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the Amazing Race 10 – Episode 13 (Season Finale)

December 10th, 2006 – Unfortunately, all good things in life must come to an end, and oddly enough, in reality TV life too. Tonight’s episode 13 of the Amazing Race 10 was a roller coaster ride for the emotions from start to finish. It’s hard to believe they managed to fit everything into the 1-hour time slot, the entire episode was go go go. But enough of the chit-chat, let’s get to the goods!

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Tonight’s season finale of the Amazing Race 10 was by far the best episode of the entire season. Episode 13 kicked off like every other Amazing Race episode, with a recap, only this time around, it we were treated to a 5-min recap of the entire season. All the ups and downs, good times and bad times, all wrapped into a nice little 5-min present with a pretty bow on top.

Rob and Kim are the first team out the door in Barcelona, Spain, where their first challenge is to find a church that has been under construction for 124-years. Once they figure out they are looking for the Sagrade Familia, they will have to make their way to the church and search the parks in front and behind the building to find the next clue.

Lyn and Karlyn kick off the final leg of the Amazing Race 10 with an homage to former contestants Dave and Mary Conley, by wearing their signature “Friends in low Places” mining t-shirts.

Rob and Kim, who were the first out of the gate, also managed to find the Sagrade Familia and clue first. The next clue will see them finding their way to Paris, France, where they must get to the third floor of the Eiffel tower to get their next clue.

Tyler and James were in a close second at this point, while Lyn and Karlyn were lagging behind slightly, but that all changed when all of the teams arrived at the Airport, only to learn that the ticket counter doesn’t open until 4:00am, making all of the amazing racers even, again.

4:00am rolls around quickly and the ticket counter opens. Rob and Kim are first in line and first to snag tickets on the 6:00am flight to Paris’ Charles de Gaul Airport, which causes some problem for the other teams. After Rob and Kim managed to snag two tickets, only 1 ticket was left, which obviously wasn’t going to work.

Lyn and Karlyn were quick to see the problem and ran to another ticket counter, where they secured themselves two tickets on the 7:25am flight to Paris’ Orly Airport, which just so happens to be closer to the Eiffel Tower than Charles de Gaul. Tyler and James managed to get themselves tickets on the 7:05am flight to Charles de Gaul from another airline. It’ll all come down to getting from the airport to the Eiffel Tower once each team touches down.

Once touched down at the Charles de Gaul airport, both Rob and Kim and Tyler and James elect to take the train into town, since it’s supposed to be substantially faster than taking a taxi. Lyn and Karlyn, on the other hand, arrive in the lesser known Orly airport a little later than the other teams, but are able to taxi a taxi to the Eiffel Tower instead, and their risk of using another airport paid off big, as they were the first team to arrive at the Eiffel Tower and get the next clue!

Each team must travel from the Eiffel Tower by train, 145miles, to the city of Caen, where they must then find the Caen Airport.

Even though each team was on a different flight at a different time, and arrived to the Eiffel Tower at different times, they all managed to get stuck on the same 12:25 train to Caen. Once again, all of the Amazing Race 10 teams are dead even!

Once in Caen, all teams made their way to the Airport, where they ran into a:

the Amazing Race 10 Roadblock

  • Both team members must hop in a plane and fly to 13,000 ft elevation.
  • One team member will perform a tandem sky dive.
  • While the other will remain in the plane as it nose dives along side the sky diver over historic Omaha Beach, Normandy.
  • Once on Omaha Beach the sky diver will hop into an awaiting WW2 era Jeep and be driven to Bayeux train station, while the team member remaining in the plane must find their way to the train station.

There had been surprisingly little whining coming from Rob up until this point in the race, but he let it all loose with this challenge, as they agreed to let Kim do the sky dive and it was the only thing Rob was hoping to do during the race. Kim had done it before and had always wanted to have Rob do it, so he was pissed that he didn’t get the chance to do it. Oh well, them’s the breaks, get over it.

Once each team arrives at the Bayeux train station they must travel 163-miles back to Paris, where they must find the Place de la Concorde to find their next clue. All of the teams manage to get tickets on the 5:23 train, only problem is, Rob and Kim decided to go and turn their US cash into Euro’s, and while they were away doing that, a train arrived early at 5:10. Tyler and James and Lyn and Karlyn managed to get on the 5:10 train, but Rob and Kim, who got back late, got on the 5:23 train as they were scheduled to. But, as usual, it doesn’t seem to make a difference, as all teams somehow arrive even in Paris.

the Amazing Race 10 Detour


  • Pick-up a painting and navigate the busy streets of Paris to deliver it to an artist.


