Move Over Heroes, The Zeroes Are Here!

Well, with the best show in TV – NBC’s Heroes – being on yet another hiatus until April 23rd, its pretty hard to come across new dirt on the show, but not impossible.

For whatever reason, the man behind marketing for NBC decided that Heroes wasn’t popular enough on its own and decided to start a rather sad attempt at a viral campaign. Though I have to give him credit, willingly making a parody of the best show on your network to try and further pump up the shows ratings was a ballsy choice, to say the least, and on that has appeared to have paid off.

For those that don’t know yet, Heroes has been joined by a new cast, the Zeroes. Zeroes are a group of “ordinary people with relatively pointless abilities” and that really, pretty much says it all. With over 220,000 views, the Zeroes promo video can definitely be considered a success, even if it is incredibly stupid. By why taken my word for it when you can watch it yourself? Enjoy!

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