Firefox 2.0 Released Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks yet another big day in the lifespan of Mozilla’s premeire browser, Firefox. The full version of Firefox 2.0 is scheduled to be released by Mozilla mid-afternoon tomorrow, although the full version has already been leaked on numerous sites tonight, to which I won’t post a link as Mozilla has request that people not release the downloads yet and, since Mozilla is behind the awesomeness that is Firefox, I am cool with that.

Firefox has proven itself as browser of far superior innovation and power to that of Microsofts Internet Explorer. The folks at Mozilla update Firefox on a very regular basis and address any and all security issues promptly. Whereas the fools over at MS are more concerned with sticking to a monthly update release schedule than protecting their customers security.

Firefox is my browser of choice and is by and far the best browser available today, and it’s completely free! Don’t forget to download Firefox 2.0 tomorrow.

Author: soultrance

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