Big Brother Update: Will Eliminated!!!

Mike Boggie holds the HOH power going into tonight episode.

The former houseguests that were recently booted out and enjoying the costal vista of the sequester house got kicked out of that house too and sent to the Jury house. Looks like the Sequester house was in the path of a tropical storm/potential hurricane, sucks to be them.

Marcells and Howie are screaming and yelling and bitching and whining and crying and hissing at eachother, as usual. Howie really is a friggin’ whiney moron.

Danielle joins the crew in the Jury House to everyone’s amazement and while chatting it up and drinking wine in the kitchen Chicken George sneaks in the back door. Jedi numb nuts Howie flys off the handle and goes batty on Chicken George, yelling and screaming at him, calling him a fat ass and various other infantile things. What an idiot. That was the first time I’ve seen chicken george some what mad, it was surprising, but totally justified.

Back to the Big Brother house we go.

Erika doesn’t trust chill town at all and has finally seemed to realized she is getting played big time and makes her move to end the crazyness.

Dr. Will and Janelle sleep in the same bed for the first time this season where Janelletells Dr. Will that she has a showmance with him. Fools.

Power of Veto Competition:

The houseguests have to dig through goo finding pictures of former houseguests and throwing them on a star shaped board next to questions related to those guests. There are lots of ways to put the pics on, but only one specific order is correct.

Guess who wins? Yup, Janelle wins the Power of Veto yet again! That girl rocks the competitions.

Janelle and Erika chat and Erika is quite obviously fighting for her life as she knows they’re all after her next. She makes a promise on her mothers name that she won’t take Mike Boogie to the final two, but will take Janelle instead. The girls chat and chat and discuss what Chill Town has told both of them and finally look to be ready to gang up on the boys. Yay! Finally.

Eviction Ceremony:

Janelle, naturally, pulls herself on the block and Mike Boogie is forced to utter words he had hoped never to have to utter, putting Dr. Will up on the block in her place.

Janelle casts her vote and bam! Dr Will Is ELIMINATED! Finally!

Final Head of Household Competition:

All 3 houseguests must stand on the side of a volcanoe holding onto a key as long as possible. Boogie does the dumbest thing possible and jumps off the volcanoe, saying the two girls can’t take eachother, one of them HAS to take him. Bold move buddy, that’s gonna bite you in the ass.

The kicker is, Janelle took her hand off the key when boogie jumped off to turn and watch him stomp off and she was eliminated. Erika is the winner of Part one of the elimination challenge and gets a buy through the second round. The second round will happen Thursday and will pit Janelle against Boogie.

Final Eviction is Thursday, Sept 7th, 2006. Then after that, it’s all down to the Big Brother All Stars Season Finale on Sept. 12th, 2006.

Stay Tuned…

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