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After Dallas lost his bag with passports and money, Toni & Dallas, one of the stronger teams throughout the past few weeks, were eliminated in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 10. That leaves us with a final three competing to be The Amazing Race 13 winner: Nick & Starr Spangler, Ken & Tina Greene, and Andrew Lappitt & Dan Honig. The way things are going, I’d say this is Nick & Starr’s to lose, but as long as Andrew & Dan aren’t the winners, it should be a safe bet we’re not hearing the term jump the shark too frequently in the morning.

Tonight’s episode is actually starting (almost) on time.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Nick & Starr – 10:56PM
Second: Andrew & Dan – 2:28AM
Third: Ken & Tina – 3:30AM

Nick & Starr have somehow managed to gain a 3.5 hour lead over the second place team, while Ken & Tina somehow killed an additional hour last week, but the airport will probably equalize them.

The final destination city is Portland, Oregon, and they’re apparently flying straight there from Moscow. All three teams are on the same flight to Portland via Frankfurt, Germany.

Out of the airport, Nick & Starr are the first ones to get a cab. Andrew & Dan, meanwhile, are having flashbacks of the cab drivers who don’t understand them. They eventually grab the guy’s phone and get directions from the place they’re going.

The detour is a choice between high and dry or low and wet. In high and dry, teams must climb 30 feet up a tree, traverse a log, and jump for their next clue, which each team member must do to get both halves. In low and wet, teams must walk 850 feet across floating logs.

High and dry: Ken & Tina, Nick & Starr, Andrew & Dan

Ken & Tina arrive at the detour first, but her fear gets her behind and gets her into a bad mood (again). From there her fear of heights causes her to shake (they probably shouldn’t have chosen the high task), which will cost her even more time. Nick & Starr fly right through this task. Ultimately, Ken & Tina just lost their lead and not much more, as their taxi is now right behind Nick & Starr’s. Andrew & Dan don’t seem to have any trouble with this, but it still looks like they’re out of the race anyway.

From there, teams will go to the Bridge of the Gods, where they’ll take a zipline to the island below. On their way there, Nick & Starr’s cab driver goes the wrong way. Again. This gives Ken & Tina back their lead by a few minutes. When they get to the island, they must remember one thing (detour, road block, pit stop, or route info) from each of the last 10 legs based on the 150 pictures they’re given. Ken & Tina are closing in on leg two as Nick & Starr start. Ken & Tina take the lead 3-1. Then 5-3. Ken & Tina are nonetheless growing increasingly concerned with where their opponents are. They get really stuck, and she refuses to listen when he says it’s the hotel. Nick & Starr, however, know the hotel is correct, and they take the lead. The lead keeps swapping back and forth, and it’s anybody’s game. Nick & Starr edge out Ken & Tina by one clue. This task shows the contrast between the two teams well. Nick & Starr work together. Tina bickers with Ken.

The next stop is the Portland Building in downtown. The difference between the two teams is about two minutes. Close enough that it could come down to a cab ride. Both teams are struggling to get directions. In the race there which has the two teams neck and neck, both cab drivers opt for different routes. This time it helps Nick & Starr, and they are first to arrive at the green dinosaur. From there, they’ll go to Alder St. and find the Russian food cart.

Then they must figure out that their next destination is Voodoo Doughnut from a clue about the magic in the hole. Starr’s dragging by this point, but Nick is working with her and slowing down as needed. They retain their lead to the donut shop, where they’re told they need to head to the finish line. It’s time for one final cab race.

And The Amazing Race 13 winners are… Nick & Starr. A well deserved victory for a strong team. Ken & Tina come in second place. They probably weren’t the second best team and had their share of arguments and then some, but they had a good run. When they get to the finish line, Ken asks Tina to start their marriage over again and do it right this time. As for Andrew & Dan, they’ve miraculously worked their way into the finals, and they finish in third against, in their words, “two far superior teams.” That’s what I liked about them. At least they can admit they’re screw ups.

As previously confirmed, The Amazing Race will be back for another season, and The Amazing Race 14 starts Sunday February 15.

The Amazing Race 13 Episode 10

Andrew & Dan continued to screw up in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 9, but try as they might, they could not get themselves eliminated and instead were greeted by a non-elimination when they arrived at the mat in last place.

