Beauty and the Geek 4 Episode 1

Nate and Jennylee are back and in search of new beauties and geeks. First stop is Boston. Just how much of these auditions is for real and how much is just made up for television? We may never know.

Do you know who won the Civil War? “Who was that between?” I’ve actually asked people that question before and gotten an answer not too far off that, so perhaps this is not that far fetched.

Mike then heads to Washington, DC.

What are you an expert at? “Being pretty.” Someone smack this chick.

Nate and Jennylee then head to Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Nate gets lost in a conversation about Risk. Yeah, you can tell he’s still a geek.

Table tennis is otherwise known as ping pong. “Not to me.”
What do you like in a guy? “Money.”
What is your IQ? “Slightly over not too dumb.”
What is your favorite part of your body? “Does my shoes count?”
“You’ve probably seen Forest Gump before. He’s one of my heroes.”

Next stop for Mike: Chicago.

What are the three branches of the US government? “There’s branches?”
When was the last time you kissed a girl? “Well, there was one ‘incident’ back in January.”
What’s the last book you’ve read? “Well, since I’ve been in school, I haven’t been reading.”

Nate and Jennylee then head to Little Rock, Arkansas. Where they have time to do their nails. Yep, nobody’s showing up there.

What is your IQ? “I don’t know. I’m like a 3 point… B average.”

Mike should have more luck finding people in LA. While there, he runs into Tyson, who insists anyone can learn to do Rubik’s Cube. Then it’s time for the auditions.

Do you have a girlfriend? “No. Are you kidding me?” Why? “Math makes me very excited.”
“I like foreign languages.” Do you speak a foreign language? “No, but I tell people I do.”

Nate and Jennylee go to Vegas, wondering if there’s any chance they’ll find geeks there. Nope, just a bunch of women with fake boobs.

What is your IQ? “Like 7 maybe.” Yeah, she’s not exaggerating either.
Who wrote Beethoven’s 5th? “I don’t read books.”



More info (age, profession, hometown) is in the cast revealed post.

“I just don’t go places where there are people that… study,” reveals Jasmine.

Nobody wants to go first to meet the beauties, but Will finally volunteers. He’s a fan of music of science fiction and fantasy. He thinks it might be better to live in a fantasy world. Hollie plays Betty Boop at Universal Studios. Dave enters with his LARPer (live action role playing) routine. He actually does seem to have impressed the girls with this, though. Amanda, an aspiring Playboy model, is proud of having paid $8,000 for her boobs. Josh is the president of a rubber band club.

Jen’s big on being fit and can probably benchpress more than all the guys in the house at 135 pounds. Rebecca goes to school for massage therapy. Luke volunteers very quickly for a demonstration. William is disastrously nervous. Natalie is the “ultimate Hooters girl.” She ties a cherry stem with her tongue. Joshua’s very nervous and ends up calling his mother so she can explain why he’s a good partner.

Shalandra likes to sing, dance, and shop. Luke designs robots. Katie’s good at finding Waldo in Where’s Waldo? and makes great peanutbutter & jelly sandwiches. Erin asks if anyone goes to a salon to get their hair done. That would be a no. Tony teaches the girls how to tie a bowtie. Jasmine was a cheerleader and does a cheer for the guys.

After there are introductions, Mike reveals that they won’t be picking teams. At least not right away. They’re going to give everyone a night to sleep on it together, at the first Beauty and the Geek slumber party under the stars. This actually makes sense. Much better than just picking someone at random based on a few minutes and first impressions. They get into a hot tub, where it’s revealed some of the guys need to shave their backs, and pretty much everybody is on top of each other. They must then pick cabanas, some coed, some not. Even still, there’s concern that they don’t know each other well enough to start picking people.

The first challenge is that the girls will undergo an intellectual analysis, while the guys will take a social skills analysis.

The guys must draw their ideal girlfriend. They must then kiss a mannequin. This is followed by an inkblot test. Horribly uncomfortable because it’s obvious the woman administering the test is a shrink, and they know she’s being shrinklike. The girls must name, in alphabetical order, as many countries as possible. Then it’s time for a math word problem. Lastly, they have to read something including big words.

Shay says, “The guy who created math, I mean, he obviously had nothing else to do that day because… it’s so boring.”

Shay and Joshua are called up and think they got the highest scores, but they actually got the lowest scores on the tests… which means they won the first challenge. With that, they are allowed to choose their own teammates… and everyone else’s. Lame twist, but it does add an element of strategy to the game.

At least they get an hour to do it so that the others can tell them who they want to be with. Shay asks whether they should team up together, and Joshua points out that they’re the worst two and as such wouldn’t make a good pair. Somehow, she gets her way. Joshua’s rationale is that they won’t be seen as a threat.

The teams are:
Shay & Joshua (nobody else gets why either)
Amanda & Tony (at Amanda’s request)
Jasmine & David (he’s not happy, and she doesn’t know who he is)
Erin & Jesse (Erin’s pleased)
Natalie & John
Jen & William (he’s surprised and disappointed)
Rebecca & Will
Hollie & Josh (she and Luke both wanted to be with each other)
Katie & Luke (she’s happy because Luke’s the ringer this year who’s not really that much of a geek)

Now it’s time for one last twist. One beauty is a man, and one geek is a woman. They will be the tenth and final team. And that’s where we leave off.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live blog of Beauty and the Geek 4 episode 2, which airs Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. Amanda on Beauty and the Geek 4 is not exactly “aspiring” for Playboy, since she apparently is Mandy Marie Michaels, who has already appeared in Playboy. I was interested in finding out more about her since she seemed sweet and found a foreign website that revealed the information. A search of Mandy confirms it.

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