Big Brother 10 Episode 27

With his veto win, Memphis ensured the Renegades would make the final three (while Dan worked on getting a couple more votes) in Big Brother 10 Episode 26. The option between Jerry and Keesha was an obvious one, as keeping Jerry in the house should make for an easy one-two HOH competition for the boys.

Jerry believes that Memphis is his ally. Apparently.

Dan plays up what happened, and he pretends he’s pissed off at Memphis, which Jerry seems to be buying, despite the fact that it gets so over the top it’s silly after a while.

Jerry is the first one to fall off his plane, pretty quickly. The plan after that is for Memphis to fall next, as Dan continues to be overdramatic about how Memphis stabbed Keesha in the back. Whatever the plan may have been, Dan’s starting to struggle a bit, with Memphis refusing to drop. Eventually, though, Memphis does fall, and he says it was just an illusion to make it not look like he threw the competition. Dan wins the first part of the final HOH competition.

Dan walks out with some boxing gloves for part two of the final HOH competition. Jerry just hopes he doesn’t die. In each round, the fighters must leave standing the HOH and final nominees from each week. Memphis is doing a pretty good job of knocking down the cutouts like dominoes, while Jerry goes out for a Sunday stroll. Memphis is concerned with his time, but he’s got nothing to worry about. With a time of 8:35, Memphis wins part two of HOH. Jerry’s time? 51:22. I said wow.

Michelle thinks it will be interesting to tell whoever walks in that she got taken on a trip to a beach. Except Keesha already knows it. April says that Keesha’s elimination is karma. And April wants Jerry to win. Are you kidding me?

The final part of the final HOH competition is the usual statements from the jury house.

Libra: If I could go back in time in this game, I would change:
Alliance or behavior
Dan is correct and gets a point

April: Coasted under the radar:
Jerry or Memphis
Memphis is correct and gets a point

Michelle: Best strategic move in the house:
Winning HOH and getting revenge for Jessie, or being backdoored
When she was backdoored
Both are correct and get a point

Ollie: Fatal error in the house:
Trusting Dan or letting heart get into the game
Letting heart get into the game
Both are incorrect

Renny: Moment in the house that was most irritating:
Jerry brushing dentures in the sink or Jessie being a punk and disrespecting her
When Jerry brushed his dentures in the sink
Dan is correct and gets a point

Keesha: Most uncomfortable moment in the house:
30th birthday or the night before her eviction
Night before her eviction
Dan is correct and gets a point.

Dan wins HOH.

Whichever way it goes, it looks like this game is Dan’s to lose. In spite of April’s insanity, his best bet is to pick Jerry, but I don’t think it would hurt him any if he were to save face and stick with his ally. Dan stays true to the Renegades and votes to evict Jerry from the Big Brother house. Jerry expects to be the deciding vote and hints that he’ll be voting for Memphis.

America will get the chance to vote for their favorite jury member, who will win $25,000. I suspect this is between Renny and Keesha.

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Big Brother 10 Episode 26

Dan decided to nominate his ally Memphis (again) in Big Brother 10 episode 25, except this time he did it with Memphis’ blessing, allowing them to shake off suspicion of their alliance together. Dan followed his HOH win with a luxury competition win (not so much winning as not sucking as bad as everybody else), and he decided to take Michelle with him to a private beach in hopes of getting her to whine less.

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother airs one hour earlier and is a special live eviction episode. As if anybody needed to be any more confused about the BB schedule.

They keep talking about how big a risk it is for Memphis to be nominated. I’m not getting the risk part. The only risk is if Dan wins veto and is forced to pull Memphis off the block (or leave him on there). Whover wins veto decides who goes home unless it’s the HOH. The nominations are moot.

It’s all going according to plan. Keesha may now be trusting Dan, while Jerry believes he’s still got Memphis. They believe that they can influence Keesha or Jerry who to vote out if they should win veto. They know, however, that it’s in their best interest for Memphis to win veto.

