Big Brother 8 Episode 33

Last night I did make a post about the Big Brother 8 winner but didn’t actually end up watching more than a couple minutes of the show for fear of it sucking worse than Beauty and the Geek 4. But I wanted to see the America’s Player reveal, and I figure this surely won’t be painful like Big Brother 8 episode 32 was, so I decided to go ahead and recap it, proceeding with caution.

We start off with Julie continuing to play up the lame estranged father/daughter storyline and pretending Dick isn’t delusional about having such a great team. C’mon, Chenbot, give us something not scripted.

The jury couldn’t care less whether it’s Dick or Danielle who walks through the door, as long as it’s one of them. Hope. Dashed. In walks Zach.

Eric is forced to participate in this ridiculous and stupid America’s Player one last time. Not only does he not get a vote, since he was only in the house for two and a half months, but to add insult to injury, he must also campaign for whoever America wants. Of course, America chose Dick.

The argument against Dick is obvious: he was so vile to every single one of these people with his unnecessary, pointless, and stupid in a game sense personal attacks that he doesn’t deserve to win. The argument against Danielle is equally obvious: she’s just a whiny brat who didn’t do anything but win competitions.

Jen begins talking about how she can’t condone what Dick did to her. Amber goes off on her because she called a truce with him (a truce that, briefly, got him to treat her like a human being). Oh, shut up, Amber. Eric manages to get the discussion back on track. Dustin asks whether they can look past the personal attacks. Considering Dick attacked Jen nonstop for weeks on end, I don’t see how or why she should. However, the rest weren’t quite as badly impacted by him.

Jessica points out that Danielle’s not any better than her father. She hated every single person on the jury and was nasty to all of them. She just wasn’t as vocal and abrasive about it.

Jameka says Danielle is the pimp, and ED is the ho.

Opening up the question period, Dick pretends they have had the hardest game of anyone in the house. Harder than Eric having to take stupid orders from America. Harder than Jen and Kail having to put up with Dick’s abuse. Harder than Jessica, Dustin, and Amber also getting screwed over than America. Harder than Zach, who was forced to play chess alone for a month because nobody liked him. He tries to convince them (or is he trying to convince himself) that he and Danielle were the best team in the history of Big Brother.

Amber’s question is completely irrelevant, but this is Amber we’re talking about. She asks why she should give Danielle a vote considering what she did to her boyfriend (the one she hasn’t mentioned in two months) on national television. She calls her a very pathetic person, which draws a laugh from the jury. It’s funny because it’s true.

Back to Dick pretending and telling his own version of the truth. He tells Jessica he never lied to her. Oh, that’s right. It was a “last minute decision.”

Eric asks a question with which Dick could earn some brownie points, but this is Dick we’re talking about here. Why does each jury member deserve to be in the final two? Dick says: Dustin doesn’t, Jen absolutely doesn’t, Amber never made a big move, Jessica made some moves but tried not to bloody her hands too much, Eric was the best player in the game (wow, a compliment), Zach came on huge at the end.

Zach asks Danielle to say something positive about the jury. What a load of BS. Much snickering ensues. Dick, no, he doesn’t even pretend. He just insults people, and even the positive comments are viewed as insults (or at least just simply not worth listening to).

Jen asks Dick whether he thinks the experience has helped him build a relationship with Danielle. Okay, which producer made her say that?

In Dick’s final speech to the jury, he talks about how he changed the game completely by… getting Eric to go along with what America wanted. He says he did a lot of the dirty work, and Danielle didn’t look too pleased with him saying that. Afterwards, Danielle begins whining because she believes he campaigned against her.

Jen wishes she could vote for anyone else. Jessica’s voting for the person she enjoyed most in the house.

Dick’s son, Vincent, says Dick’s always like this.

Jessica looks pretty hot, while Nick finally has a haircut that doesn’t make him look like a dork.

It’s now time to reveal the America’s Player twist. Most of them seem to take it pretty well, and for once, the recap is actually enjoyable, unlike that crap they had us watch on Sunday night. He immediately begins whispering in Jessica’s ear, and she says she’s not mad at him. I do wonder whether he already hinted to her about it at the jury house. Dick realizes he’s not as great as he thinks, but he’s probably happy that he was the most popular houseguest for most of the season. Dustin thinks he was voted out because he was a threat.

