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So tonight was the finale of Big Brother All Stars and, though I really liked the season, the finale was a bit lack luster, but I don’t know what I was expecting it to be like either. 😛

Here’s the recap:

Everything starts off with a recap of the entire Big Brother All Stars season, showing just how badly Chill Town worked everyone over. They really did a great job.

Scenes from the Big Brother elimination house:

  • Everyone dicussing who’s going to join them next, some people betting mike, others Janelle, no one seems to bet Erika.
  • Janelle walks in and the show begins.
  • Danielle defends how Erika played the game, said she did as just a good job as everyone else and lied just as much as everyone else as well.
  • Janelle tears on Erika for playing the game poorly and says that a floater should never win the game ’cause she didn’t play it properly.
  • Janelle is all about propping up Chill Town and trys to get everyone to side with Mike Boogie.
  • Howie, idiot of all idiots, defends Erika’s game play and calls her the “best player in Big Brother history.” Yeah… right.
  • Dani make the best comment all night and says “Do not make this personal.” Good girl, a great player through and through.

It’s question time! Just as a side-note, Julie was wearing some monstrosity of a horrible shirt for the show tonight.

Marcellas asked both Erika and Mike Boogie what their best strategic move was.

  • Erika says getting Janelle to vote will out was her best move.
  • Mike Boogie says his best move was not using the Coup power that he won.

George asked Mike Boogie if he’ll be asking his showmance Erika to marry him like he did in the previous Big Brother and asked Erika how she felt about voting him out after telling him he was safe with her.

  • Mike essentially says hell no!
  • Erika says she felt horrible but she had to.

Janelle asked if kissing butt and throwing competitions was part of Erikas strategy.

  • Erika says she only ever threw one game and that she hopes Janelle can respect how she played the game.

James asked Erika how her strategy was different then Janelles (I think?)

  • Erika says she had to battle to survive and played the game how she thought best.

Danielle asked if it was Erika’s decision or Chill Town’s decision to evict her and asked Mike to justify saying she was his Jason.

  • Erika said it may have looked like a Chill Town choice, but in the end it was hers. Not Bloody Likely.
  • Mike says if you look around the house there were lots of Jasons and he doesn’t apologize for anything he did. She seemed to like the answer quite a bit.

Howie asked Mike Boogie what happened to the bro’s before hoes strategy?

  • Mike says that he deserves the credit for getting Howie booted and was responsible for it, to bad so sad.

Dr. Will pulls another phone call bit with Mike Boogie and asked, hey Mike, are you in the final 2?

  • Mike’s response, was of course, Sure am, bwahahahaha.

Big Brother All Stars Winner:

  • Marcellas votes for Erika
  • Howie votes for Mike
  • Danielle votes for Mike
  • George votes for Mike
  • Will votes for, surprise, Mike
  • Janelle votes for Mike
  • James votes for Mike

Erika takes the $50,000 second prize with 1 vote.

Mike Boogie takes the $500,000 grand prize and the crown as winner of big brother all stars.

As an added extra bonus, a Jury prize is awarded to the fan favorite house guest, who happens to be Janelle. Boooooo.

So ends another dramatic season of Big Brother. I wonder what we’re in store for next.

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