Big Brother Update

Big Brother All Stars Final 4:

  • Janelle
  • Erika
  • Mike Boogie
  • Dr. Will

Head of Household Competition:

Everyone gets dressed up in Referee’s outfits and takes to the backyard for the Big Brother bowl. The houseguests get grilled with questions asking them the specific date certain things happened in the Big Brother house. For every day they are off in their guess they must step back 1 yard on the football field.

After all is said and done Mike Boogie comes out the winner and Dr. Will pours gatorade/water all over him.

Shortly after the HOH competition ends a drunken jacuzzi party breaks out. Somehow the conversation revolves around Boogie and Erika having a baby and Dr. Will delivering the baby. The conversation also takes a turn for Dr Will and Janelle getting hitched in a cheesy Vegas wedding. Which also leads to Janelle and Will getting in a drunken fight and will calling Janelle “psycho”. Naturally Will gets nervous and starts to wonder if Janelle would put him up or not, but after some smooth talking, Will gets himself out of hot water yet again. Although Erika just happened to be listening to every word outside the door until Boogie came and gave her away.

Head of Household Nominations:

Boogie brings the HOH keys out to everyone and pulls out the only key in the holder, naturally, it’s Wills. As such, Erika and Janelle are both up for elimination this week. This could get very interesting, very quickly.

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