And lastly, it’s time to vote. Yay! Let’s put this season out of its misery and just hope they don’t make the rigging even more obvious next year (if we keep going down this path, Big Brother will be casting all the votes by the time we get to BB11).

Eric: Dick
Jameka: Danielle
Dustin: Dick
Jen: Danielle
Zach: Dick
Amber: Dick

Dick is the winner of Big Brother 8 by a vote of 5-2 (Jessica also voted for Dick).

When asked how she feels, Danielle says that she knows nobody believes her (which we don’t), but she’s completely ecstatic.

Julie asks if they want to be on The Amazing Race. Please. God. No. Didn’t you do enough damage with Family Edition? And so ends this season of it’s our show we’ll do what we want.

Big Brother 8 Winner

Big Brother 10 winner
Big Brother 9 winner
Big Brother All Stars Winner

Hey, CBS. You suck.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can begin with the coverage of the final episode of Big Brother 8 where we’ll find out the winner, after which we will finally be put out of our misery for the year. But does anyone actually care? If you’re not a fan of Dick/Danielle, are you even watching the finale, and if so, is it more than just merely for closure or hoping Dick will be humbled when learning he and his daughter are not, in fact, the best team ever? If you are a Donato fan, does it really matter whether the demonchild in a man’s body takes the money and uses some of it to help his family, or whether his spoiled brat daughter keeps the money all to herself and uses it to get away from him once and for all (until she needs another loan)?

Just in case somebody does care, though, I will be revealing the winner live from the east coast. I’ll save the full recap for later, as I’m watching Beauty and the Geek 4 episode 1 instead. Yes, if I’m watching that show, which is guaranteed from the beginning to be a trainwreck, rather than the conclusion of Big Brother, you know something’s definitely gone wrong with the universe. And that something is CBS, America’s Player, and the random rules of favoritism. But I do have enough interest, for lack of a better word, of finding out who won to at least do a little channel surfing.

America has instructed Eric to get Dick to win. Shocker. Of course, not only does the jury dislike Dick, but they probably have plotted ways to kill him in his sleep, so this is no small task.

America – Dick
Jameka – Danielle
Dustin – Dick
Jen – Danielle
Zach – Dick
Amber – Dick

Dick wins. Shouldn’t be more than about 5 minutes before Danielle’s overheard saying “It’s not faiiiiirrrrrr.” I’m surprised by this. I was expecting Danielle to win because of how Dick treated people, but at the end of the day, she ultimately was associated with him, and nobody liked her either. I wonder how much of a role Eric played in this decision.

And so ends a season that has been universally panned by critics and pissed off a lot of viewers in the process. The blatant rigging of this show just gets worse and worse every year. It was bad enough last year, but this year, it reached all new levels, and Alison Grodner, now on her own after Shapiro quit because he got all that hate mail last year for the HOH redo, was not ashamed to admit that they just make things up as they go. Despite all the controversy, or perhaps because of it, the show’s ratings were up this year, even if they’re still way down from their highs because of the damage that season 6 did to them. That said, I think we can expect to see a Big Brother 9.

Big Brother 8 Episode 32

Warning: Tonight’s show has the potential to be one of the worst, most irritating shows in the history of Big Brother. This is CBS’ attempt to convince us their storyline was great. Dick/Danielle fans may love it. Anyone else, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Just in case anyone still cares, welcome to another live blog of Big Brother 8. It’s a recap episode, so basically a way to waste time. We get to take a look back at the season with one of the more horrendous final twos in the show’s history. Great. An hour with Delusional and his daughter, More Delusional (and whiny). And she’ll probably still be whining, despite her place in the finals.

We start off with her day one supposedly not having talked to him for two years because he loaned her money once or something. Back when she didn’t want to even hug him. At least now she pretends she wants to hug him. Then three weeks later, she gets upset with him and storms off. Then the next day, more whining and crying. Oh god. This show’s going to suck worse than I originally anticipated.

Now we’re looking back at day 74 and the HOH competition. This was last week. Why do we need to see this crap again? It didn’t work to convince us the season was fair the first time, and it’s not working tonight.

Good. We’re done with that garbage. Now a look back at something that’s somewhat more interesting. Starting with Dick attacking Jen. He’s going to be pissed off when he gets out of the house and realizes he personally made Jen one of the more popular houseguests. I’ve got bad news for you, Dick. Jen actually talks to her father, and is far less self centered than Danielle.

