Big Brother 10 Episode 24

Memphis’ veto win in Big Brother 10 Episode 23 was great for the Renegades, but not so great for the rest of the house. Memphis removed Dan off the block, and Renny is now up against Keesha in the hot seat.

Memphis says Dan’s his most trusted ally. Keesha, meanwhile, is prepared to lose her most trusted ally, Renny.

As for Jerry, he’s all alone in the house (still). So now he’s going to try to see if Keesha’s dumb enough to ally with him. While what he says is true, it’s not as if any alliance with Jerry has actually proven to be of any benefit thus far. Then he works on Dan (aka Judas) and says he doesn’t hate him any more because everybody else has betrayed him anyway.

Memphis’ family video is primarily about convincing us he’s not a womanizer.

Jerry would prefer to see Keesha sitting alongside him in the end.

We get a brief glimpse at the jury house. Libra wants to see April come in next because she was a dumbass. She gets her wish. April’s not so lucky. She gets her new buddy Michelle instead of Keesha. Both of them enjoy the opportunity to completely throw away their self respect and dignity by claiming they are retaining their respect and dignity by making fun of the much better looking Keesha. They’re also jealous of Dan, but they won’t be seeing him just yet. Ollie walks through the door next. His first concern is presumably to make some babies with April.


By a vote of 2-0, Renny has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She has one of the more classy exits we’ve seen, hugging everybody before leaving with a smile on her face.

The HOH competition is based on photos from competitions throughout the season. Dan and Memphis get a point on the first true or false question. Dan gets a point on question two. Everybody gets the third question right. Memphis and Dan get a point on the fourth question, and the same thing happens on questions five and six. Everybody gets the final question right. Dan wins HOH with a perfect score.

Waiting for the houseguests inside the house is a special guest sumo wrestler who has to do with the luxury competition that has a twist that could change the game (do we really need a game changing twist in the final four)? He’s sitting on the information they need.

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  1. you are right on the money, with April especially. she is the most self-righteous, delusional person I’ve seen on this show next crazy jen. I hope Keesha pimp slaps her.

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