For the first time, a remaining houseguest will be able to meet up with a jury member. Dan has picked Michelle, who believes he’s a psycho (yeah, she believes that about him… go figure). He takes a private helicopter ride to a remote island. She’s not sure what to think, but he does let her know that Renny, Memphis, and Keesha also knew that he planned to backdoor her. She believes the jury’s already pretty well set on their votes, but she also says picking her was the best decision he’s made.

The final power of veto of the season is up for grabs. Dan’s back to his old ways. He doesn’t want to win veto, not just to save Memphis but also to make sure Memphis gets blood on his hands by being forced to vote someone out. They must match each houseguest with two things that describe them. Despite not really trying, Dan’s doing really well. By the time he reaches the top of the pyramid, he notices that Memphis is the only person he can see, and Memphis is a couple steps behind. Keesha’s doing a decent job, while Jerry has no prayer. In a close finish, Memphis wins veto one step ahead of Keesha.

Now they have a choice. Do they want to keep their word to Keesha, or do they want to keep Jerry, who can’t possibly win either of the final three competitions (typically, one endurance and one very physical)? Keesha tells them she can tell they (aka Memphis) are going to vote her out. She doesn’t get an answer one way or the other, but she threatens to do whatever it takes to get the jury to hate whoever sends her out of the house. She wants to fight, but neither of them is particularly interested in fighting in return. Dan follows her into another room and says it’s all Memphis’ idea.

Memphis has removed himself from the block, and Keesha goes up in his place by default. Keesha has nothing to say to Memphis but thanks Dan for his support. An unsurprised Keesha has been evicted from the Big Brother house. As she’s walking out of the house, Dan tells her he took Michelle on the trip. Keesha’s theory is that Memphis got rid of her because Dan was going to take her to the final two instead of him.

The first part of the final HOH competition is about to begin. This will be an endurance competition as usual. It’s pretty safe to say Jerry will be a non-factor, and I suspect it favors Dan. The interesting thing to see will be whether Dan and Memphis are willing to deal once Jerry’s out. They’re all standing on planes. If they don’t want their plane to roll, they’ll need to keep their balance.

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Big Brother 10 Episode 25

As she feared, the Renegades targeted Renny and voted to evict her in Big Brother 10 Episode 24. Dan followed that up with an HOH win, securing his spot in the final three.

Keesha’s concerned about Dan and Memphis’ alliance. Jerry’s concerned that he’s been an outsider for going on two months now.

Everybody’s confused by the non-English speaking sumo wrestler. Dan eventually notices an envelope under his butt. Not sure why he’s looking there, but he manages to grab the envelope without his hand getting crushed. This starts the luxury competition, which is for a trip out of the house.

Keesha plans to give the guys a run for their money. I’d say their best move is to drop her instead of Jerry. Regardless of the overly bitter chicks on the jury, Jerry’s still more disliked in that house, in addition to being less of a challenge threat.

The next visit for the houseguests is from a gorilla. They make Jessie dress up like a gorilla. How appropriate. He runs into the bedrooms to wake everybody up and gets them to follow him outside, where they see a contortionist and a bunch of random statues. They have three hours to make their guesses for the luxury competition. Most of the clues are a big waste of time and are completely unrelated. The useless clues will be covered up one by one.

Jerry is the first to make a guess. He guesses “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,” which isn’t even in the right order (but at least beats Janelle’s “sow what you reap” ridiculousness). Keesha guesses “Where sleeping dogs lie.” Once the first clue is covered up, Jerry realizes his first guess was wrong. So then his second guess is “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Keesha also rushes to a second guess and guesses “Blew it,” and she fully believes she blew that guess. Jerry follows her to waste his last guess with “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Keesha’s still got one last guess left, and she’s going to use it, “Don’t count your chickens before your eggs are hatched.”

Dan and Memphis have a different strategy. Actually trying to figure it out before a random guess. They still have all three of their guesses left. Dan guesses “Bury the hatchet,” the most sensible thing yet. Memphis then guesses “Fruitless exit.” He should have just guessed hours ago.