One football game ended (late), then we were greeted with another one. With that, 60 Minutes is about 40 minutes late. A live blog will begin when 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Toni & Dallas
Second: Ken & Tina
Third: Nick & Starr
Fourth: Andrew & Dan

Departure times aren’t given, and normally when they hide something like that, it means someone’s so far ahead or behind they don’t want to completely kill the drama. Either that or production difficulties messed with the departure times and made them more than 12 hours from arrival.

The first stop is a retired nuclear submarine, where they will look for an actor from the Hunt for Red October. The first three teams hit an hours of operation of 9:00.

The next stop is the Graveyard of Fallen Monuments, which means they’ll first need to deal with nightmarish Moscow traffic. Twice for Andrew & Dan, who went 40 minutes out of their way to the wrong park.

The road block is to identify the number of Stalin and Lenin statues in the park (labeled only in Russian), combine the numbers, and tell their guess to the shopkeeper. If they are correct, they will be given a book; if they are incorrect, they must wait 10 minutes before trying again. On the page that was the same as their correct guess, they’ll be directed to the apartment of a famous Russian author, Mikhail Bulgakov.

Road block (in order of arrival): Nick, Dallas, Tina, Dan

While Ken & Tina are arguing as they arrive at the road block, Nick & Starr steal their cab, which has GPS (though they still arrived at the road block third). Nick arrives at the shop and is correct on his first guess. Dallas is incorrect on his first guess, and for some reason he’s further complicating his wrong answer by reversing the numbers, apparently confusing Lenin and Stalin. He tries again and is wrong again. Tina is wrong on her first guess, but she’s on the right track. After working with Tina, Dallas is closer but still wrong. Tina is correct on her next guess and lets Dallas know what’s right. She’s kicking herself afterwards for this, as is Ken. Dallas finally gets it right. Dan’s clueless, but with the assistance of a local, he manages to get through the task pretty well. His first guess is close but incorrect, though. The good news for him is that Andrew has arrived to see Toni still sitting there waiting. He tries upping it by one and is correct on his next guess.

The better news for Dan is that Dallas left his bag with the passports and money in the cab. It’s possible to get through a leg without money and may be possible to get through it without a passport if they’re not going to another country, but sooner or later this will present a problem. This is not the first time Americans have begged on a street on this show, and that’s pretty much their only option at this point. They find a local to give them directions and cash. They decide to take the metro, which is a further complication because the clue specifically says to travel by taxi.

From there, teams will go to Sokolniki Park, where they’ll search for a lady with a shetland pony.

When Toni & Dallas arrive, they are denied their next clue (instead of just receiving a penalty) until they travel by taxi. Given that they’re neck and neck with Andrew & Dan, things aren’t looking good, but at least Andrew & Dan must complete their speed bump first. They get some cash to get back to the apartment building.

Andrew & Dan’s speed bump is to perform with a group of traditional Russian dancers. Based on last week when they couldn’t even march correctly, this should prove problematic, albeit entertaining. Their first attempt is rejected. Their second attempt is still pitiful but apparently close enough.

The detour is a choice between ride the rails or ride the lines. In ride the rails, teams will catch a train to a snack shop to receive a samsa (pastry) with a wrapper directing them to another train. Then they will find a statue of the man who created the Cyrillic alphabet, and there they will be given a postcard with the name of the station they’ll have to head to last. There are a lot of trains, and everything’s written in Cyrillic, but trains come so frequently that they should be able to catch another one to fix their mistakes quickly. In ride the lines, teams will ride a trolley bus to a keymaker. He will give them a key which they will use for a storage box after taking another trolley bus. The storage box contains the postcard with their final destination. The trolley buses travel on a fixed course, but they must make sure they’re on the correct mode of travel and will have to contend with Moscow traffic.

Ride the rails: Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas
Ride the lines: Ken & Tina, Andrew & Dan

With Nick being from New York, it doesn’t seem he’s having any trouble with the subway. Ken & Tina are, as Phil warned, on the wrong type of transport, just a regular bus. This won’t do anything to help their continued bickering. Somehow, Andrew & Dan are doing their task with no problem, and they edge out Ken & Tina in a footrace to the mat. However, Ken & Tina need to go back and find their clue at the end of the detour, which they have not yet completed. Not that it’ll end up mattering.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is VDNKh Park.

