Big Brother 10 Episode 27

With his veto win, Memphis ensured the Renegades would make the final three (while Dan worked on getting a couple more votes) in Big Brother 10 Episode 26. The option between Jerry and Keesha was an obvious one, as keeping Jerry in the house should make for an easy one-two HOH competition for the boys.

Jerry believes that Memphis is his ally. Apparently.

Dan plays up what happened, and he pretends he’s pissed off at Memphis, which Jerry seems to be buying, despite the fact that it gets so over the top it’s silly after a while.

Jerry is the first one to fall off his plane, pretty quickly. The plan after that is for Memphis to fall next, as Dan continues to be overdramatic about how Memphis stabbed Keesha in the back. Whatever the plan may have been, Dan’s starting to struggle a bit, with Memphis refusing to drop. Eventually, though, Memphis does fall, and he says it was just an illusion to make it not look like he threw the competition. Dan wins the first part of the final HOH competition.

Dan walks out with some boxing gloves for part two of the final HOH competition. Jerry just hopes he doesn’t die. In each round, the fighters must leave standing the HOH and final nominees from each week. Memphis is doing a pretty good job of knocking down the cutouts like dominoes, while Jerry goes out for a Sunday stroll. Memphis is concerned with his time, but he’s got nothing to worry about. With a time of 8:35, Memphis wins part two of HOH. Jerry’s time? 51:22. I said wow.

Michelle thinks it will be interesting to tell whoever walks in that she got taken on a trip to a beach. Except Keesha already knows it. April says that Keesha’s elimination is karma. And April wants Jerry to win. Are you kidding me?

The final part of the final HOH competition is the usual statements from the jury house.

Libra: If I could go back in time in this game, I would change:
Alliance or behavior
Dan is correct and gets a point

April: Coasted under the radar:
Jerry or Memphis
Memphis is correct and gets a point

Michelle: Best strategic move in the house:
Winning HOH and getting revenge for Jessie, or being backdoored
When she was backdoored
Both are correct and get a point

Ollie: Fatal error in the house:
Trusting Dan or letting heart get into the game
Letting heart get into the game
Both are incorrect

Renny: Moment in the house that was most irritating:
Jerry brushing dentures in the sink or Jessie being a punk and disrespecting her
When Jerry brushed his dentures in the sink
Dan is correct and gets a point

Keesha: Most uncomfortable moment in the house:
30th birthday or the night before her eviction
Night before her eviction
Dan is correct and gets a point.

Dan wins HOH.

Whichever way it goes, it looks like this game is Dan’s to lose. In spite of April’s insanity, his best bet is to pick Jerry, but I don’t think it would hurt him any if he were to save face and stick with his ally. Dan stays true to the Renegades and votes to evict Jerry from the Big Brother house. Jerry expects to be the deciding vote and hints that he’ll be voting for Memphis.

America will get the chance to vote for their favorite jury member, who will win $25,000. I suspect this is between Renny and Keesha.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Big Brother 10 episode 29, where we will find out who the Big Brother 10 winner is, which airs Tuesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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