UK Celebrity Big Brother wants K-Fed

From The self-styled K-Fed — restyled Fed-Ex since the split from Britney — has been offered £150,000 to take part in the Channel 4 reality show.Producers hope the 28-year-old will perform some of his cringeworthy “raps”.

An insider said: “Kevin is hugely entertaining because he takes himself really seriously — even though no one else does.

“He’ll be great for the show because it’s all about larger-than-life characters.”

Dear god, isn’t this guy’s 15 mins up yet?! The only reason he’s even remotely close to a celebrity is because he married Britney Spears. If it wasn’t for brit he’d still be a back-up dancer for some washed up “musical” act. The sooner everyone stops paying attention to this moron and his antics, the sooner he will be sucked in to the bottomless pit that is ex’s of celebrities.

The only up side to this entire story is that it’s only the UK edition of Celebrity Big Brother that’s interested in him, so us lucky folks in North America will be spared from his idiocy. Yay! Poor brits.

Big Brother All Stars Finale Recap

Big Brother 10 winner
Big Brother 9 winner
Big Brother 8 winner

So tonight was the finale of Big Brother All Stars and, though I really liked the season, the finale was a bit lack luster, but I don’t know what I was expecting it to be like either. 😛

Here’s the recap:

Everything starts off with a recap of the entire Big Brother All Stars season, showing just how badly Chill Town worked everyone over. They really did a great job.

Scenes from the Big Brother elimination house:

  • Everyone dicussing who’s going to join them next, some people betting mike, others Janelle, no one seems to bet Erika.
  • Janelle walks in and the show begins.
  • Danielle defends how Erika played the game, said she did as just a good job as everyone else and lied just as much as everyone else as well.
  • Janelle tears on Erika for playing the game poorly and says that a floater should never win the game ’cause she didn’t play it properly.
  • Janelle is all about propping up Chill Town and trys to get everyone to side with Mike Boogie.
  • Howie, idiot of all idiots, defends Erika’s game play and calls her the “best player in Big Brother history.” Yeah… right.
  • Dani make the best comment all night and says “Do not make this personal.” Good girl, a great player through and through.

It’s question time! Just as a side-note, Julie was wearing some monstrosity of a horrible shirt for the show tonight.

Marcellas asked both Erika and Mike Boogie what their best strategic move was.

  • Erika says getting Janelle to vote will out was her best move.
  • Mike Boogie says his best move was not using the Coup power that he won.

George asked Mike Boogie if he’ll be asking his showmance Erika to marry him like he did in the previous Big Brother and asked Erika how she felt about voting him out after telling him he was safe with her.

  • Mike essentially says hell no!
  • Erika says she felt horrible but she had to.

Janelle asked if kissing butt and throwing competitions was part of Erikas strategy.

  • Erika says she only ever threw one game and that she hopes Janelle can respect how she played the game.

James asked Erika how her strategy was different then Janelles (I think?)

  • Erika says she had to battle to survive and played the game how she thought best.

Danielle asked if it was Erika’s decision or Chill Town’s decision to evict her and asked Mike to justify saying she was his Jason.

  • Erika said it may have looked like a Chill Town choice, but in the end it was hers. Not Bloody Likely.
  • Mike says if you look around the house there were lots of Jasons and he doesn’t apologize for anything he did. She seemed to like the answer quite a bit.

Howie asked Mike Boogie what happened to the bro’s before hoes strategy?

  • Mike says that he deserves the credit for getting Howie booted and was responsible for it, to bad so sad.

Dr. Will pulls another phone call bit with Mike Boogie and asked, hey Mike, are you in the final 2?

  • Mike’s response, was of course, Sure am, bwahahahaha.

Big Brother All Stars Winner:

  • Marcellas votes for Erika
  • Howie votes for Mike
  • Danielle votes for Mike
  • George votes for Mike
  • Will votes for, surprise, Mike
  • Janelle votes for Mike
  • James votes for Mike

Erika takes the $50,000 second prize with 1 vote.

Mike Boogie takes the $500,000 grand prize and the crown as winner of big brother all stars.

As an added extra bonus, a Jury prize is awarded to the fan favorite house guest, who happens to be Janelle. Boooooo.

So ends another dramatic season of Big Brother. I wonder what we’re in store for next.

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Big Brother Update: Will Eliminated!!!

Mike Boggie holds the HOH power going into tonight episode.

The former houseguests that were recently booted out and enjoying the costal vista of the sequester house got kicked out of that house too and sent to the Jury house. Looks like the Sequester house was in the path of a tropical storm/potential hurricane, sucks to be them.

Marcells and Howie are screaming and yelling and bitching and whining and crying and hissing at eachother, as usual. Howie really is a friggin’ whiney moron.

