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Kisha & Jen’s elimination in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 11 after the most expensive bathroom break in history brought us down to the final three: Cara Rosenthal & Jaime Edmonson, Margie & Luke Adams, and Tammy & Victor Jih. One of these teams will be The Amazing Race 14 winner.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Tammy & Victor – 9:15PM
Second: Margie & Luke – 11:24PM
Third: Jaime & Cara – 2:04AM

The final destination city is Maui, Hawaii. Tammy & Victor’s lead has been equalized, as all teams get on the same flight the next morning. It’s all going to come down to the tasks when they get to US soil.

Upon arrival at the beach, teams will prep a pig for a luau, then they’ll carry the pig to the luau and properly cover it based on the examples provided. First, they’ll need to strip in the cab so they’re properly dressed. Jaime & Cara drop their pig in the dirt, and Tammy & Victor follow suit. This is apparently permitted, since they’re just going to cover the pigs in the dirt anyway. Margie & Luke seem to be doing just fine, and they overtake the other two teams, who are repeatedly dropping their pigs. Victor is encouraging his sister. Jaime is yelling at her partner, since she doesn’t have any foreigners to yell at instead.

From there, they will go to the beach at McGregor Point, where they will ride watercrafts to search among 100 buoys to find their next clue. A dumb luck searching task that could go anybody’s way. Margie & Luke retain their lead, though he’s getting on her nerves. They pass the other teams going toward the buoys on their way back. Jaime & Cara get their clue pretty quickly. Tammy is trying to get her brother to let her look since he’s doing the steering. The last two teams are still neck and neck.

The next stop is a surfboard fence. The road block is to remember everything they’ve done on the race. They will search through over 300 surfboards that have pictures related to things they’ve done on the race. A combination searching task and memory task. We’ve seen this cost teams before. Most of the boards have incorrect pictures. There are 11 surfboards, one per leg, and they must place them in the correct order. Jaime & Cara’s cab driver gets lost, and his dispatcher’s response is that she’s not their personal concierge, so it’s their fault that she’s incompetent at her job. What’s the name of this cab company so people can avoid it? Jaime calls the cops, who know exactly where to go. Except now their cab driver needs to get gas. Meanwhile, Tammy & Victor are stuck behind a slowpoke, who’s on a Sunday drive in a no passing lane. Tammy & Victor arrive when Luke’s got about 9 or 10 done. Jaime & Cara arrive after Luke’s made a few incorrect guesses.

Road block (in order of arrival): Luke, Victor, Jaime

Margie says that Luke has been reviewing the things they’ve done in preparation for a task such as this, so he should be pretty good at this, as long as he can keep his pants up. On Luke’s first try, he gets two wrong, not a bad start. His next attempt is still two wrong. And two wrong again. Two wrong for a fourth time. Fifth guess is still two wrong. Jaime’s yelling her way throughout the whole task. Luke’s sixth guess is two wrong, and again the next time. Victor’s just over half done at this point. Luke has a tendency toward frustration if he can’t get something right away, so this could spell trouble. His next guess is also incorrect, and he doesn’t seem to have noticed that he’s missing the last two, not just the last one. More wrong guesses. Jaime’s catching up to the others. Luke eventually changes the 10th surfboard, giving him 10 correct, so he just has one last one to look for. Jaime’s at 9, while Victor is the second person to reach 10. Luke’s next guess is incorrect. Victor gets all 11 right on his first try. Luke gets another incorrect guess. Luke tells Jaime the first board that she’d forgotten, allowing her to complete the task, so she lets him see her final answer so he can finish.

The finish line is the King Kamehameha Golf Club.

The Amazing Race 14 winners are Tammy & Victor. Despite moments of poor teamwork due largely to their big brother little sister dynamic, they were a strong team and are deserving winners. Tammy believes that the race has helped her relationship with her brother to progress. Jaime & Cara come in second place, and Jaime blames herself for being unable to remember the church from the first leg. Cara responds that it’s a team game, and Jaime seems pretty subdued for a change. Margie & Luke come in third place. He says he’s so lucky to have his mom and was happy to have had the experience.

The Amazing Race 15 has been picked up by CBS, and season 15 will be returning in the fall.

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