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After Dallas lost his bag with passports and money, Toni & Dallas, one of the stronger teams throughout the past few weeks, were eliminated in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 10. That leaves us with a final three competing to be The Amazing Race 13 winner: Nick & Starr Spangler, Ken & Tina Greene, and Andrew Lappitt & Dan Honig. The way things are going, I’d say this is Nick & Starr’s to lose, but as long as Andrew & Dan aren’t the winners, it should be a safe bet we’re not hearing the term jump the shark too frequently in the morning.

Tonight’s episode is actually starting (almost) on time.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Nick & Starr – 10:56PM
Second: Andrew & Dan – 2:28AM
Third: Ken & Tina – 3:30AM

Nick & Starr have somehow managed to gain a 3.5 hour lead over the second place team, while Ken & Tina somehow killed an additional hour last week, but the airport will probably equalize them.

The final destination city is Portland, Oregon, and they’re apparently flying straight there from Moscow. All three teams are on the same flight to Portland via Frankfurt, Germany.

Out of the airport, Nick & Starr are the first ones to get a cab. Andrew & Dan, meanwhile, are having flashbacks of the cab drivers who don’t understand them. They eventually grab the guy’s phone and get directions from the place they’re going.

The detour is a choice between high and dry or low and wet. In high and dry, teams must climb 30 feet up a tree, traverse a log, and jump for their next clue, which each team member must do to get both halves. In low and wet, teams must walk 850 feet across floating logs.

High and dry: Ken & Tina, Nick & Starr, Andrew & Dan

Ken & Tina arrive at the detour first, but her fear gets her behind and gets her into a bad mood (again). From there her fear of heights causes her to shake (they probably shouldn’t have chosen the high task), which will cost her even more time. Nick & Starr fly right through this task. Ultimately, Ken & Tina just lost their lead and not much more, as their taxi is now right behind Nick & Starr’s. Andrew & Dan don’t seem to have any trouble with this, but it still looks like they’re out of the race anyway.

From there, teams will go to the Bridge of the Gods, where they’ll take a zipline to the island below. On their way there, Nick & Starr’s cab driver goes the wrong way. Again. This gives Ken & Tina back their lead by a few minutes. When they get to the island, they must remember one thing (detour, road block, pit stop, or route info) from each of the last 10 legs based on the 150 pictures they’re given. Ken & Tina are closing in on leg two as Nick & Starr start. Ken & Tina take the lead 3-1. Then 5-3. Ken & Tina are nonetheless growing increasingly concerned with where their opponents are. They get really stuck, and she refuses to listen when he says it’s the hotel. Nick & Starr, however, know the hotel is correct, and they take the lead. The lead keeps swapping back and forth, and it’s anybody’s game. Nick & Starr edge out Ken & Tina by one clue. This task shows the contrast between the two teams well. Nick & Starr work together. Tina bickers with Ken.

The next stop is the Portland Building in downtown. The difference between the two teams is about two minutes. Close enough that it could come down to a cab ride. Both teams are struggling to get directions. In the race there which has the two teams neck and neck, both cab drivers opt for different routes. This time it helps Nick & Starr, and they are first to arrive at the green dinosaur. From there, they’ll go to Alder St. and find the Russian food cart.

Then they must figure out that their next destination is Voodoo Doughnut from a clue about the magic in the hole. Starr’s dragging by this point, but Nick is working with her and slowing down as needed. They retain their lead to the donut shop, where they’re told they need to head to the finish line. It’s time for one final cab race.

And The Amazing Race 13 winners are… Nick & Starr. A well deserved victory for a strong team. Ken & Tina come in second place. They probably weren’t the second best team and had their share of arguments and then some, but they had a good run. When they get to the finish line, Ken asks Tina to start their marriage over again and do it right this time. As for Andrew & Dan, they’ve miraculously worked their way into the finals, and they finish in third against, in their words, “two far superior teams.” That’s what I liked about them. At least they can admit they’re screw ups.

As previously confirmed, The Amazing Race will be back for another season, and The Amazing Race 14 starts Sunday February 15.

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 13 Winner”

  1. To Nick & Starr,
    You two deserve a great big CONGRATULATIONS — what a strong team you made. We really admired your true competiveness and your determination to physically and mentally fight for the winning final destination. We can only dream to have what you two possess — true willingness,freedom and strength to be THE WINNERS of the “THE AMAZING RACE 13”.

    Take good care and have fun in life. God Bless you both!!!!!
    Al & Julie from Markdale, Ontario, Canada

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