Big Brother All Stars – Double Elimination: Danielle and Chicken George Evicted

Tonights episode of Big Brother All Stars was pretty intense and was a special double elimination show.

Mike Boogie and Dr. Will have been playing Erika, Janelle and George big time, telling all of them, one after the other, that they were being made honorary members of Chill Town. Yeah right! I cannot BELIEVE how badly this house is getting played by Mike Boogie and Dr. Will, it’s ridiculous.

Mike Boogie and Dr. Will chatted it up with Danielle and told her she was safe and wasn’t going home, though they told almost everyone else exactly the same thing and have been doing so the entire show.

*insert 5 hours of commercials*

The votes are cast:

  • Janelle votes for Danielle
  • Boogie votes for Danielle
  • Will votes for Danielle

3 to 0, Danielle is the first to bite the dust. Good work girly, you played a good game and a smart game, you just got mowed by Chill Town.

*insert another 5 hours of commercials*

House of Household Competition:

Another boring step forward/step back male/female question and answer session, and, surprise of all surprises, Janelle wins the Head of Household and scores 8 out of 8 questions right, winning by default.

*insert YET ANOTHER 5 hours of commercials*

Household Nominations:

  • Chicken George
  • Erika

*believe it or not: insert YET ANOTHER 5 hours of commercials*

Power of Veto Competition:

Big long rope, 2 big knots, untie both knots, grab vito thingy, get it off the rope and hit the buzzer.

Erika and Will are neck and neck until the very end. Neck smashes the buzzer but, awwwww, so sad, he still had the veto symbol attached to the rope. Erika rips it off the rope, smacks the buzzer and Bam! Power ov Veto.

They announce yet another elimination will happen in mere minutes.

Back to the household we go. Erika, of course, pulls herself off the block and Janelle nominates Dr. Will.

*this time we get about 10 hours of commercials insted*

And back we come to the show, no one has had much time to chat but erika and janelle run back on to the screen, so they had a chat.

Votes are cast:

  • Erika votes for Chicken George
  • Will votes for Chicken George

Chicken George is the next person eliminated from Big Brother All Stars.

I’ll miss you georgy! You were my favorite houseguest, you might not have had a snowballs chance in hell in winning and it’s a miracle you got this far, but it was awesome watching you and I’ll miss your antics. Good work buddy!


Hey CBS. The next time you guys pull a double elimination round. EASE UP ON THE DAMN COMMERICALS, my god! There is NO REASON AT ALL to take 3 minutes of comercials, come back for the nomination ceremony for about 1 min and then bump back to another 3 mins of commercials. You ass hats did this like 5 times, it’s absurd! There was more commercial time spent on this show then there was show time, total BS.

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