Next, the moment CBS considers pure gold: Dick’s “brilliant” attempt to get himself so hated that he gets kicked out of the house. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to just wait for veto, then go off on everybody after it was over? Nope, not Dick. Act first, think later… maybe.

Then it’s time for some more prayer with Jameka and Amber, followed by Dick mocking their religion and lots of aruging. Yeah, because this wasn’t uncomfortable enough to watch the first time.

And of course, this recap show wouldn’t be complete without Danielle’s “love interest,” the guy she knew for like three weeks, Nick. This is as ridiculous as Janelle and Michael, which lasted all of about two minutes once they got out of the house and realized not only did they not love each other… they didn’t even like each other. Does anybody honestly care about Danielle and Nick? I see more hope in the Jessica/Eric relationship, so the look back at these two is not quite as nauseating.

Then we go back to when everybody hated Jen, when she cried about her picture on the wall. Hey, CBS, you forgot that the currently #1 houseguest on your popularity poll is Zach, though that’s largely in protest of the final two. Don’t forget to try to make us hate him, too. The crying over the picture is followed by when people started to really like Jen, when Dick dumped iced tea on her head, then when she got revenge by destroying his cigarettes, and when CBS allowed him to get away with burning her and physically intimidating her.

Did we need to see an Amber crying montage and her delusion over being a model, of course, followed by her going insane and pretending Eric is evil?

50 minutes into the show, we finally get something not bitter, hateful, and mean-spirited. Zach streaking, Eric dressing in Jessica’s clothing, Jen and Eric wrestling, various fun veto competitions (since HOH is never fun). After that, Dick and Danielle start planning their trip to Europe, and Danielle makes sure she says they won’t be going together, also emphasizing that if she wins, he ain’t getting any of it. Yeah, great reunion. About three minutes of being positive. Could there possibly be a worse final two in this respect, too? Nick notwithstanding, these two hate and have absolutely no use for anybody else in the house, including each other.

Well, that wraps up a particularly pointless episode. Why didn’t they just reveal the winner tonight? Speaking of the winner, I will be doing a live blog of the finale on Tuesday… again, just in case anybody cares.

Big Brother 8 Episode 31

In episode 30, Danielle won veto, sending Jameka home, which brought us to a final HOH competition with the final three: Dick, Danielle, and Zach.

2 and a half hours into the competition, Dick continues his “brilliant” strategy of attempting to knock people off their game in competitions, which he and Danielle spent a long time plotting. He screams and shouts at Zach, yelling various insults at him, for what Julie later reveals was hours. Putz. Zach initially stays quiet. He then proceeds cracking up at Dick and mocking him, completely unphased.

As expected, the cold water played a role, like it did in season 3. Danielle is shivering and falls off first. Dick is also shivering, and Zach eventually starts as well. By this time, the lame rabbit has broken (gee, another poorly designed competition), so it’s all about freezing them down.

At the 7 hour 32 minute mark, Dick quits, and Zach wins part one of the HOH competition. At least we get another “touching” father/daughter moment. Too bad we know these two still don’t like each other very much. Zach is pleased he managed to finally break Dick, who was rather pitiful following the competition.

Neither Dick nor Danielle are particularly confident in their ability to answer questions for round three, which are largely luck anyway, so they decide to just both try their hardest because it doesn’t matter which one wins. In part two, the players must grab puzzle pieces from a tank and connect the HOH order in another tank. The HOH order part is pretty easy if they’ve studied at all, so the biggest part of it is being able to hold their breath. Danielle finished in 24:09. Dick finished in 12:48. Danielle proceeds to whine some more.

So it’s going to be Dick up against Zach in the final part of the competition to determine who wins HOH and decides who to take to the final two. If Dick wins, it’s Danielle. If Zach wins, it’ll probably be Dick.

An upset jury is greeted by Jameka, when all were hoping for one of the Donatos. When discussing Eric and Jessica, Dustin says the walls are thin. The jury seemed to like Zach’s nomination speech.

It’s time for the final part of the final HOH competition, which as usual is about questions asked to the jury.

