire season for the final four contestants, shows how people have turned around, gotten better, gotten worse and evolved over the lifespan of the show.

Each rock star gets to sing 1 cover song and their 1 original again.

Toby sing “Kharma Police” by Radiohead

My Thoughts: It was so-so, certainly not great, but not terrible. This is my favorite Radiohead sone of all time, so it’s a hard comparison to make.

Then he sings his original song “Throw It Away”

Dave Navarro liked the set and called it a “great rock show.” Gilby Clarke said he seemed to get “a little lost” at the start of the radiohead song, but he pulled it all together in the end.

My Thoughts: I have to admit, this is a super catchy song, he sang it really well, has a great performance to go along with it and did a fantastic job. He’s going to be a hard one to beat. He also had Magni play backup guitar and he wrote EVS on the back of his head. Toby’s just plain cool.

Lukas sings “Fix You” by Coldplay

My Thoughts: Great performance, great song, by far one of his best performances yet, up their with Creep by Radiohead. He should really stick to these style of songs.

Then he sings his original song “Headspin” with a different arrangement then usual.

Dave Navarro introduces Paula Abdul and says Lukas did a great job, though he questions his performances all season, his multiple singing styles have shown through. Tommy Lee keeps it simple, as always, saying “Wow, cool as hell.” Gilby Clarke kept it simple as well and said “great, so good.”

My Thoughts: The all acousitc version was so much better then the original and I really liked this version. The vocals were much more powerful and he did a fantastic job.

Dilana sings “Roxanne” by The Police

My Thoughts: This acoustic version of the song was really cool. Dilana had great vocals and having Lukas, Toby and Magni sing backup was a great idea. Very good performance.

Then she sings her original song “Supersoul”

She jumps into the crowd, rocks out in front of Supernova, rocks the very back of the crowd, stops to say high to Paula Abdul and finishes the song off in front of Supernova.

Dave says “I think you’re awesome.” Tommy Lee says “We love you” and Gilby Clarke says he “looks forward to seeing you [Dilana] every week.”

My Thoughts: The performance was good, the vocals were so-so, I didn’t like this song the first time and that hasn’t really changed at all.

Magni sings “Hush” by Deep Purple

My Thoughts: The performance was very high energy, magni’s vocals were really good and the guitar and singing work with the house band guitarist was a great touch. Magni has great potential as a front man.

Then he sang his original song “When the Time Comes”

Dave Navarro said “killer job.” Though Tommy Lee disagree completely and said that the other 3 originals were memorable, but Magni’s isn’t memorable at all. Jason Newstead said that he digged the original and Gilby Clarke said “great job! sang great, performed well.”

My Thoughts: Not bad, not great, so-so, not a big fan of the song. He could do a lot better.

So ends the nights performances, now all we can do is wait until tomorrow and the Rock Star Supernova Finale.

The initial rankings for tonight’s show were:

  1. Dilana
  2. Toby
  3. Lukas
  4. Magni

I have to say, I don’t like the looks of the early rankings, though those will certainly change by tomorrow.

Don’t forget to catch tomorrow’s 2-hour season finale at 8:00pm EST/PST on CBS.

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Rock Star Supernova Update

Each contestant sang two shows during tonight’s show: 1 original and 1 cover song.

Dilana takes to the stage first and sings “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who

My Thoughts: Not very good, really. There isn’t a way other than the original way this song was done to sing it and it just doesn’t work. I didn’t care for it at all, to be honest.

Dilana sings “Supersoul” for her original piece.

She rocked the song out with a torn calf muscle (ouch!) and she threw a lot of effort into the song. Dave Navarro said she had good crowd interaction but didn’t dig the original at all. Tommy Lee really dug the original and Gilby Clarke said the lyrics were to literal and she needs to play with the vocals more.

My Thoughts: I though it was pretty good, very catchy song, could hear it on the radio, though not really a Supernova kind of song.

Magni sings “Back in the USSR” by The Beatles

My Thoughts: I didn’t like it, his voice didn’t fit the song and I just wasn’t digging it.

Magni sings an original song he translated from his native Icelandic called “When The Time Comes”.

Dave Navarro says the cover was killer and the original was great. Tommy Lee says he saw the same performance for both songs and Magni responded by saying thats because he sang both of them (ha!). Gilby Clarke agreed with tommy.

My Thoughts: Not a great song originally, but it’s totally one that could grown on you.

Storm sings “Suffragette City” by David Bowie

Dave joins Storm on stage and rocks out on guitar for the Bowie classic.

My Thoughts: Horrible outfit, horrible song, horrible vocals, HORRIBLE!

Storms original song is “What the Fuck is Lady Like”, though she has to call it and sing it as “What the WHAT is Lady Lake” to appears the censors.

Tommy rocks out during the song and says he loves the original. Dave thought being on stage was great and the original was his favorite original from both season of Rock Star. Gilby said he liked both songs as well.

My Thoughts: This song was awesome! This is Storm at her absolute best, she has not been better before in this show and I loved the song. I didn’t like that it was censored, though it still sounded good. Uncensored, this song would be fantastic and is massively catchy. I loved it, really blew me away.

Lukas attempts a odd arrangement of “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi

My Thoughts: Um… interesting, to say the least. I’m so-so on this one, all I can say is that it was certainly different.

Lukas then performs his original work called “Headspin”

Dave dug it and everyone else didn’t really comment or didn’t have much to say.

My Thoughts: It sounded like every other emo band on the face of the earth. Completely un-original, repetative, no message, crap lyrics, boring. To sum up in one word: EMO!

