Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 6

Rather than embracing his makeover like everybody else, Joe decided to whine about it, so the girls targeted him for elimination in Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 5. That’s where we left off, without any elimination just yet.

Because they skipped the elimination for the night, the house decided to play a prank on Tara, who believes the house is haunted. Joe doesn’t want them to do this and throws them out. Of course, Randi’s the one to get all up in his face to protest this. His response is to try to spit on her after he gets tired of listening to her mouth, much to Cara’s surprise that this happens in real life (as real as Beauty and the Geek is anyway) rather than just Jerry Springer. Then she flips out (more) and keeps going on and on and on (as usual).

If Tara or Joe win a challenge this week, they will no longer be marked for elimination.

Geeks will become firefighters. Matt can’t compete in the challenge due to his football injury, but Leticia can take his place in the challenge. Greg is hoping that there are hot firefighters there. They head to the LA fire department training facility, where they will put on full gear, attach a line to a hydrant, carry a charged 40 foot hose to the building, extinguish a fire barrel, go up a fire escape, rescue their beauties, and leap two stories with them.

Joe – 4:40
Greg – 5:10
Jason – 7:25
Leticia – more than that
Chris – 3:29
Tommy – 3:22

Matt’s able to follow up on rule #74 from his book of 100 rules of life: be somebody’s hero.

The girls will be doing math. Leticia wants to sleep out in the sun because math is hard without sleep. Randi calls math stupid. Cara hates math. Tara seems serious, though. They go to a recycling and transfer station. They need to jump into a pile of trash and grab cans (worth 3 cents), plastic bottles (7 cents), and glass bottles (10 cents). They need to collect exactly $5. Most of the girls are big babies about the smell of the trash. Cara is first to think she has the right amount, but she’s only got $2.03. Randi knows for a fact she’s got $5 but may be off by a can. Her actual total is $6.95. Tara’s giving up. Apparently, this trash is going to make her die tomorrow, and it’s not worth the effort for quarter of a million dollars. Leticia thinks she has $5 but actually has $5.03, just one extra can. Kristina spoke up right after her. She actually has the right amount, and she wins the challenge.

Amanda wants to take out the threats, but the others would rather get rid of someone who isn’t growing (Randi obviously). Tara and Joe, who were nominated last week, will be going up against Greg and Randi. Randi believes it’s because she’s a threat. I’d argue it’s because she’s obnoxious. At least we both agree her personality is the problem. She seems to be confused that standing up for yourself means mowing other people down and being loud. The house is happy to be getting rid of the conflict between Randi and Joe (she’ll start with someone else if she survives), but they’re not happy to see Greg in danger.

Tara gets the first smarter than a third grader math question right. Joe gets the first hero question right. Randi gets the second math question right. Neither of the guys are able to answer the silly question about James Bond (who I guess is supposed to be a hero). Joe answers a question about The Sopranos, and Randi and Greg have been eliminated. Good riddance to Randi. Joe apologizes to her for what he’s done. Not only does she not apologize in return nor accept his apology, but she continues to rant and rave. And that’s why it’s good she’s getting kicked off the show. Randi doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong now or that there was anything wrong with her to begin with.

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