First: Nick & Starr (win a trip to Anguilla)
Second: Andrew & Dan
Third: Ken & Tina
Eliminated: Toni & Dallas

Phil comes out of the place with the storage box and tells Toni & Dallas they have been eliminated. Dallas made a pretty critical mistake, but Andrew & Dan being in the final three is just wrong.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 13 Episode 11 You Look Like Peter Pan, where we will find out who The Amazing Race 13 winner is, which airs Sunday at 8/7cish on CBS.

The Amazing Race 13 Episode 9

Terence & Sarah made a dumb mistake in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 8 and paid for it. After they and Nick & Starr insisted on going for the fast forward knowing that whoever didn’t get it would probably be screwed, Terence & Sarah were unable to catch up to the rest of the pack and were eliminated. Having won the fast forward, Nick & Starr continued their winning ways. Meanwhile, Andrew & Dan as presumably part of some cosmic joke managed to get into the final four in spite of themselves.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Nick & Starr – 9:21PM
Second: Toni & Dallas – 10:47PM
Third: Ken & Tina – 11:17PM
Fourth: Andrew & Dan – 12:41AM

Dallas and Starr are continuing to get closer, but they still know they’re in a race. The way this whole thing’s played out, it’s helped them, rather than hindering them. Andrew & Dan, having left their shoes at the detour (they may as well have just gone back and gotten them considering how far behind they are anyway), are now in slippers they got from the hotel. It turns out there’s a 24 hour shoe store in the airport, and they have a good amount of money left, so they make sure they’re properly outfitted before leaving. They just hope they don’t run out of money after dropping $160 on shoes.

Teams will fly nearly 2000 miles to Moscow, Russia. This late at night we’re probably looking at an airport equalizer. When Nick & Starr arrive, they’re told the earliest flight leaves at 6:05AM. All teams are on the same flight.

When they arrive in Moscow, it’s back to the not being able to communicate with anybody problem again. Nick & Starr follow Toni & Dallas and are the first two teams to arrive. Dallas just wonders if Andrew & Dan are even in the right country. Andrew & Dan are next to arrive, followed closely by Ken & Tina.

From the monastery, teams will go to the outskirts of Moscow to a decommissioned military base Kolosok Camp. Toni & Dallas seem to have lost Nick & Starr somewhere along the way. Andrew & Dan and Ken & Tina are neck and neck, but Nick & Starr are in the unfamiliar position of last place.

The detour is a choice between boots or borscht. In boots, they will learn a traditional parade march. In borscht, teams will need to serve borscht to 75 Russian soldiers. Apparently the catch is if they’re sloppy, they’ll have to repeat part of the task. In each detour, teams will need to get properly dressed in full military gear.

Andrew stumbles over figuring out how to get dressed, so they decide to switch to the borscht detour hoping that they won’t have to wear the military outfit, but after switching they realize they still have to wear the uniform no matter what. They’re finally dressed but are in their traditional last place. Once that’s done, they provide much comic relief for the soldiers, as Dan has no coordination. So then they switch back to borscht. Lucky for them the borscht task seems pretty simple.

Boots: Toni & Dallas, Ken & Tina, Nick & Starr
Borscht: Andrew & Dan (switched from boots to borscht to boots to borscht)

From there, teams will go to a bakery in Zhukovsky. The road block is to be a delivery person, unloading fifty 55 pound bags of flour to an unpleasant counter person. Dallas knows this is his time to shine, and he insists on grabbing two bags at a time, even though his mom wants him to slow down a bit. He manages to get about 15 bags ahead of Ken by the time he arrives. Although Ken’s older, he is an ex-pro athlete. An exhausted Dallas retains a lead of about 8 bags and finishes first, but Ken’s not far behind. Nick & Starr are lost again, while Andrew & Dan have probably been at the detour for hours. When they arrive, Nick & Starr tell their cab driver to get lost, hoping they’ll be able to find another one if they need to. Nick tries to do two at once, but he’ll have to settle for one, as does Dan.

