RadioShack Fires 400 Staff… By Email

I’ve heard of some pretty sleezy things before, but for a company as big as RadioShack to pull a stunt like this is just wrong.

400 lucky RadioShack employee’s woke up this morning to a special message in their Inbox. You’re Fired!

That’s right, the geniuses at RadioShack decided the best and most cost effective way to lay off 400 of their dedicated hard working staff was to email them. How tasteful and respectful. My goodness, it’s so unlike a big corporation like RadioShack to pull something sleezy and underhanded like this… yeah, that’s it.

They didn’t even has the decency to sugar coat it and try to be nice in the email. Each of the 400 now former eomployee’s got a lovely message saying:

“Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated.”

Way to break the news gently. And I thought I had no tact.

Read the story @ ABC News

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