Big Brother 10 Episode 22

Big Brother 10 Episode 21 was a special double eviction night. Michelle was sent packing first, then Ollie was out the door behind her.

The final four alliance remains intact, and Jerry realizes that he’s all alone.

The HOH competition is a carnival. The alliance knows their odds are as good as they could possibly be. Of course, the bad news is that Memphis, Renny, and Dan have won next to nothing. This is even more of a dumb luck competition than usual, as they will have to aim for what day they think something happened in ski ball. If they know the answer but miss by a lot on ski ball, too bad. If they have no clue what the answer is but happen to hit it, that’s how the ball bounces.

What day did Jerry call Dan Judas? The correct answer is 35.
Dan: 39 (4 away)
Memphis: 41 (6)
Jerry: 28 (7)
Renny: 50 (15)

On what day were aliens in the house? The correct answer is 14.
Dan: 18 (4)
Memphis: 23 (9)
Jerry: 7 (7)
Renny: 19 (5)

On what day was Brian blindsided? The correct answer is 6.
Dan: now a total of 11 away
Jerry: total of 19 away
Memphis: total of 20 away
Renny: total of 24 away

When did past houseguests return? The correct answer is 32.
Renny: 38 total penalty points
Memphis: 28 penalty points
Jerry: 22 penalty points
Dan: 16 penalty points

When did the earthquake hit the house? The answer is 22.
Renny: 42 penalty points
Memphis: 30 penalty points
Jerry: 22 penalty points
Dan: 20 penalty points

What day was Jessie evicted? The answer is 31.
Renny: 51 penalty points
Memphis: 33 penalty points
Dan: 31 penalty points (Dan aimed for and hit 30 but ended up 11 away after his ball bounced out)
Jerry: 25 penalty points

What day did the house get lollipops? The answer is 39.
Dan: 31 penalty points
Jerry: 29 penalty points

Jerry wins HOH. As expected, this competition came down to dumb luck. No good can come from this win, but nobody knows what to expect because Jerry could easily nominate any of them. He has been nominated by the three of them that have won HOH, called Memphis a womanizer, called Dan Judas, and fought with Renny from the beginning.

Everyone quickly starts kissing Jerry’s ass, even though none of them had any use for him a few minutes before (and still have no use for him now aside from surviving the week). He tells a story that lasts for 60 years and puts them all to sleep.

Memphis wants both Dan and Keesha to believe he’s going with them to the final two. He’s turning on Renny already, but she prepared herself for that to happen weeks ago.

Memphis and Dan realize that they can’t be on the block together, and that even if one of them’s on the block, short of making a deal with Jerry (or winning veto), he’s probably going to break a tie against them. Jerry’s already thinking along those lines. He wants to go to the final two against Memphis, and he also wants Dan to not be saved by veto if Memphis wins. Memphis plays along and says that he’s out for Dan anyway following last week.

Renny is safe.
Memphis is safe.

Dan and Keesha have been nominated for eviction. Jerry tells Dan he doesn’t trust him, and he tells Keesha she’s a strong player. He hopes to get Dan out and believes that Renny will vote for Keesha to stay, allowing him to break a tie if there is one. Memphis’ goal is to get Renny out of the house.

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