Big Brother 10 Episode 25

As she feared, the Renegades targeted Renny and voted to evict her in Big Brother 10 Episode 24. Dan followed that up with an HOH win, securing his spot in the final three.

Keesha’s concerned about Dan and Memphis’ alliance. Jerry’s concerned that he’s been an outsider for going on two months now.

Everybody’s confused by the non-English speaking sumo wrestler. Dan eventually notices an envelope under his butt. Not sure why he’s looking there, but he manages to grab the envelope without his hand getting crushed. This starts the luxury competition, which is for a trip out of the house.

Keesha plans to give the guys a run for their money. I’d say their best move is to drop her instead of Jerry. Regardless of the overly bitter chicks on the jury, Jerry’s still more disliked in that house, in addition to being less of a challenge threat.

The next visit for the houseguests is from a gorilla. They make Jessie dress up like a gorilla. How appropriate. He runs into the bedrooms to wake everybody up and gets them to follow him outside, where they see a contortionist and a bunch of random statues. They have three hours to make their guesses for the luxury competition. Most of the clues are a big waste of time and are completely unrelated. The useless clues will be covered up one by one.

Jerry is the first to make a guess. He guesses “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,” which isn’t even in the right order (but at least beats Janelle’s “sow what you reap” ridiculousness). Keesha guesses “Where sleeping dogs lie.” Once the first clue is covered up, Jerry realizes his first guess was wrong. So then his second guess is “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Keesha also rushes to a second guess and guesses “Blew it,” and she fully believes she blew that guess. Jerry follows her to waste his last guess with “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Keesha’s still got one last guess left, and she’s going to use it, “Don’t count your chickens before your eggs are hatched.”

Dan and Memphis have a different strategy. Actually trying to figure it out before a random guess. They still have all three of their guesses left. Dan guesses “Bury the hatchet,” the most sensible thing yet. Memphis then guesses “Fruitless exit.” He should have just guessed hours ago.

After he makes his trademark stupid noise, the houseguests finally realize that Jessie was the one dressed up like a fool. Keesha figures that’s why he didn’t want anything to do with her.

Unsurprisingly, the winner of the luxury competition is Dan. His guess based on a berry and a hatching egg with the word “it” on it was correct. He wins a helicopter ride to a beach for a day. He can choose one other person, either a current housemate or a current jury member. He decides to take Michelle since she was whining (and whining some more) about losing that trip to Hawaii. He doesn’t tell the rest of the house he’s taking her, though. It’s not like they won’t find out later, but at least they won’t have time to discuss it at this point.

Memphis, who was upset last time he got put up on the block, this time is completely okay with it. Ultimately, it’s the veto winner who gets to decide who goes home this week, so unlike last time when it was both stupid and pointless to put Memphis on the block, this time it’s a sensible plan.

Keesha is safe.

Memphis and Jerry have been nominated for eviction. Jerry views Memphis’ nomination as Dan turning on his ally and hopes to use this to his advantage. Keesha believes that it means she’s closer to Dan than Memphis is.

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