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With less producer intervention, this season of Big Brother didn’t suck nearly as bad as last season did, and the final two actually played good games, which was a nice change of pace. Now the Big Brother 9 winner comes down to Adam Jasinski or Ryan Quicksall.

I’ve gotta give the nod to Ryan on this one, despite the horrible way in which he started the game (though being partners with someone like Allison didn’t help him any). He played the same game Natalie did, except unlike her when they (stupidly) targeted her for eviction, nobody seemed to realize that he was playing all sides. He doesn’t appear to have made any enemies, and whether he screwed people over, they often either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

Adam’s certainly been an interesting character. His partnership with one of the more hateful people in the house could very easily have screwed him over, but they eventually learned to like each other. Despite the lame and silly petitions to get Adam kicked off the show because he was evil, he turned out to be a nice guy under that exterior, which allowed him to make strong relationships in the house.

As with last year, America can vote for their favorite juror, and that person will win $25,000.

Natalie’s rooting for Adam.

Nobody is surprised to see Sheila there. It would have been smart to take her to the end, though, since she wouldn’t have gotten any votes. Sheila’s pissed off at Adam because she thinks he threw the last competition. Let’s face it. Both of them sucked at that last competition.

Because Ryan was HOH one more time than Adam, the jury is saying that Adam sucked at competitions and is not a competitor. As if that even matters, but I’m sure somebody will be stupid enough to vote based on competition wins.

It’s time for the jury to ask questions. We know some of these putzes are bitter.

Matt: What are you going to do with $500,000?
Adam: $100k will start an after school program.
Ryan: Help mom and do something nice for Jen and himself. (Josh hates this answer for some reason.)

Sharon: Why did you feed me all those things?
Ryan: Fought for you to stay all week.

Chelsia: I’m a bitter whiny bitch (still), and my question doesn’t matter.

Joshuah: Ryan won more competitions.
Adam: The game isn’t just about competitions. Lost fairly in the last competition.
Josh: By the way, I’m bitter, too.

James: Adam, what makes you a better competitor, and why do you belong there instead of Sheila?
Adam: Minimized risk and won when needed.

Natalie: Baller, why didn’t you take me to the final three?
Adam: Was just honoring the wishes of the HOH.

Natalie: Why didn’t you keep your word?
Ryan: No real answer, but it was a hard decision.

Sheila: Why did you lie to my face?
Adam: Again, didn’t throw the last competition.

Josh and Chelsia have had a month to get over themselves. Unfortunately, they still haven’t. It’s a good thing that BB10’s coming up soon because that means the last we’ll ever see of either of them will be within a couple months from now.

It’s time for the jury to vote. Hopefully they’re able to show more class than they have thus far.

Matt: You did a great job. One of you is taking me to Vegas after this.

Natalie: I love you even though you suckers voted me out. I’m gonna go with my gut instinct.

Joshuah: I’m going to vote for the person who played hard in every competition and has a backbone.

Sharon: I decided on who I felt was the most loyal.

Sheila: Very easy decision after the roundtable. Hope honesty, loyalty, and trust had something to do with this.

James: I hope you party away this money.

Chelsia: I want you to do what you said at the roundtable.

Only Josh was an asshat this time around. Nice restraint from the others.

Natalie tells us she was playing all sides but was loyal to the boys. Matt apologizes to her for everything she’s about to see.

Jen still hates Allison, though Allison decides to be the bigger person and doesn’t have any hard feelings. He’ll be none too pleased when he finds out the things Jen said about him during her brief stint in the house.

Ryan finds out that Adam ratted him out to Natalie.

Adam finds out that Josh hopes to be a really bad actor.

The jury now knows there’s $25,000 up for grabs. I think we can safely say that it won’t go to Chelsia, Josh, or Sheila. My money would be on James or Sharon.

It’s now time to reveal the votes for the BB9 winner.

Matt: Adam
Natalie: Adam
Joshuah: Ryan
Sharon: Adam
Sheila: Adam
James: Adam
Chelsia: Adam

And the Big Brother 9 winner is Adam. I still think Ryan played a better game, but I can’t say that Adam played a bad game, unlike last year’s winner.

Adam has agreed to give $100,000 to the United Autism Foundation. Wait until he finds out they fired him and joined in with the others in bashing him.

Sheila came in second place in the public vote. Huh? I can only assume this was about the fact that she seems to have actual need for the money, unlike most of these kids. The winner of America’s choice, however, is James. Now if he takes the $25k, dumps Chelsia, and goes back to gay porn instead, he should be all set.

Now that the first (and probably last) midseason show is done, Big Brother 10 is fast approaching. The CBS summer schedule is packed with Big Brother as per usual, and the network will be retaining the Sundays at 8, Tuesdays at 9, Wednesdays at 8 schedule starting on July 13th. As always, stay tuned to dingoRUE for live blogs and Big Brother 10 spoilers.

4 thoughts on “Big Brother 9 Winner”

  1. Thanks for the recap.
    Once James was gone, the show was totally unwatchable. I liked Adam, Ryan, he was really insincere, but no one was more fake than Natalie and Matt, though for different reasons.

    I was glad James got the cash, he really needs it.

    Adam was smart and did manage to win and not alienate anyone, he got all the votes except Josh, who tried to stay loyal to Ryan. So that tells you alot. Adam was a good guy AND I think he deserves to win if only for putting up with the absolute and total abuse and hell he went through stuck with sheila as a partner for so long! EEEK!
    The guy is a HERO for that if nothing else in my book. If he gives the money to charity too, so much the better.

  2. I just wanted to respond about why I think Sheila got so many votes.
    I did vote for her and it had nothing to do with pity or her needing money because shes a single mom.
    I thought she played a great strategic game and I didn’t like her in the beginning of the show but by the end I did and so did many many others. If you don’t believe me check out her myspace page.
    Many moms have posted on her myspace page and are proud of her and thanked her. I know many hate her but shes the only one that was constantly playing the game and thinking. Like Cirie from Survivor said if you can’t beat them with your muscles, you can beat them with your brain and thats how she made it so far.
    Plus she came in 3rd place beating out everyone else except Ryan and Adam so I felt she deserved it.

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