Big Brother 8 Episode 28

It’s a big night in the Big Brother house, as we will see two live evictions, starting off with either Jessica or Jameka. Basically, it’s time to rush, rush, rush through the evictions and hope Julie doesn’t screw up too much. Perhaps the lamest part of the night: America still gets to decide what to do, making Eric’s decision in a special live vote.

Dick and Danielle want Jessica to go and want Jameka to make a deal with them. Dick’s plan is to pretend all week that Jameka’s going to go home, then take her aside right before the live show and force her to make a deal with them. Yes, typical Dick strategy that doesn’t serve much purpose or have any actual logic behind it. She doesn’t fight too hard after he informs her she’s going home, but she does immediately tell Jessica.

America voted to evict Jameka. In terms of the voting, it’s pretty much irrelevant, since Dick and Danielle control who goes, but in terms of not being cruel, it serves a purpose.

It’s time to vote for the first eviction:


By a vote of 2-1, Jessica has been evicted from the Big Brother house. If Dick and Danielle haven’t completely thrown away any prayer of winning, I’ll be surprised. Thanks to America’s voting and Eric’s willingness to go along with it, the blatantly obvious has happened. Let’s see if he can step up to the plate and get revenge. Granted, with America voting live, he’ll probably be forced to nominate Jameka again if he does somehow pull off an HOH win. Dick “tells it like it is” and says it was a last minute decision to get rid of Jessica.

Next up is the HOH competition. Whoever leads everybody back into the house is who America wants nominated. Votes will be accepted until the end of the commercial break. This is the final time in which Jameka is unable to participate in an HOH competition, and as the outgoing HOH, Zach is also unable to participate, leaving Eric against Dick and Danielle.

It’s an HOH about previous housguests: before or after. Dick and Eric get the third question wrong. Danielle takes a lead with 3 points. Dick and Eric get the next question right, and the score is tied at 3. Danielle and Eric get question 5 right, taking a lead 4-3 over Dick. Eric and Dick get the next question right, giving the lead to Eric at 5. Danielle and Dick get the next question right, and we’re tied again at 5. Dick gets the final question right and wins HOH.

America wants Danielle nominated. Yeah, good luck with that. Best case scenario is that he makes a joke about it. Interesting to see the voting was against Danielle, though. It’s a little too late to start flip flopping now.

Dick nominates Jameka and Eric. Since she can compete for the next HOH, this is the first time in a while Jameka’s been in serious peril. It’s unclear whether they’re more concerned about Eric as a threat or if they’d like to keep him around because they think he’s less likely to get votes.

The veto competition is a race to collect the most balls falling from the sky. Houseguests must collect only green balls out of a rainbow of colors. Jameka gets off to an early lead. Zach comes from behind to take the lead, but Jameka takes it right back. Jameka gets disqualified because she put a blue ball in the tube. She complains that she did not put it in there and that it bounced in there. She requests that the tape be checked. Will the tape be checked and a redo ordered? Doubtful because Jameka’s name isn’t Janelle.

Zach is the veto winner. If he uses it, it’s a perfect opportunity to take out Danielle and break up the last remaining pair. It would be rather ironic if Dick’s HOH resulted in his daughter being eliminated. Strategically, I don’t see a better move, though the nice quick move would probably cost him a jury vote, which may be critical for him considering he doesn’t have any jury support to begin with. He does not use the veto because he made an oath to his group. I forget. Which group is his again?

Voting for the last eviction of the night:


By a vote of 2-0, Eric has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I’d like to see how he could have performed without this lame America’s Player twist. He does leave with $40,000, though, which combined with his jury money gives him the same as if he’d won second. Dick and Danielle kiss a 5th jury vote goodbye. I don’t see how Eric could be considered more of a threat than Jameka, unless the fear is that it’ll come down to who played more aggressively, instead of the fact that people in the jury house like her better.

The good news is that we’re left with two people America dragged through the game against two people who got through on their own by floating. What a thrilling final four.

That wraps it up for this week. They’re delaying the HOH winner announcement until Sunday again. Can’t wait that long to find out who won HOH? Head on over the the Big Brother 8 spoilers page.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live blog of Big Brother 8 episode 29, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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