The Amazing Race 13 Episode 10

Andrew & Dan continued to screw up in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 9, but try as they might, they could not get themselves eliminated and instead were greeted by a non-elimination when they arrived at the mat in last place.

One football game ended (late), then we were greeted with another one. With that, 60 Minutes is about 40 minutes late. A live blog will begin when 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Toni & Dallas
Second: Ken & Tina
Third: Nick & Starr
Fourth: Andrew & Dan

Departure times aren’t given, and normally when they hide something like that, it means someone’s so far ahead or behind they don’t want to completely kill the drama. Either that or production difficulties messed with the departure times and made them more than 12 hours from arrival.

The first stop is a retired nuclear submarine, where they will look for an actor from the Hunt for Red October. The first three teams hit an hours of operation of 9:00.

The next stop is the Graveyard of Fallen Monuments, which means they’ll first need to deal with nightmarish Moscow traffic. Twice for Andrew & Dan, who went 40 minutes out of their way to the wrong park.

The road block is to identify the number of Stalin and Lenin statues in the park (labeled only in Russian), combine the numbers, and tell their guess to the shopkeeper. If they are correct, they will be given a book; if they are incorrect, they must wait 10 minutes before trying again. On the page that was the same as their correct guess, they’ll be directed to the apartment of a famous Russian author, Mikhail Bulgakov.

Road block (in order of arrival): Nick, Dallas, Tina, Dan

While Ken & Tina are arguing as they arrive at the road block, Nick & Starr steal their cab, which has GPS (though they still arrived at the road block third). Nick arrives at the shop and is correct on his first guess. Dallas is incorrect on his first guess, and for some reason he’s further complicating his wrong answer by reversing the numbers, apparently confusing Lenin and Stalin. He tries again and is wrong again. Tina is wrong on her first guess, but she’s on the right track. After working with Tina, Dallas is closer but still wrong. Tina is correct on her next guess and lets Dallas know what’s right. She’s kicking herself afterwards for this, as is Ken. Dallas finally gets it right. Dan’s clueless, but with the assistance of a local, he manages to get through the task pretty well. His first guess is close but incorrect, though. The good news for him is that Andrew has arrived to see Toni still sitting there waiting. He tries upping it by one and is correct on his next guess.

The better news for Dan is that Dallas left his bag with the passports and money in the cab. It’s possible to get through a leg without money and may be possible to get through it without a passport if they’re not going to another country, but sooner or later this will present a problem. This is not the first time Americans have begged on a street on this show, and that’s pretty much their only option at this point. They find a local to give them directions and cash. They decide to take the metro, which is a further complication because the clue specifically says to travel by taxi.

From there, teams will go to Sokolniki Park, where they’ll search for a lady with a shetland pony.

When Toni & Dallas arrive, they are denied their next clue (instead of just receiving a penalty) until they travel by taxi. Given that they’re neck and neck with Andrew & Dan, things aren’t looking good, but at least Andrew & Dan must complete their speed bump first. They get some cash to get back to the apartment building.

Andrew & Dan’s speed bump is to perform with a group of traditional Russian dancers. Based on last week when they couldn’t even march correctly, this should prove problematic, albeit entertaining. Their first attempt is rejected. Their second attempt is still pitiful but apparently close enough.

The detour is a choice between ride the rails or ride the lines. In ride the rails, teams will catch a train to a snack shop to receive a samsa (pastry) with a wrapper directing them to another train. Then they will find a statue of the man who created the Cyrillic alphabet, and there they will be given a postcard with the name of the station they’ll have to head to last. There are a lot of trains, and everything’s written in Cyrillic, but trains come so frequently that they should be able to catch another one to fix their mistakes quickly. In ride the lines, teams will ride a trolley bus to a keymaker. He will give them a key which they will use for a storage box after taking another trolley bus. The storage box contains the postcard with their final destination. The trolley buses travel on a fixed course, but they must make sure they’re on the correct mode of travel and will have to contend with Moscow traffic.

Ride the rails: Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas
Ride the lines: Ken & Tina, Andrew & Dan

With Nick being from New York, it doesn’t seem he’s having any trouble with the subway. Ken & Tina are, as Phil warned, on the wrong type of transport, just a regular bus. This won’t do anything to help their continued bickering. Somehow, Andrew & Dan are doing their task with no problem, and they edge out Ken & Tina in a footrace to the mat. However, Ken & Tina need to go back and find their clue at the end of the detour, which they have not yet completed. Not that it’ll end up mattering.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is VDNKh Park.

First: Nick & Starr (win a trip to Anguilla)
Second: Andrew & Dan
Third: Ken & Tina
Eliminated: Toni & Dallas

Phil comes out of the place with the storage box and tells Toni & Dallas they have been eliminated. Dallas made a pretty critical mistake, but Andrew & Dan being in the final three is just wrong.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 13 Episode 11 You Look Like Peter Pan, where we will find out who The Amazing Race 13 winner is, which airs Sunday at 8/7cish on CBS.

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  1. did anyone else notice that toni and dallas werent at the mat when nick and starr won i know they lost there passport but didnt they come home i was upset there were eliminated cause i thought they would win with who was left it was nick and starrs to lose

  2. Yes, the reason they missed the finale was because of the passport mishap. Replacing their passports took them longer than it took the final three to get back.

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