Big Brother 10 Episode 21

Even though he agreed to nominate the person who’s supposedly his only ally, Dan decided to go against the plan once it came to nominating either Keesha or Renny in Big Brother 10 Episode 20. Instead, once Memphis won the power of veto, he put Michelle in his place against Jerry. It didn’t make a great deal of sense, but it was, if nothing else, entertaining to see Ollie and Michelle come to the conclusion that Dan must be a plant.

Tonight is a live double eviction night, in which two houseguests will be sent packing. So basically an entire week will be played in an hour, minus all that annoying strategy to get in the way of things.

Jerry hopes that Michelle will self destruct. Michelle’s comments are ******* ***** **** **** (I’m sure there were some words that could be said on national TV in there somewhere). Ollie and Michelle want Keesha mad at Dan, but she knows if they had their way, she’d be on the block. Dan doesn’t care to listen to the obnoxious yelling. And apparently, he’s a plant, and his football picture is fake. Meanwhile, Memphis is a red-headed Cabbage Patch Kid, and Ollie has been embarrassed in front of millions of people.

Then Ollie goes psycho crazy(er) and starts kicking and breaking things. People have been thrown out of this house for less than that.


By a vote of 3-1, Michelle has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She ignores Dan on the way out. Julie tells her Dan was not a plant. So her new theory is that he’s crazy then. He can take his sorry and put it you know where.

Now we head right into the HOH competition. It’s based on questions asked to viewers based on imaginary headlines from the future.

More likely to get lost on their way home from work? Jerry or Keesha?
America said Keesha.
Everyone gets a point except Renny.

Headlines national comedy tour? Dan or Renny?
America said Renny.
Everyone gets a point except Memphis.

Called a hero after saving family from burning building? Dan or Ollie?
America said Dan.
Only Jerry gets a point.

Entrusted with national security secret? Jerry or Memphis?
America said Jerry.
Everyone gets a point except Memphis.

Life story made into feature film? Jerry or Renny?
America said Renny.
Only Renny gets a point.

Arrested by fashion police? Memphis or Ollie?
America said Memphis.
Jerry and Keesha get a point.

Beats Jessie in arm wrestling competition? Dan or Keesha?
America said Keesha (America is amusing this time).
Jerry and Keesha get points and remain in the game for a tiebreaker.

How many total lollipops were displayed on the table after the food competition? Both guess 100 (actual answer is 218), so we go to another tiebreaker.

If you add the winner’s times from heats 1, 2, and 3 in the one giant leap competition, what would the total time be in seconds? Julie really, really, really needs an answer. Now. Or else. 1,556 is correct. Keesha is closest with 500 and wins HOH.

Jerry and Ollie have been nominated for eviction. Obvious outcome, one that makes this whole rushed week quite pointless unless something happens with veto.

Since we’re down to 6 people, everybody will participate in veto. The competition is veto in a haystick. They must retrieve two veto medallions hidden in hay. Dan gets the first veto medallion. Renny, Memphis, and Keesha are close behind. With his second, Dan wins the power of veto. He’s proving to be quite the force to be reckoned with at this stage.

Dan obviously doesn’t use the power of veto because the two people who need to be on the block are already there.


By a unanimous vote, Ollie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Between Ollie and Michelle going, this proved to be a useful night. He runs out in record time and wants nothing to do with anyone. He is, however, looking forward to joining April in the jury house.

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