Toby gives “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers as shot.

My Thoughts: Crap. Give up on killers stuff man, you don’t have the voice for it.

Toby belted out an original song called “Throw it Away”

He does his usual run through the crowd, pops up in front of Supernova, rocks out hard and Tommy plays with his butt (to funny!). Dave said the song was instantly memorable and by the time he hit the second verse the entire crowd new the song and was rocking out right along with him. Gilby said he always managed to put the fun back into Rock n Roll and his performance rocked.

My Thoughts: Good song, I dug it, quite catchy. I’m digging Toby more and more as the show progresses, I think he’s got a real shot at this.

That’s it for tonights show! Make sure to catch tomorrow’s show to see who gets eliminated!

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Rock Star Supernova Song Selection

Tonight song selection episode was pretty neat and featured an all out food fight, pool party and Storm willing running around the pool and diving in topless, she didn’t even do it to get a certain song, just for the hell of it. Naturally, the guys loved it.

This episode also featured a song writing clinic hosted by the ony and only Gilby Clarke. All of the musicians listened to the music for a new Supernova song and were required to write their own lyrics to the song.

Gilby Clarke sat down with Magni, let him sing the lyrics and wasn’t impressed at all. He was very disappointed with Magni‘s effort and Magni didn’t even come up with a title for the song. Gilby dubed the song “Camoflauge”.

Lukas came into this thing fairly half assed, though the half of his ass that came into it was really good. He had only written the first verse and chorus, so he was missing the second verse and Gilby had to help him write it. Even though Gilby had to help him write the second verse, he really liked what Lukas had as a base.

Gilby loved Toby‘s version and said it he had a much needed “fresh, young approach” and that his song was the “most complete” so far. It was pretty good, I look forward to hearing it.

Dilana had another rough time with this one, she even admitted that she came into the show expecting to be a singer and not a writer and that her writing isn’t very strong. Gilby agreed whole heartedly and called what she had written “cliche” and “predictable”. Things have not been going good for Dilana over the last little while. I have to admit, I’m getting worried.

I flicked back to Rock Star Supernova just as Storm Large was finishing her session with Gilby, so I have no info on her. Sorry guys. 🙁

Supernova also makes the announcement that the singers will be doing a full set on tomorrow’s show and will have to come up with ways of entertaining the crowd between songs. They’ll be performing their usual song selections for sure, and may even each get a shot to perform their version of the Supernova song, I’m not entirely sure on that though. If that’s not the case, likely the best lyricist will get to perform their version with Supernova.

Song Selection:

  • Lukas will be singing “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.
  • Storm will be singing “(Not Fucking) Lady Like” by Storm Large (an original).
  • Dilana will be singing “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who.

I unfortunately didn’t catch what Magni or Toby would be singing either, though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t mentioned. They were to busy trying to hype the fact that Lukas and Dilana were fighting over “Behind Blue Eyes” and Magni goating Lukas into taking the Bon Jovi song.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of the regular show and to see who is eliminated from Rock Star Supernova next!

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Rock Star Supernova: Ryan Eliminated

Last night Viewers Coice Performance saw the most votes ever received for Rock Star Supernova. And for good reason, the competition has been heating up something fierce and everyone is really on their game now. It’s a hard competition to call and it keeps getting better.

Lukas gets picked to sing with Supernova and they sing their newest song “It’s On.”

It wasn’t to bad of a performance, though I still don’t see Lukas meshing with the rest of the Supernova guys. I love his voice and I think he’s got a lot of talent, but I just don’t see him fronting Supernova.

Toby scores the Encore performance and performs “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol again. This time he runs around everywhere throughout the perfomance and manages to cover almost the entire studio, even the dark, unlit area in the back. The performance was great, as always, Toby is a killer showman and really know how to put on a crowd pleasing show. He did a much better job singing the song tonight as well. He sang it the way I expected him to last night.

On to the juicy stuff:

Original Bottom three:

  • Ryan
  • Storm
  • Lukas

Later Additions to the Bottom three:

  • Toby
  • Dilana

That’s right folks. Magni was the only one NOT to show up in the bottom three at any point during the voting. After seeing the bottom three a few times over the past few shows, not being in the bottom three for Magni was huge! Finally people seem to recognize his talent, as they should after he rocked out “I Alone” by Live as well as he did. Good work Magni!

After all is said and done, the final tally is taken.

Final Bottom three:

  • Ryan
  • Storm
  • Dilana

Ryan sings “Baba Oreilly” by The Who. One word for this one, CRAP! I love this song and Ryan‘s version was brutal, he slaughtered this song.

Storm sings “Helter Skelter” by The Beattles. Gilby loves it and rocks out singing along with her performance. Storm jumps up on the Supernova section of the stage and rocks it out infront of them for the entire song, singing from Tommy Lee‘s lap at one point and she ends it all by falling backwards into the crowd. Not a bad performance, but certainly not my favorite version of Helter Skelter.

Dilana sang “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. Very interesting song choice, and a poor one on Dilana‘s part. It’s just weird in general and she doesn’t seem to really be pulling it together anywhere. This was Dilana’s worst performance yet, in my eyes.

Now we’re forced to sit through the usual 5 minutes of commercials before coming back to the show and getting the final verdict. Supernova confer together for quite a while over this one and talk up Ryan, saying he’s the only one to have evolved so much in the show. Then the Tommy-Hawk falls:

Ryan is eliminated from Rock Star Supernova.

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