Danielle joins the crew in the Jury House to everyone’s amazement and while chatting it up and drinking wine in the kitchen Chicken George sneaks in the back door. Jedi numb nuts Howie flys off the handle and goes batty on Chicken George, yelling and screaming at him, calling him a fat ass and various other infantile things. What an idiot. That was the first time I’ve seen chicken george some what mad, it was surprising, but totally justified.

Back to the Big Brother house we go.

Erika doesn’t trust chill town at all and has finally seemed to realized she is getting played big time and makes her move to end the crazyness.

Dr. Will and Janelle sleep in the same bed for the first time this season where Janelletells Dr. Will that she has a showmance with him. Fools.

Power of Veto Competition:

The houseguests have to dig through goo finding pictures of former houseguests and throwing them on a star shaped board next to questions related to those guests. There are lots of ways to put the pics on, but only one specific order is correct.

Guess who wins? Yup, Janelle wins the Power of Veto yet again! That girl rocks the competitions.

Janelle and Erika chat and Erika is quite obviously fighting for her life as she knows they’re all after her next. She makes a promise on her mothers name that she won’t take Mike Boogie to the final two, but will take Janelle instead. The girls chat and chat and discuss what Chill Town has told both of them and finally look to be ready to gang up on the boys. Yay! Finally.

Eviction Ceremony:

Janelle, naturally, pulls herself on the block and Mike Boogie is forced to utter words he had hoped never to have to utter, putting Dr. Will up on the block in her place.

Janelle casts her vote and bam! Dr Will Is ELIMINATED! Finally!

Final Head of Household Competition:

All 3 houseguests must stand on the side of a volcanoe holding onto a key as long as possible. Boogie does the dumbest thing possible and jumps off the volcanoe, saying the two girls can’t take eachother, one of them HAS to take him. Bold move buddy, that’s gonna bite you in the ass.

The kicker is, Janelle took her hand off the key when boogie jumped off to turn and watch him stomp off and she was eliminated. Erika is the winner of Part one of the elimination challenge and gets a buy through the second round. The second round will happen Thursday and will pit Janelle against Boogie.

Final Eviction is Thursday, Sept 7th, 2006. Then after that, it’s all down to the Big Brother All Stars Season Finale on Sept. 12th, 2006.

Stay Tuned…

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Big Brother Update

Big Brother All Stars Final 4:

  • Janelle
  • Erika
  • Mike Boogie
  • Dr. Will

Head of Household Competition:

Everyone gets dressed up in Referee’s outfits and takes to the backyard for the Big Brother bowl. The houseguests get grilled with questions asking them the specific date certain things happened in the Big Brother house. For every day they are off in their guess they must step back 1 yard on the football field.

After all is said and done Mike Boogie comes out the winner and Dr. Will pours gatorade/water all over him.

Shortly after the HOH competition ends a drunken jacuzzi party breaks out. Somehow the conversation revolves around Boogie and Erika having a baby and Dr. Will delivering the baby. The conversation also takes a turn for Dr Will and Janelle getting hitched in a cheesy Vegas wedding. Which also leads to Janelle and Will getting in a drunken fight and will calling Janelle “psycho”. Naturally Will gets nervous and starts to wonder if Janelle would put him up or not, but after some smooth talking, Will gets himself out of hot water yet again. Although Erika just happened to be listening to every word outside the door until Boogie came and gave her away.

Head of Household Nominations:

Boogie brings the HOH keys out to everyone and pulls out the only key in the holder, naturally, it’s Wills. As such, Erika and Janelle are both up for elimination this week. This could get very interesting, very quickly.

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Big Brother All Stars – Double Elimination: Danielle and Chicken George Evicted

Tonights episode of Big Brother All Stars was pretty intense and was a special double elimination show.

Mike Boogie and Dr. Will have been playing Erika, Janelle and George big time, telling all of them, one after the other, that they were being made honorary members of Chill Town. Yeah right! I cannot BELIEVE how badly this house is getting played by Mike Boogie and Dr. Will, it’s ridiculous.

Mike Boogie and Dr. Will chatted it up with Danielle and told her she was safe and wasn’t going home, though they told almost everyone else exactly the same thing and have been doing so the entire show.

*insert 5 hours of commercials*

The votes are cast:

  • Janelle votes for Danielle
  • Boogie votes for Danielle
  • Will votes for Danielle

3 to 0, Danielle is the first to bite the dust. Good work girly, you played a good game and a smart game, you just got mowed by Chill Town.

*insert another 5 hours of commercials*

House of Household Competition:

Another boring step forward/step back male/female question and answer session, and, surprise of all surprises, Janelle wins the Head of Household and scores 8 out of 8 questions right, winning by default.

