Rock Star Supernova Recap

Rock Star Super Nova is down to the final four and tonight’s show was the last performance show before tomorrow night’s grand finale.

The finale four contenders are Magni, Toby, Dilana and Lukas. It’s been a tight race for most of the show and it’s still all up for grabs.

Ryan Star was apparently picked as the favorite artists, for some reason, and got a chance to come back, sing another crappy song and plug his doomed album.

  • Ryan sang “Back Of Your Car”, which is his original and it sucked as much as it did the first time I heard it.
  • He plugs his new album, which is cleverly titled “Darkhorse” and thanks Dave Navarro for the idea.
  • He also wins Honda’s newly redesigned Honda CRV, yippy.

Now on to the actual show, sorta.

Everything stars off with a recap of the entire season for the final four contestants, shows how people have turned around, gotten better, gotten worse and evolved over the lifespan of the show.

Each rock star gets to sing 1 cover song and their 1 original again.

Toby sing “Kharma Police” by Radiohead

My Thoughts: It was so-so, certainly not great, but not terrible. This is my favorite Radiohead sone of all time, so it’s a hard comparison to make.

Then he sings his original song “Throw It Away”

Dave Navarro liked the set and called it a “great rock show.” Gilby Clarke said he seemed to get “a little lost” at the start of the radiohead song, but he pulled it all together in the end.

My Thoughts: I have to admit, this is a super catchy song, he sang it really well, has a great performance to go along with it and did a fantastic job. He’s going to be a hard one to beat. He also had Magni play backup guitar and he wrote EVS on the back of his head. Toby’s just plain cool.

Lukas sings “Fix You” by Coldplay

My Thoughts: Great performance, great song, by far one of his best performances yet, up their with Creep by Radiohead. He should really stick to these style of songs.

Then he sings his original song “Headspin” with a different arrangement then usual.

Dave Navarro introduces Paula Abdul and says Lukas did a great job, though he questions his performances all season, his multiple singing styles have shown through. Tommy Lee keeps it simple, as always, saying “Wow, cool as hell.” Gilby Clarke kept it simple as well and said “great, so good.”

My Thoughts: The all acousitc version was so much better then the original and I really liked this version. The vocals were much more powerful and he did a fantastic job.

Dilana sings “Roxanne” by The Police

My Thoughts: This acoustic version of the song was really cool. Dilana had great vocals and having Lukas, Toby and Magni sing backup was a great idea. Very good performance.

Then she sings her original song “Supersoul”

She jumps into the crowd, rocks out in front of Supernova, rocks the very back of the crowd, stops to say high to Paula Abdul and finishes the song off in front of Supernova.

Dave says “I think you’re awesome.” Tommy Lee says “We love you” and Gilby Clarke says he “looks forward to seeing you [Dilana] every week.”

My Thoughts: The performance was good, the vocals were so-so, I didn’t like this song the first time and that hasn’t really changed at all.

Magni sings “Hush” by Deep Purple

My Thoughts: The performance was very high energy, magni’s vocals were really good and the guitar and singing work with the house band guitarist was a great touch. Magni has great potential as a front man.

Then he sang his original song “When the Time Comes”

Dave Navarro said “killer job.” Though Tommy Lee disagree completely and said that the other 3 originals were memorable, but Magni’s isn’t memorable at all. Jason Newstead said that he digged the original and Gilby Clarke said “great job! sang great, performed well.”

My Thoughts: Not bad, not great, so-so, not a big fan of the song. He could do a lot better.

So ends the nights performances, now all we can do is wait until tomorrow and the Rock Star Supernova Finale.

The initial rankings for tonight’s show were:

  1. Dilana
  2. Toby
  3. Lukas
  4. Magni

I have to say, I don’t like the looks of the early rankings, though those will certainly change by tomorrow.

Don’t forget to catch tomorrow’s 2-hour season finale at 8:00pm EST/PST on CBS.

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Author: Gypsy

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  1. Dilana = Patti or Selma from the Simpsons. That episode when she was crying about hitting Magni with the glass? Yeah.

    Magni: We’re huge Magni fans but I definitly see how his performance was lacking last night

    Toby: I was never really keen on him until recently and that stupid Oh oh oh oh oh oh is constantly stuck in my head. Evs.

    Lukas: As talented as Chad Kroeger.

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