Amber: The moment in the house that irritated me the most was: when Jen cried about her picture. Dick is correct.
Jen: The strongest competitor in the house was: Jen. Both are incorrect.
Jameka: The fatal error I made in the house was: not looking out for myself earlier. Both are correct.
Dustin: The most shocking moment in the house was when: Amber went off on Eric. Both are incorrect.
Eric: The funniest moment in the house this summer was: when Jameka told Dick that his mama was a bitch. Both are correct.
Jessica: The person whose gameplay I respected most was: Jessica. Both are incorrect.

Dick wins the final HOH 3-2. Congrats, CBS. You got what you wanted. The “estranged” father and daughter have been “reunited.” Does it even matter which of these two wins? I’ll tune in on Tuesday, but it’s kind of like watching Maggie take on Ivette (only worse, since those two were at least the dominant players their season). No doubt the jury will feel the same. The only even likely vote at this point is America’s, as America will most likely vote for Dick. Beyond that, it’s tough to say. People hate Dick, but they’re not much more fond of Danielle.

Dick insults Zach in his final comments to him, telling him he’s in for a surprise when he gets out. He’s lucky Zach probably won’t take it personal, but this is just another fine example of Dick’s genius at work. Then again, Danielle’s not much better and tells him he hurt her feelings.

Oh god. It gets worse. Not only is Eric’s final vote forced on him by America, but he must also campaign for that person in the jury house. This twist has sucked since it was announced. Let it die already. At least let the guy who was in the house for 3 months cast his own vote for once. Of course, I wouldn’t expect that. In the event Zach did win this final HOH, they had to give whoever he took with him another unfair chance at winning.

And we close the show off with the most delusional statement of the season: Dick believes he and Danielle are better than Will/Boogie and Jason/Danielle.

Sunday’s show will be jury questions. Tuesday’s show will be the winner announcement.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live blog of Big Brother 8 episode 32, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

Big Brother 8 Episode 30

In episode 29, Zach nominated both Dick and Danielle, Dick was delusional and believed he was the greatest player in the history of the show, and Danielle whined. Jameka was in there somewhere.

Looking back at Zach’s statement, I sure hope the jury’s not watching it. Telling people they’re dominant = not smart. Danielle’s upset that Zach went back on his word. Danielle. Who along with her father have screwed over every word they ever had. Dick still thinks they had the toughest game in the house. Yeah, with the combination of America, the banner plane, hidden code in letters from Dick’s son, nonstop support from the producers, and cheating in competitions… the deck was really stacked against them. Dick then makes fun of Zach not winning competitions, which was smart since he didn’t need to do anything to draw attention to himself. Because Dick won so many himself apparently.

We finally get to see the mystery jury house, which they used to show every week. Still doesn’t resolve the question of what they were trying to hide by not showing it before.

It’s time for the final power of veto. Whoever wins is safe and casts the only vote to evict whoever they want. If Zach wins, he can choose who is safe and who casts the vote. It’s the two clues matching one person challenge we normally see around this time in the game. Dick’s just putting up random nonsense as quickly as possible. But he’s ahead of Zach, who initially doesn’t even know what he’s supposed to be doing. Danielle wins veto, which means that, short of a miracle, Jameka’s a goner. As could be expected, Dick’s as bad a winner as he is a loser. He’s completely convinced either he or Danielle has won. Up against Zach, they have some chance, but at the end of the day, nobody on the jury likes either Dick or Danielle, not even a little. Zach’s about as oblivious to Dick’s attacks as Jen was.

Here’s the live veto meeting. Danielle uses the power of veto to save her father, surprisingly enough. If she were in danger, she never would have even considered it. Nonetheless, it was a nice gesture, despite the lack of risk. Jameka goes up in Dick’s place. Dick votes to evict Jameka.

Despite her initial hesitation about being surrounded by people of another race, Jameka was very happy with her experience. Watching these goodbye messages, I take back what I said about Zach being an idiot. In retrospect (considering Jameka didn’t win veto), he didn’t throw away a vote. He gained (or at least cemented) a vote from Jameka, which has the potential to also significantly impact all of Jameka’s friends in the jury (aka everybody). Well played. The part about him being an idiot for not evicting Danielle when he had the chance still stands, though.

The endurance part of the three part HOH competition starts tonight. A rabbit goes around in circles, and people must jump over him while keeping their hands on their keys. After the commercial break, here comes the rain. In season three, the end results were determined by rain, as it proved to be too cold for Danielle to continue.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live blog of Big Brother 8 episode 31, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on CBS.

