Kitty Equipt

Our New KittyWe are ready to rock for captain kitty. We’re probably picking him up Wednesday during the day. The adoption centre is only open 12 – 3 of all stupid hours, so I have to take a half day at work to go pick up the kitty. We went out today and picked up the last few things we needed to get prepped.

Kitty Supplies:

  • Litter Box – CHECK
  • Litter – CHECK
  • Poop Scooper – CHECK
  • Liter Box Liners – CHECK
  • 4 Bags of Senior Cat Food – CHECK (it was on sale for like, $2 and it’s usually $11)
  • Kitty Food Scoop – CHECK
  • Kitty Brush – CHECK
  • Food and Water Dish – CHECK
  • Cat Carrier – CHECK
  • Cat Collar – CHECK
  • Toys – CHECK
  • Scratching Post/Cat Tree – CHECK
  • Nature’s Miracle Cleaning Stuff – CHECK

I think that’s everything. If not, we’ve got all the basics and then some ready for him, now all we need is him. We’re still deciding on a name too. His name at the West Vancouver SPCA is Felix, which I like, but he doesn’t respond too. If we got a male cat I wanted to call it Napolean, but he doesn’t fit a Napolean. The one floating around chrys and I’s minds right now is Rube. She likes Higgins too, but I’m not a big fan of that. This is harder then naming a kid. We already have kids names picked out for whenever that day, years and years down the road, should come. 🙂

Um, so yeah, we’re all set for Mr. Kitty. I just hope he doesn’t freak out to much on the trip home. We have to bring him home on the bus cause we don’t have a car or drive, so it’s going to mean 30 mins or so of bussing hell for poor mr kitty. He should be okay once we get him home and he gets to sniff everything and get settled in. Everything is all setup and just waiting for him to be here, so hopefully all goes well.

Support the West Vancouver SPCA.
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