America Will Get a Vote for Big Brother 8 Winner

Big Brother 8 Winner
Big Brother 9 Winner

This has been speculated about for months, and CBS finally confirmed it on the official website. America will be allowed a jury vote as part of the (oh so lame) America’s Player twist. Executive producer Alison Grodner recently said they were not sure how they were going to handle AP at the end and that they pretty much just made things up as they went along. This is just a(nother) way to attempt to influence it so that Dick or Danielle win, as since the producers do so much based on the CBS popularity polls, I doubt they want either Zach or Jameka to win. And here I was hoping this show would be less rigged without Shapiro.

A fitting end to the season. Hopefully they come up with a better twist next year. Or better yet, no twists at all. The last good twist was when they added the power of veto in season 3.

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  1. I will not watch it again. Absolutely boring – a bunch of adults with annoying voices acting like children, hardly enough to keep the mind alive.

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