Big Brother 10 Episode 23

As the last remaining member of the alliance that couldn’t, Jerry dumb lucked his way into HOH power in Big Brother 10 Episode 22. Memphis told Jerry what he wanted to hear, and Dan and Keesha went up on the block at the nomination ceremony.

Memphis wants to find a way to get rid of Renny because he has deals with everybody else. The only flaw in that logic is that his deal with Jerry is dead if he pulls Dan off the block. Granted, Renny is his biggest threat regardless.

Renny knows that, if she goes up, she’s going home. She’s not particularly confident in her ability to win veto either.

Dan hopes to drive Renny insane before the veto competition. As if it’ll either be difficult or make a difference.

The houseguests must each go to a different room leading into veto. It’s morphomatic with hideous babies. Dan seems to do okay. Jerry noticeably struggles. Memphis doesn’t seem to have much trouble. Renny is doing okay until she gets stuck on the most blatantly obvious one (a combination of Jerry and Michelle). Keesha does pretty well.

Renny – 23:32
Jerry – 8:01
Dan – 2:58
Memphis – 2:50
Keesha – 5:16

Memphis wins the power of veto. He makes a big deal about how he’s not so sure what to do with the power, but it would be ridiculously stupid for him to leave Keesha and Renny in this together. He wants to make sure he’s still got Keesha and Jerry on his side if Renny goes up. Keesha trusts Memphis, but she doesn’t want to have to rely on Dan.

Memphis has decided to use the power of veto. He pulls Dan off the block. By default, Renny goes up in his place. Jerry’s going to seek revenge against Memphis for the move and has no use for him. He’s got no use for Dan either. So I guess that leaves Keesha.

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