Rock Star Supernova Song Selection

Tonight song selection episode was pretty neat and featured an all out food fight, pool party and Storm willing running around the pool and diving in topless, she didn’t even do it to get a certain song, just for the hell of it. Naturally, the guys loved it.

This episode also featured a song writing clinic hosted by the ony and only Gilby Clarke. All of the musicians listened to the music for a new Supernova song and were required to write their own lyrics to the song.

Gilby Clarke sat down with Magni, let him sing the lyrics and wasn’t impressed at all. He was very disappointed with Magni‘s effort and Magni didn’t even come up with a title for the song. Gilby dubed the song “Camoflauge”.

Lukas came into this thing fairly half assed, though the half of his ass that came into it was really good. He had only written the first verse and chorus, so he was missing the second verse and Gilby had to help him write it. Even though Gilby had to help him write the second verse, he really liked what Lukas had as a base.

Gilby loved Toby‘s version and said it he had a much needed “fresh, young approach” and that his song was the “most complete” so far. It was pretty good, I look forward to hearing it.

Dilana had another rough time with this one, she even admitted that she came into the show expecting to be a singer and not a writer and that her writing isn’t very strong. Gilby agreed whole heartedly and called what she had written “cliche” and “predictable”. Things have not been going good for Dilana over the last little while. I have to admit, I’m getting worried.

I flicked back to Rock Star Supernova just as Storm Large was finishing her session with Gilby, so I have no info on her. Sorry guys. šŸ™

Supernova also makes the announcement that the singers will be doing a full set on tomorrow’s show and will have to come up with ways of entertaining the crowd between songs. They’ll be performing their usual song selections for sure, and may even each get a shot to perform their version of the Supernova song, I’m not entirely sure on that though. If that’s not the case, likely the best lyricist will get to perform their version with Supernova.

Song Selection:

  • Lukas will be singing “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.
  • Storm will be singing “(Not Fucking) Lady Like” by Storm Large (an original).
  • Dilana will be singing “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who.

I unfortunately didn’t catch what Magni or Toby would be singing either, though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t mentioned. They were to busy trying to hype the fact that Lukas and Dilana were fighting over “Behind Blue Eyes” and Magni goating Lukas into taking the Bon Jovi song.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of the regular show and to see who is eliminated from Rock Star Supernova next!

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