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Hey, CBS. You suck.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can begin with the coverage of the final episode of Big Brother 8 where we’ll find out the winner, after which we will finally be put out of our misery for the year. But does anyone actually care? If you’re not a fan of Dick/Danielle, are you even watching the finale, and if so, is it more than just merely for closure or hoping Dick will be humbled when learning he and his daughter are not, in fact, the best team ever? If you are a Donato fan, does it really matter whether the demonchild in a man’s body takes the money and uses some of it to help his family, or whether his spoiled brat daughter keeps the money all to herself and uses it to get away from him once and for all (until she needs another loan)?

Just in case somebody does care, though, I will be revealing the winner live from the east coast. I’ll save the full recap for later, as I’m watching Beauty and the Geek 4 episode 1 instead. Yes, if I’m watching that show, which is guaranteed from the beginning to be a trainwreck, rather than the conclusion of Big Brother, you know something’s definitely gone wrong with the universe. And that something is CBS, America’s Player, and the random rules of favoritism. But I do have enough interest, for lack of a better word, of finding out who won to at least do a little channel surfing.

America has instructed Eric to get Dick to win. Shocker. Of course, not only does the jury dislike Dick, but they probably have plotted ways to kill him in his sleep, so this is no small task.

America – Dick
Jameka – Danielle
Dustin – Dick
Jen – Danielle
Zach – Dick
Amber – Dick

Dick wins. Shouldn’t be more than about 5 minutes before Danielle’s overheard saying “It’s not faiiiiirrrrrr.” I’m surprised by this. I was expecting Danielle to win because of how Dick treated people, but at the end of the day, she ultimately was associated with him, and nobody liked her either. I wonder how much of a role Eric played in this decision.

And so ends a season that has been universally panned by critics and pissed off a lot of viewers in the process. The blatant rigging of this show just gets worse and worse every year. It was bad enough last year, but this year, it reached all new levels, and Alison Grodner, now on her own after Shapiro quit because he got all that hate mail last year for the HOH redo, was not ashamed to admit that they just make things up as they go. Despite all the controversy, or perhaps because of it, the show’s ratings were up this year, even if they’re still way down from their highs because of the damage that season 6 did to them. That said, I think we can expect to see a Big Brother 9.

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