After he makes his trademark stupid noise, the houseguests finally realize that Jessie was the one dressed up like a fool. Keesha figures that’s why he didn’t want anything to do with her.

Unsurprisingly, the winner of the luxury competition is Dan. His guess based on a berry and a hatching egg with the word “it” on it was correct. He wins a helicopter ride to a beach for a day. He can choose one other person, either a current housemate or a current jury member. He decides to take Michelle since she was whining (and whining some more) about losing that trip to Hawaii. He doesn’t tell the rest of the house he’s taking her, though. It’s not like they won’t find out later, but at least they won’t have time to discuss it at this point.

Memphis, who was upset last time he got put up on the block, this time is completely okay with it. Ultimately, it’s the veto winner who gets to decide who goes home this week, so unlike last time when it was both stupid and pointless to put Memphis on the block, this time it’s a sensible plan.

Keesha is safe.

Memphis and Jerry have been nominated for eviction. Jerry views Memphis’ nomination as Dan turning on his ally and hopes to use this to his advantage. Keesha believes that it means she’s closer to Dan than Memphis is.

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BB10 Spoilers

Big Brother 10 Episode 24

Memphis’ veto win in Big Brother 10 Episode 23 was great for the Renegades, but not so great for the rest of the house. Memphis removed Dan off the block, and Renny is now up against Keesha in the hot seat.

Memphis says Dan’s his most trusted ally. Keesha, meanwhile, is prepared to lose her most trusted ally, Renny.

As for Jerry, he’s all alone in the house (still). So now he’s going to try to see if Keesha’s dumb enough to ally with him. While what he says is true, it’s not as if any alliance with Jerry has actually proven to be of any benefit thus far. Then he works on Dan (aka Judas) and says he doesn’t hate him any more because everybody else has betrayed him anyway.

Memphis’ family video is primarily about convincing us he’s not a womanizer.

Jerry would prefer to see Keesha sitting alongside him in the end.

We get a brief glimpse at the jury house. Libra wants to see April come in next because she was a dumbass. She gets her wish. April’s not so lucky. She gets her new buddy Michelle instead of Keesha. Both of them enjoy the opportunity to completely throw away their self respect and dignity by claiming they are retaining their respect and dignity by making fun of the much better looking Keesha. They’re also jealous of Dan, but they won’t be seeing him just yet. Ollie walks through the door next. His first concern is presumably to make some babies with April.


By a vote of 2-0, Renny has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She has one of the more classy exits we’ve seen, hugging everybody before leaving with a smile on her face.

The HOH competition is based on photos from competitions throughout the season. Dan and Memphis get a point on the first true or false question. Dan gets a point on question two. Everybody gets the third question right. Memphis and Dan get a point on the fourth question, and the same thing happens on questions five and six. Everybody gets the final question right. Dan wins HOH with a perfect score.

Waiting for the houseguests inside the house is a special guest sumo wrestler who has to do with the luxury competition that has a twist that could change the game (do we really need a game changing twist in the final four)? He’s sitting on the information they need.

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BB10 Spoilers

Big Brother 10 Episode 23

As the last remaining member of the alliance that couldn’t, Jerry dumb lucked his way into HOH power in Big Brother 10 Episode 22. Memphis told Jerry what he wanted to hear, and Dan and Keesha went up on the block at the nomination ceremony.

Memphis wants to find a way to get rid of Renny because he has deals with everybody else. The only flaw in that logic is that his deal with Jerry is dead if he pulls Dan off the block. Granted, Renny is his biggest threat regardless.

Renny knows that, if she goes up, she’s going home. She’s not particularly confident in her ability to win veto either.

Dan hopes to drive Renny insane before the veto competition. As if it’ll either be difficult or make a difference.