Big Brother 8 Episode 29

So apparently 60 minutes is an hour and a half tonight. BB8 should be underway around 8:30/7:30c. Don’t you just love CBS Sundays in the fall, where every single week they can never start on time? Tonight it was tennis. I’m sure football, golf, basketball, and professional Scrabble will have their day at some point. [/rant]

We left the hamsters in episode 28 after an extremely rushed hour and the boot of two of the season’s better players. Jameka was eliminated from veto, after what CBS later confirmed was indeed a bounced ball due to another poorly designed competition (yet still no redo?). At the end of the hour, Zach had the perfect opportunity to break up two relatives. He failed to do so. Did he not trust Eric to go along? Is he just an idiot? Was he hoping to be safe this week by sticking with them? Time will tell, but the decision has the potential to bite him. There wasn’t enough time for another HOH competition on Thursday, so we will find out the final four HOH and nominations tonight.

Danielle tells us she couldn’t care less about Eric and that it’s nothing personal. While I agree, this is the same chick who’s been whining for the last two months straight about some guy she knew for a couple weeks. She then proceeds to tell us that Zach, the guy who (foolishly) just saved her ass, is only still around because she dragged him there. She and Dick follow that up with plans to turn on Zach, again jumping ahead of themselves, as if the HOH competition has already happened. Granted, either way, it’s not like they haven’t pissed off every single jury member already, and both continue to play with the knowledge they’re hated enough that they’d make a good second place choice.

The HOH competition is a memory task based on new memory wall pictures taken throughout the season. At least it’s something somewhat different, even if it’s still largely dumb luck. Zach gets question 1 right. Everybody gets questions 2 and 3 right. Danielle and Zach get question 4 right. Danielle gets question 5 right, tying her with Zach for the lead. Everybody gets questions 6, 7, and 8 right, so it’s a tiebreaker question between Zach and Danielle. Zach guesses one higher than Danielle and is the new HOH. If he’s smart, he’ll nominate Jameka and Danielle or Dick. Based on his veto move last week, I’m not so sure he meets that qualification, though. On one of these questions, Dick whispered the answer to Danielle. Yeah, I’m still believing this game isn’t rigged.

Dick tries to remain upbeat and positive about the situation and the odds of winning veto. Danielle is her usual self (read: the exact opposite).

None of these people seem to get it. It doesn’t matter who goes up on the block in the final four. Whoever wins veto casts the lone vote, unless the HOH wins it, in which case that person decides who casts the lone vote.

Zach decides he wants Dick or Danielle to go. He also figures out that neither of them will take him to the final two with them. Hello?! Where was this logic on Thursday night when you had a surefire way of kicking her out? People always talk about Marcellas. We ain’t seen nothing yet until this season. This whole damn house is full of Marcellas’, with the exception of Jameka, who made the best move this year (5 weeks of no HOH meant 5 weeks of safety). Danielle tries to convince Zach people had his back, while they all treated him like an outcast for a month or more.

Danielle thinks it’s amusing Zach thinks he can win. Funny, I think it’s amusing she thinks she can win. Yeah, she won a bunch of competitions. And did what else? I’ve got a challenge for her: pick a mood that’s not either excessively smug or whiny.

Jameka is safe. Dick and Danielle have been nominated for eviction. Going back to my original series of questions, I’ve found the answer: Zach’s an idiot. He just threw away their votes for no reason. As much as I’m trying to like Zach and agree with much of what he’s saying, he just keeps making dumb decisions.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live blog of Big Brother 8 episode 30, which airs Tuesday at 9/8c on CBS.

America Will Get a Vote for Big Brother 8 Winner

Big Brother 8 Winner
Big Brother 9 Winner

This has been speculated about for months, and CBS finally confirmed it on the official website. America will be allowed a jury vote as part of the (oh so lame) America’s Player twist. Executive producer Alison Grodner recently said they were not sure how they were going to handle AP at the end and that they pretty much just made things up as they went along. This is just a(nother) way to attempt to influence it so that Dick or Danielle win, as since the producers do so much based on the CBS popularity polls, I doubt they want either Zach or Jameka to win. And here I was hoping this show would be less rigged without Shapiro.

