Rock Star Supernova Update

Each contestant sang two shows during tonight’s show: 1 original and 1 cover song.

Dilana takes to the stage first and sings “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who

My Thoughts: Not very good, really. There isn’t a way other than the original way this song was done to sing it and it just doesn’t work. I didn’t care for it at all, to be honest.

Dilana sings “Supersoul” for her original piece.

She rocked the song out with a torn calf muscle (ouch!) and she threw a lot of effort into the song. Dave Navarro said she had good crowd interaction but didn’t dig the original at all. Tommy Lee really dug the original and Gilby Clarke said the lyrics were to literal and she needs to play with the vocals more.

My Thoughts: I though it was pretty good, very catchy song, could hear it on the radio, though not really a Supernova kind of song.

Magni sings “Back in the USSR” by The Beatles

My Thoughts: I didn’t like it, his voice didn’t fit the song and I just wasn’t digging it.

Magni sings an original song he translated from his native Icelandic called “When The Time Comes”.

Dave Navarro says the cover was killer and the original was great. Tommy Lee says he saw the same performance for both songs and Magni responded by saying thats because he sang both of them (ha!). Gilby Clarke agreed with tommy.

My Thoughts: Not a great song originally, but it’s totally one that could grown on you.

Storm sings “Suffragette City” by David Bowie

Dave joins Storm on stage and rocks out on guitar for the Bowie classic.

My Thoughts: Horrible outfit, horrible song, horrible vocals, HORRIBLE!

Storms original song is “What the Fuck is Lady Like”, though she has to call it and sing it as “What the WHAT is Lady Lake” to appears the censors.

Tommy rocks out during the song and says he loves the original. Dave thought being on stage was great and the original was his favorite original from both season of Rock Star. Gilby said he liked both songs as well.

My Thoughts: This song was awesome! This is Storm at her absolute best, she has not been better before in this show and I loved the song. I didn’t like that it was censored, though it still sounded good. Uncensored, this song would be fantastic and is massively catchy. I loved it, really blew me away.

Lukas attempts a odd arrangement of “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi

My Thoughts: Um… interesting, to say the least. I’m so-so on this one, all I can say is that it was certainly different.

Lukas then performs his original work called “Headspin”

Dave dug it and everyone else didn’t really comment or didn’t have much to say.

My Thoughts: It sounded like every other emo band on the face of the earth. Completely un-original, repetative, no message, crap lyrics, boring. To sum up in one word: EMO!

Toby gives “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers as shot.

My Thoughts: Crap. Give up on killers stuff man, you don’t have the voice for it.

Toby belted out an original song called “Throw it Away”

He does his usual run through the crowd, pops up in front of Supernova, rocks out hard and Tommy plays with his butt (to funny!). Dave said the song was instantly memorable and by the time he hit the second verse the entire crowd new the song and was rocking out right along with him. Gilby said he always managed to put the fun back into Rock n Roll and his performance rocked.

My Thoughts: Good song, I dug it, quite catchy. I’m digging Toby more and more as the show progresses, I think he’s got a real shot at this.

That’s it for tonights show! Make sure to catch tomorrow’s show to see who gets eliminated!

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