The houseguests must each go to a different room leading into veto. It’s morphomatic with hideous babies. Dan seems to do okay. Jerry noticeably struggles. Memphis doesn’t seem to have much trouble. Renny is doing okay until she gets stuck on the most blatantly obvious one (a combination of Jerry and Michelle). Keesha does pretty well.

Renny – 23:32
Jerry – 8:01
Dan – 2:58
Memphis – 2:50
Keesha – 5:16

Memphis wins the power of veto. He makes a big deal about how he’s not so sure what to do with the power, but it would be ridiculously stupid for him to leave Keesha and Renny in this together. He wants to make sure he’s still got Keesha and Jerry on his side if Renny goes up. Keesha trusts Memphis, but she doesn’t want to have to rely on Dan.

Memphis has decided to use the power of veto. He pulls Dan off the block. By default, Renny goes up in his place. Jerry’s going to seek revenge against Memphis for the move and has no use for him. He’s got no use for Dan either. So I guess that leaves Keesha.

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Big Brother 10 Episode 22

Big Brother 10 Episode 21 was a special double eviction night. Michelle was sent packing first, then Ollie was out the door behind her.

The final four alliance remains intact, and Jerry realizes that he’s all alone.

The HOH competition is a carnival. The alliance knows their odds are as good as they could possibly be. Of course, the bad news is that Memphis, Renny, and Dan have won next to nothing. This is even more of a dumb luck competition than usual, as they will have to aim for what day they think something happened in ski ball. If they know the answer but miss by a lot on ski ball, too bad. If they have no clue what the answer is but happen to hit it, that’s how the ball bounces.

What day did Jerry call Dan Judas? The correct answer is 35.
Dan: 39 (4 away)
Memphis: 41 (6)
Jerry: 28 (7)
Renny: 50 (15)

On what day were aliens in the house? The correct answer is 14.
Dan: 18 (4)
Memphis: 23 (9)
Jerry: 7 (7)
Renny: 19 (5)

On what day was Brian blindsided? The correct answer is 6.
Dan: now a total of 11 away
Jerry: total of 19 away
Memphis: total of 20 away
Renny: total of 24 away

When did past houseguests return? The correct answer is 32.
Renny: 38 total penalty points
Memphis: 28 penalty points
Jerry: 22 penalty points
Dan: 16 penalty points

When did the earthquake hit the house? The answer is 22.
Renny: 42 penalty points
Memphis: 30 penalty points
Jerry: 22 penalty points
Dan: 20 penalty points

What day was Jessie evicted? The answer is 31.
Renny: 51 penalty points
Memphis: 33 penalty points
Dan: 31 penalty points (Dan aimed for and hit 30 but ended up 11 away after his ball bounced out)
Jerry: 25 penalty points

What day did the house get lollipops? The answer is 39.
Dan: 31 penalty points
Jerry: 29 penalty points

Jerry wins HOH. As expected, this competition came down to dumb luck. No good can come from this win, but nobody knows what to expect because Jerry could easily nominate any of them. He has been nominated by the three of them that have won HOH, called Memphis a womanizer, called Dan Judas, and fought with Renny from the beginning.

Everyone quickly starts kissing Jerry’s ass, even though none of them had any use for him a few minutes before (and still have no use for him now aside from surviving the week). He tells a story that lasts for 60 years and puts them all to sleep.

Memphis wants both Dan and Keesha to believe he’s going with them to the final two. He’s turning on Renny already, but she prepared herself for that to happen weeks ago.

Memphis and Dan realize that they can’t be on the block together, and that even if one of them’s on the block, short of making a deal with Jerry (or winning veto), he’s probably going to break a tie against them. Jerry’s already thinking along those lines. He wants to go to the final two against Memphis, and he also wants Dan to not be saved by veto if Memphis wins. Memphis plays along and says that he’s out for Dan anyway following last week.

Renny is safe.
Memphis is safe.

