Reality TV: Survivor Cook Islands features Segregated Teams

The geniuses at CBS have decided that the usual hype created over a new season of Survivor just isn’t good enough, so they had to change it up a bit for the Cook Islands addition. Apparently the newest addition of Survivor is going to feature 4 tribes, just like the last Survivor did, only these four tribes won’t be your average every day tribes, these four tribes are going to be created based on the race of the contestants. CBS made the official announced stating that the tribes for Survivor Cook Islands will be The African-American Tribe, The Asian-American Tribe, The Hispanic Tribe, and the kicker, The WHITE Tribe. I guess no one at CBS has ever heard of the word Caucasian? If you’re going to keep it as PC as possible, keep it PC across the board.

The best part though, get this, is that during an interview on The Today Show this morning, Survivor Host Jeff Probst said that the idea for a segregated survivor “actually came from the criticism that ‘Survivor’ was not ethnically diverse enough.” Does that just not sound right to anyone else? For some reason hearing the words “ethnically diverse” after stating that the show would feature segregated teams just doesn’t fit with me.

One thing is for sure, the fools at CBS certainly switched it up a bit to increase the PR for the newest season of Survivor, and boy did they achieve that goal, though they certainly didn’t do it in a very tasteful way. Then again, when have mass conglomorated TV networks EVER worried about being tasteful.

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