Reality TV: Rock Star Supernova Loser Ryan Star Releases Album

Rock Star Supernova reject Ryan Star has seen quite a bit of press since his “controversial” elimination from the show. Personally, I never really cared for his stuff and didn’t think he was all that great. But apparently a lot of people disagree with me on that matter.

Stone Crow/KOCH Records is trying to piggy back of the press and attention generate by the hugely popular Rock Star Supernova series by picking up Ryan Star and putting a rush-release on his debut album, Songs From the Eye of an Elephant. The album is set for a rush-release date of today and will feature stripped down outtakes and demos highlighting Ryan’s “pure talent.” So much for titling your debut album “Darkhorse”, like you said during Rock Star Supernova, eh Ryan? How quickly we forget.

Ryan Star also managed to snag the featured artist spot on MySpace for the month of March and was written up in Billboard Magazine as “absolutely incredible” and “a shining presence awaiting his close-up.”

One thing is for sure, I’m not going to be buying this piece of crap, the only album coming out I’m even interested in right now is Monument to the Masses by Ima Robot.

Rock Star Supernova

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