A fitting end to the season. Hopefully they come up with a better twist next year. Or better yet, no twists at all. The last good twist was when they added the power of veto in season 3.

Big Brother 8 Episode 28

It’s a big night in the Big Brother house, as we will see two live evictions, starting off with either Jessica or Jameka. Basically, it’s time to rush, rush, rush through the evictions and hope Julie doesn’t screw up too much. Perhaps the lamest part of the night: America still gets to decide what to do, making Eric’s decision in a special live vote.

Dick and Danielle want Jessica to go and want Jameka to make a deal with them. Dick’s plan is to pretend all week that Jameka’s going to go home, then take her aside right before the live show and force her to make a deal with them. Yes, typical Dick strategy that doesn’t serve much purpose or have any actual logic behind it. She doesn’t fight too hard after he informs her she’s going home, but she does immediately tell Jessica.

America voted to evict Jameka. In terms of the voting, it’s pretty much irrelevant, since Dick and Danielle control who goes, but in terms of not being cruel, it serves a purpose.

It’s time to vote for the first eviction:


By a vote of 2-1, Jessica has been evicted from the Big Brother house. If Dick and Danielle haven’t completely thrown away any prayer of winning, I’ll be surprised. Thanks to America’s voting and Eric’s willingness to go along with it, the blatantly obvious has happened. Let’s see if he can step up to the plate and get revenge. Granted, with America voting live, he’ll probably be forced to nominate Jameka again if he does somehow pull off an HOH win. Dick “tells it like it is” and says it was a last minute decision to get rid of Jessica.

Next up is the HOH competition. Whoever leads everybody back into the house is who America wants nominated. Votes will be accepted until the end of the commercial break. This is the final time in which Jameka is unable to participate in an HOH competition, and as the outgoing HOH, Zach is also unable to participate, leaving Eric against Dick and Danielle.

It’s an HOH about previous housguests: before or after. Dick and Eric get the third question wrong. Danielle takes a lead with 3 points. Dick and Eric get the next question right, and the score is tied at 3. Danielle and Eric get question 5 right, taking a lead 4-3 over Dick. Eric and Dick get the next question right, giving the lead to Eric at 5. Danielle and Dick get the next question right, and we’re tied again at 5. Dick gets the final question right and wins HOH.

America wants Danielle nominated. Yeah, good luck with that. Best case scenario is that he makes a joke about it. Interesting to see the voting was against Danielle, though. It’s a little too late to start flip flopping now.

Dick nominates Jameka and Eric. Since she can compete for the next HOH, this is the first time in a while Jameka’s been in serious peril. It’s unclear whether they’re more concerned about Eric as a threat or if they’d like to keep him around because they think he’s less likely to get votes.

The veto competition is a race to collect the most balls falling from the sky. Houseguests must collect only green balls out of a rainbow of colors. Jameka gets off to an early lead. Zach comes from behind to take the lead, but Jameka takes it right back. Jameka gets disqualified because she put a blue ball in the tube. She complains that she did not put it in there and that it bounced in there. She requests that the tape be checked. Will the tape be checked and a redo ordered? Doubtful because Jameka’s name isn’t Janelle.

Zach is the veto winner. If he uses it, it’s a perfect opportunity to take out Danielle and break up the last remaining pair. It would be rather ironic if Dick’s HOH resulted in his daughter being eliminated. Strategically, I don’t see a better move, though the nice quick move would probably cost him a jury vote, which may be critical for him considering he doesn’t have any jury support to begin with. He does not use the veto because he made an oath to his group. I forget. Which group is his again?

Voting for the last eviction of the night:


By a vote of 2-0, Eric has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I’d like to see how he could have performed without this lame America’s Player twist. He does leave with $40,000, though, which combined with his jury money gives him the same as if he’d won second. Dick and Danielle kiss a 5th jury vote goodbye. I don’t see how Eric could be considered more of a threat than Jameka, unless the fear is that it’ll come down to who played more aggressively, instead of the fact that people in the jury house like her better.

The good news is that we’re left with two people America dragged through the game against two people who got through on their own by floating. What a thrilling final four.

That wraps it up for this week. They’re delaying the HOH winner announcement until Sunday again. Can’t wait that long to find out who won HOH? Head on over the the Big Brother 8 spoilers page.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live blog of Big Brother 8 episode 29, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.