  • Find Anatomy Fashion Studio and make a jacket using the provided pattern.

For whatever odd reason, all of the teams elect to to the fashion challenge, even though Art seems like the easier challenge. As would be expected, Tyler and James, the models, were the first to finish the challenge, followed shortly by Lyn and Karlyn and then Rob and Kim. It’s a wonder any of them finished, as they instructor lady that had the clues in had rejected Lyn and Karlyn’s work a number of times.

Once done making their jackets, each team must travel 3,000-miles to New York City, which is the final stop in the Amazing Race 10! Each team must find the News Building, and locate a giant globe within the building, where they will find their next clue.

Tyler and James and Rob and Kim both elect to head back to Charles de Gaul airport, where as Lyn and Karlyn take a risk and head to Orly Airport in the hopes if snagging an early flight. It’s a big risk for them to take, but it worked the first time, so hopefully it works again.

On the way to Charles de Gaul, Rob whines and complains some more to Kim about getting screwed out of the sky diving challenge, at which point Kim tells him to shut the hell up and to get over it, since they’re in it to win the $1 million prize, not to sky dive.

Tyler and James book two tickets on the 9:55am flight direct to New York. They tried to get on the 8:25am flight but were denied. There were no economy seats left, only business class, and apparently the Amazing Racer’s aren’t allowed to fly by any means other than economy, which makes sense.

Unfortunately, Lyn and Karlyn get shot down at Orly Airport, as no planes fly from Orly to New York, so they have to gun it to Charles de Gaul and hope to god that they can find a flight to get on.

Back at Charles de Gaul Airport, Rob and Kim smooth talk the manager a bit and manage to get themselves guaranteed tickets on the 8:25am flight. Wow! I have got to hand it to them, they did a wicked job to get those tickets. Tyler and James just gave up and decided to give stand-by a shot, but Rob and Kim kept thinking of ways to get on the flight and they pulled it off!

As Rob and Kim board the plane, Tyler and James and Lyn and Karlyn are waiting in line praying for stand-by seats to open up, and then it happens, Tyler and James get lucky and snag two seats, but Lyn and Karlyn aren’t so lucky and don’t get on the plane, pretty much killing their chances of winning the Amazing Race. It really sucked to see them get shot down, I was really pulling for them to win, but they just couldn’t do it. With Lyn and Karlyn stuck in Paris for nearly two more hours, it’s essentially down to Rob and Kim and Tyler and James at this point.

Once on the ground in New York, Rob and Kim are lost and jump in a taxi that doesn’t know where the News Building is. In a last ditch effort to keep their hopes alive, they tell their taxi driver to tail Tyler and James, which leads to some fancy driving by Tyler and James’ taxi driver, as they hope to lose Rob and Kim. The fancy driving doesn’t shake them, but the toll booth does. Tyler and James taxi driver has a pass that lets him go straight through the toll, whereas Rob and Kim’s doesn’t, so they’re forced to wait in line and pay the toll, dropping them behind.

Tyler and James find the News Building and snag the next clue, which tells them to walk to the East Village (roughly 2-miles away) to find a famous sculpture called “the Alamo”, where they will find the final clue in the Amazing Race 10!

Tyler and James haul ass for the entire 2-miles and manage to find the sculpture and final clue first. They must then find a taxi to drive them to St. Basil Academy in Garrison, NY, where they will find the final stop. It’s a battle to the end all the way, and it was a pretty tight race to the end, but there can only be one winner:

Tyler and James are the winners of the Amazing Race 10!

The former drug-addicts and models walk away with first place and the $1-million prize! Rob and Kim come in 2nd, and Lyn and Karlyn come become the first all female team to finish in the top 3!

So, that’s that. So ends another season of the Amazing Race. I have to say, the season finale was intense and it really could have gone to any team. I would have preferred Lyn and Karlyn win it all, but I’m glad Rob and Kim didn’t win it all. I’m actually kind of speechless. It was a great season, and I look forward to the next, which, evidently, will be an Amazing Race All-Stars season! Stay Tuned!

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