Best. Wedding Vows. Ever!

One of the local Vancouver Bloggers got hitched the other day and as I was reading her latest blog entry she posted the wedding vows and I certainly have to say, they had the best vows I have ever seen! Completely original and totally fun. It would have been a riot to actually see two people reciting them. Check ’em out:

Our Vows:

i promise to love, honour and cherish you to the max.
for richer or poorer,
for better or worse,
in sickness and in health,
and on all federal holidays.

in the presence of these people staring at us,
i, your name, take you, other your name,
to be my wife/husband, forever and ever, and ever,
until we die to death.

The Ring Vow:

take this off at your own peril

Check out her pictures and hear how the wedding went at her site:

Once again, Congrats on the wedding!

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