Dan and Keesha have been nominated for eviction. Jerry tells Dan he doesn’t trust him, and he tells Keesha she’s a strong player. He hopes to get Dan out and believes that Renny will vote for Keesha to stay, allowing him to break a tie if there is one. Memphis’ goal is to get Renny out of the house.

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BB10 Spoilers

Keesha Big Brother 10 Topless Acting Role

Big Brother 10’s Keesha Smith had an acting role (using the term loosely) in the low budget horror film The Fear Chamber, in which she played the role of Nancy. The movie came out earlier this year.

The video on Youtube (which has since been deleted she is partially nude and the scene contains blood) gives her the chance to show off her assets to the world.

Big Brother 10 Episode 21

Even though he agreed to nominate the person who’s supposedly his only ally, Dan decided to go against the plan once it came to nominating either Keesha or Renny in Big Brother 10 Episode 20. Instead, once Memphis won the power of veto, he put Michelle in his place against Jerry. It didn’t make a great deal of sense, but it was, if nothing else, entertaining to see Ollie and Michelle come to the conclusion that Dan must be a plant.

Tonight is a live double eviction night, in which two houseguests will be sent packing. So basically an entire week will be played in an hour, minus all that annoying strategy to get in the way of things.

Jerry hopes that Michelle will self destruct. Michelle’s comments are ******* ***** **** **** (I’m sure there were some words that could be said on national TV in there somewhere). Ollie and Michelle want Keesha mad at Dan, but she knows if they had their way, she’d be on the block. Dan doesn’t care to listen to the obnoxious yelling. And apparently, he’s a plant, and his football picture is fake. Meanwhile, Memphis is a red-headed Cabbage Patch Kid, and Ollie has been embarrassed in front of millions of people.

Then Ollie goes psycho crazy(er) and starts kicking and breaking things. People have been thrown out of this house for less than that.


By a vote of 3-1, Michelle has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She ignores Dan on the way out. Julie tells her Dan was not a plant. So her new theory is that he’s crazy then. He can take his sorry and put it you know where.

Now we head right into the HOH competition. It’s based on questions asked to viewers based on imaginary headlines from the future.

More likely to get lost on their way home from work? Jerry or Keesha?
America said Keesha.
Everyone gets a point except Renny.

Headlines national comedy tour? Dan or Renny?
America said Renny.
Everyone gets a point except Memphis.

Called a hero after saving family from burning building? Dan or Ollie?
America said Dan.
Only Jerry gets a point.

Entrusted with national security secret? Jerry or Memphis?
America said Jerry.
Everyone gets a point except Memphis.

Life story made into feature film? Jerry or Renny?
America said Renny.
Only Renny gets a point.

Arrested by fashion police? Memphis or Ollie?
America said Memphis.
Jerry and Keesha get a point.

Beats Jessie in arm wrestling competition? Dan or Keesha?
America said Keesha (America is amusing this time).
Jerry and Keesha get points and remain in the game for a tiebreaker.

How many total lollipops were displayed on the table after the food competition? Both guess 100 (actual answer is 218), so we go to another tiebreaker.

If you add the winner’s times from heats 1, 2, and 3 in the one giant leap competition, what would the total time be in seconds? Julie really, really, really needs an answer. Now. Or else. 1,556 is correct. Keesha is closest with 500 and wins HOH.

Jerry and Ollie have been nominated for eviction. Obvious outcome, one that makes this whole rushed week quite pointless unless something happens with veto.

Since we’re down to 6 people, everybody will participate in veto. The competition is veto in a haystick. They must retrieve two veto medallions hidden in hay. Dan gets the first veto medallion. Renny, Memphis, and Keesha are close behind. With his second, Dan wins the power of veto. He’s proving to be quite the force to be reckoned with at this stage.

Dan obviously doesn’t use the power of veto because the two people who need to be on the block are already there.


By a unanimous vote, Ollie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Between Ollie and Michelle going, this proved to be a useful night. He runs out in record time and wants nothing to do with anyone. He is, however, looking forward to joining April in the jury house.

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