Donald Trump Fires Apprentice Co-Star Carolyn Kepcher

Wow! Captain hair-piece himself, Donald Trump, uttered those two immortal words once again today and told The Apprentice co-host Carolyn Kepcher “You’re Fired!”

Apparently the fame of being a part of the hit show The Apprentice went to her head and “she became a prima donna” and “was giving speeches for $25,000 and doing endorsements.”

Looks like The Donald doesn’t like to share his success and fame with anyone, not even the people that helped him make The Apprentice the smash hit it was. Hopefully Ivanka Trump doesn’t let it go to her head as she’s Carolyn Kepcher‘s replacement on the upcoming season of The Apprentice.

Best of luck to Carolyn on speech work, bork work and endorsements, she’s going to have to find another source of income now.

You’re Fired! Ha! Sorry, that’s just to much fun.

Read the story @ New York Post

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