Kitty Hunt

Chrys and I spent the day out Kitty hunting today.

First stop on the trip was the Vancouver SPCA shelter. They had the kitty there we’ve been looking at online for a long time. Gorgeous cat but we just didn’t click with it. We hung out with a few other kitties and were about to leave, but chrys convinced me to go back and see one I really liked again. His name is Suave and he’s not super mega pretty or anything, but he’s a cute orange kitty and we took him into the private room to have a play with him. He was out of his little house running around, cuddling and playing with chrys and I right away. Completely clicked right away with Suave, he was great and I wanted to take him home really badly. We went to the front desk to get more info on him and it turns out he’s 14 years old. Chrys and I were hoping for a 2 – 6 or so year old cat, so 14 was a tad bit higher then we wanted. It was hard to leave without him cause I love him, but now we’re considering fostering him instead so the Vancouver SPCA can free up a spot for another younger kitty that’s more likely to be adopted. We’re going to give them a call again tomorrow to see if it’s possible to foster him. I sure hope so.

After spending 2 1/2 hrs or more at the Vancouver SPCA we headed into Kits as Chrys was convinced that a Petcetera was supposed to be around Arbutus and Cornwall, so we walked all around the area, found nothing, asked people, they knew nothing, then I finally gave up, called 411 and it turns out the Petcetera we were looking for is at Arbutust and King Edward… which is slightly further away, by around 40 blocks or so. We hopped bus and headed out. Finally got there and they only had 3 kitties left for adoption, 2 that were adopted waiting to get picked up and 3 that were gone and adopted out earlier in the day. Chrys found one she really liked there but it just didn’t click for me, so the Petcetera kitty trip wasn’t a success, though it wasn’t a waste of time either as we got a cool litter box and scooper for when we do get a kitty. So we’re semi-prepared now. 🙂

Tomorro we were going to go to the Vancouver Flea Market, but I changed our minds (hehe) and we’re gonna be doing more kitty hunting. Going to hit the Petcetera on Rupert and Grandview Hwy and possibly the Richmond SPCA, as well as talk to the Vancouver SPCA folks again about fostering Suave.

We’re very close to getting a kitty, within the next 3 weeks at the most we should have a brand new family member, yay!

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