*insert YET ANOTHER 5 hours of commercials*

Household Nominations:

  • Chicken George
  • Erika

*believe it or not: insert YET ANOTHER 5 hours of commercials*

Power of Veto Competition:

Big long rope, 2 big knots, untie both knots, grab vito thingy, get it off the rope and hit the buzzer.

Erika and Will are neck and neck until the very end. Neck smashes the buzzer but, awwwww, so sad, he still had the veto symbol attached to the rope. Erika rips it off the rope, smacks the buzzer and Bam! Power ov Veto.

They announce yet another elimination will happen in mere minutes.

Back to the household we go. Erika, of course, pulls herself off the block and Janelle nominates Dr. Will.

*this time we get about 10 hours of commercials insted*

And back we come to the show, no one has had much time to chat but erika and janelle run back on to the screen, so they had a chat.

Votes are cast:

  • Erika votes for Chicken George
  • Will votes for Chicken George

Chicken George is the next person eliminated from Big Brother All Stars.

I’ll miss you georgy! You were my favorite houseguest, you might not have had a snowballs chance in hell in winning and it’s a miracle you got this far, but it was awesome watching you and I’ll miss your antics. Good work buddy!


Hey CBS. The next time you guys pull a double elimination round. EASE UP ON THE DAMN COMMERICALS, my god! There is NO REASON AT ALL to take 3 minutes of comercials, come back for the nomination ceremony for about 1 min and then bump back to another 3 mins of commercials. You ass hats did this like 5 times, it’s absurd! There was more commercial time spent on this show then there was show time, total BS.

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August 29th Big Brother Recap

Big Brother Update: Danielle and George on the block

Here is a quick run down of what happened on tonight’s episode of Big Brother All Stars.

Will got his beloved trampoline, for which he willing put the house on slop for a day. He and Mike Boogie get into it and start bouncing around all over the place. It’s a miracle neither of them killed themselves, Will almost went over the net a few times.

Danielle and Erika get to talking and agree they go to the final two together and if either of them wins the Power of Veto, they will take Chicken George off the block and put Will up in his place.

Will reveals that he has an obsession with Neil Patrick Harris, known better as Doogie Howser. Who just happens to be the secret sant and Wills christmas in August present. Neil Patrick Harris gives Chicken George a santa costume, he dresses up and passes out the christmas presents. Neil decided to join Chill Town on the trampoline and does crazy flips, makes Chill Town look sick, good work doogie!

George tells Chill town a story of how he was hit by lightening. Hehe, explains a lot. I love you George! You rock!

Erika and Boogie chat. Erika tells boogie she’ll kick his ass if he is just playing her. DUH! Wake Up Erika! You’re getting WORKED like child labor in a Nike plant.

Continue reading “Big Brother Update: Danielle and George on the block”

Big Brother All Stars Update

The Emmy’s are still on and I’m watching them, so this is going to be a quick recap of tonight Big Brother All Stars episode.

Erika was the Head of Household.

The Legion of doom is pretty much broken up now that James is gone.

Danielle is still vowing to get rid of Will at all costs. “Will’s Ass Is Mine.”

Mike Boogie gets a game of Texas Holdem Poker started up. It was supposedly Janelle‘s first time playing Texas Holdem Poker and she kicked ass.

Chicken George was running out of the Big Brother house, through the back yard and belly flopping into the pool. It was actually pretty damn funny.

Janelle and Will are flirting it up big time in the pool. All a part of Dr. Will’s strategy, no doubt.

Erika tells Mike Boogie she wants to nominate Will and Janelle and Boogie is naturally trying to talk her out of it and get her to nominate Danielle.

Food Competition – Chicken George is jumping people to squeeze the juice of of their suits and Erika is riding Boogie like a cheap whore.

Results of the food competition:

Meat and Fish, Trampoline (whole house gets 1 day on slop as a result), Christmas in August (1 more day of slop), George gets a 1 week slop pass (Yay, food!), the entire household gets a 5 star dinner and they get alcohol (but give up the pool table).

Dr Will has a showmance with the backyard camera, too funny.

Will works on Erika to nominate Danielle, though Erika seems to buy into it she doesn’t nominate Danielle.

This weeks Big Brother All Stars nominee’s are: Janelle and Chicken George.

That’s all folks

TV Dilema

Wow, tonight sucks! Big Brother All Stars is on at 8:00pm PST tonight, and the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy‘s are on at the exact same time on a different channel. What am I going to do?!?!

I really need to get a VCR for events like this. I think I am going to have to watch Big Brother. I need to have a play by play on the show so I know what happens, what new alliances are being built or what alliances are blowing apart. As much as it pains me to say it, the Emmy‘s will be flipped to during Big Brother commericals and whatever I miss I’ll read on any one of a few hundred blogs tonight.

Damn TV people putting two things I want to watch on at the same time, the nerve!

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