New Kitty of Doomy Dooooom!

Our New KittyChrys and I went to the West Vancouver SPCA today to do some further hunting for the perfect kitty, and we found him! Hit name, at the moment, is Felix and he’s an old feller, but a lovey cat. We walked into the shelter and the cats have 3 seperate indoor sections with all their sleeping spots that all connect to a big courtyard for them to walk around and play in. Chrys and I both really liked the design of this place, much better for the cats, they’re not just stuck in little cages like they are at the Vancouver SPCA.

So, we walked into one of the rooms and Bam! Felix was on us right away, talking with us and giving the rubs and loves. We also found another cat we absolutely loved, a 2 year old Siamese Something X that was in Torti colors, so loving and just gorgeus, but she will be adopted right away with how pretty and love she is, so chrys and I decided to get Felix instead. Felix has been in the West Vancouver SPCA since March, so he’s been there for 6 months, and he’s 11 years old, so he’s and old timer and the chance of many people adopting a kitty that old are pretty slim. We fell in love with him right away though, so we had to get him. It was a really hard choice between him and Roxanne, but Felix’s age actually play to his advantage.

We haven’t brought him home yet cause we have to pay the landlord our pet deposit and he’s a brand new guy and has to wait until Tuesday when he gets shown how to do all this stuff. After we get our pet deposit paid we’ll be ready to go pick him up from the West Vancouver SPCA and bring him to his new home. We bought a litter box yesterday and today we got kitty litter, senior cat food, a kitty carrier and some food and water dishes, so all we need for Felix is a collar, some toys and a scratching post/play area thingy.

I’m so stoked about getting a kitty! I can’t wait! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Chrys and I did taken some pictures of him at the shelter, though most of them turned out really crappy, but if you’d like to see our new kitty, check out the pictures here.

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