Big Brother 8 Episode 31

In episode 30, Danielle won veto, sending Jameka home, which brought us to a final HOH competition with the final three: Dick, Danielle, and Zach.

2 and a half hours into the competition, Dick continues his “brilliant” strategy of attempting to knock people off their game in competitions, which he and Danielle spent a long time plotting. He screams and shouts at Zach, yelling various insults at him, for what Julie later reveals was hours. Putz. Zach initially stays quiet. He then proceeds cracking up at Dick and mocking him, completely unphased.

As expected, the cold water played a role, like it did in season 3. Danielle is shivering and falls off first. Dick is also shivering, and Zach eventually starts as well. By this time, the lame rabbit has broken (gee, another poorly designed competition), so it’s all about freezing them down.

At the 7 hour 32 minute mark, Dick quits, and Zach wins part one of the HOH competition. At least we get another “touching” father/daughter moment. Too bad we know these two still don’t like each other very much. Zach is pleased he managed to finally break Dick, who was rather pitiful following the competition.

Neither Dick nor Danielle are particularly confident in their ability to answer questions for round three, which are largely luck anyway, so they decide to just both try their hardest because it doesn’t matter which one wins. In part two, the players must grab puzzle pieces from a tank and connect the HOH order in another tank. The HOH order part is pretty easy if they’ve studied at all, so the biggest part of it is being able to hold their breath. Danielle finished in 24:09. Dick finished in 12:48. Danielle proceeds to whine some more.

So it’s going to be Dick up against Zach in the final part of the competition to determine who wins HOH and decides who to take to the final two. If Dick wins, it’s Danielle. If Zach wins, it’ll probably be Dick.

An upset jury is greeted by Jameka, when all were hoping for one of the Donatos. When discussing Eric and Jessica, Dustin says the walls are thin. The jury seemed to like Zach’s nomination speech.

It’s time for the final part of the final HOH competition, which as usual is about questions asked to the jury.

Amber: The moment in the house that irritated me the most was: when Jen cried about her picture. Dick is correct.
Jen: The strongest competitor in the house was: Jen. Both are incorrect.
Jameka: The fatal error I made in the house was: not looking out for myself earlier. Both are correct.
Dustin: The most shocking moment in the house was when: Amber went off on Eric. Both are incorrect.
Eric: The funniest moment in the house this summer was: when Jameka told Dick that his mama was a bitch. Both are correct.
Jessica: The person whose gameplay I respected most was: Jessica. Both are incorrect.

Dick wins the final HOH 3-2. Congrats, CBS. You got what you wanted. The “estranged” father and daughter have been “reunited.” Does it even matter which of these two wins? I’ll tune in on Tuesday, but it’s kind of like watching Maggie take on Ivette (only worse, since those two were at least the dominant players their season). No doubt the jury will feel the same. The only even likely vote at this point is America’s, as America will most likely vote for Dick. Beyond that, it’s tough to say. People hate Dick, but they’re not much more fond of Danielle.

Dick insults Zach in his final comments to him, telling him he’s in for a surprise when he gets out. He’s lucky Zach probably won’t take it personal, but this is just another fine example of Dick’s genius at work. Then again, Danielle’s not much better and tells him he hurt her feelings.

Oh god. It gets worse. Not only is Eric’s final vote forced on him by America, but he must also campaign for that person in the jury house. This twist has sucked since it was announced. Let it die already. At least let the guy who was in the house for 3 months cast his own vote for once. Of course, I wouldn’t expect that. In the event Zach did win this final HOH, they had to give whoever he took with him another unfair chance at winning.

And we close the show off with the most delusional statement of the season: Dick believes he and Danielle are better than Will/Boogie and Jason/Danielle.

Sunday’s show will be jury questions. Tuesday’s show will be the winner announcement.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live blog of Big Brother 8 episode 32, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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  1. Just found your site and wish I had found it sooner. I even bought SHOWTIME to watch the late nite action, but whenever the action started, like the cig fight between Dick and Jen, they cut away to a stastion ad for Californication. I personally will not watch the rest of the season in protest of the final two. I feel CBS let Richard get a way with way too much. But at least now I got you to fill me in so Thanks,

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