Road block (in order of arrival): Dallas, Ken, Nick, Dan

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Neskuchny Sad, which means it’s back through the crowded streets of Moscow they go. Looks like Nick & Starr will have to find a new cab. Too bad this guy doesn’t know any more than the last one, as Starr begins to have a nervous breakdown while Nick remains calm. Andrew & Dan have run out of money and are hoping their cab driver is understanding. Dan offers him his newly bought and expensive shoes, but he’s not interested. They do finally manage to make a deal with him, though.

First: Toni & Dallas (win a trip to the Dominican Republic)
Second: Ken & Tina
Third: Nick & Starr
Non-eliminated: Andrew & Dan

Non-elimination? Is this a joke? This is like when David & Mary just refused to be stepped on. Andrew & Dan will need to complete one additional task, a speed bump, which doesn’t bode well for them considering that they’re horrible at tasks. To further compound matters, they’re out of money, and cabs in Moscow seem to be pretty expensive.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 13 Episode 10 You’re Gonna Get Me Killed, which airs Sunday at 8/7cish on CBS.

The Amazing Race 13 Episode 8

Kelly & Christy finally got off my screen in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 7. Not far ahead of them were Andrew & Dan, who by some miracle keep just barely surviving in second to last every week. Meanwhile, Nick & Starr continued their dominance with another first place finish.

60 Minutes looks like it’s about half an hour late. A live recap will begin when 60 Minutes concludes.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Nick & Starr – 10:14PM
Second: Toni & Dallas – 10:24PM
Third: Terence & Sarah – 10:43PM
Fourth: Ken & Tina – 11:48PM
Fifth: Andrew & Dan – 12:00AM

Nick’s wondering when someone will finally blow past them. Starr and Dallas are just wondering when they’ll be left alone so they can work on getting a room. Hormones aside, they work together at the travel agency to book a flight that should get them ahead of everybody else.

Terence wants to be a big bundle of nerves, while Sarah hopes to be able to relax. Ken & Tina (still) know they need to communicate.

Teams will fly to Almaty, Kazakhstan, a new location for the race, following closely on the heels of Borat. The first destination when they land is a chicken factory. Ken & Tina somehow manage to get on the first flight, though the team that left an hour before them is searching around the airport to see what their options are. Terence & Sarah end up about an hour and a half behind. It’s unclear how far behind Andrew & Dan are, but considering the second flight lands at 1:20AM, this is an hours of operation bunching waiting to happen.

First flight: Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas, Ken & Tina
Second flight: Terence & Sarah
Third flight: Andrew & Dan

They arrive at the chicken factory and find out it’s not opening until 7:30. Lucky thing they were so bunched up because Dan & Andrew were hours behind. All teams are even for the road block.

The road block is to enter a chicken shack and search among 30,000 chickens for one of seven golden eggs. That’s not all, though. It’s fast forward time. The fast forward is to join in a feast where the main ingredient is the fat from the rear end of a sheep. Nick & Starr and Terence & Sarah both go dashing for the fast forward. Don’t do it. One of these teams is better off swallowing their pride and letting the other do it. If you lose out on this, you’re just asking to be last. On top of the fact that fast forwards are pretty unpredictable. Sarah tells Terence she doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but he doesn’t listen.

Nick & Starr arrive slightly before Terence & Sarah, but unfortunately for them it’s not first come first served like the previous fast forward was. Whoever eats the food first will win the fast forward. And whoever doesn’t win the fast forward will be in for a world of hurt. Starr doesn’t want to read the part of the menu that says what the food is. Terence is a vegetarian, who hasn’t eaten meat in over 15 years. Despite that, he’s just going to go for it, although he doesn’t actually seem to be eating anything. He shouldn’t have even bothered trying, and eventually realizes that he won’t be able to finish, reluctantly agreeing to quit. Now all Nick & Starr have to do is get the sheep’s butt down.

Road block: Andrew, Tina, Toni, Sarah

Teams will need to find and travel by crane truck to the Koktobe Arch in the mountains and look for a Mongol warrior, where their clue will be carried to them by bird. Andrew & Dan somehow get lost along the way, although the first two teams seem to have no trouble. I wonder: are they really that lost, or is this all manufactured for drama so we believe Terence & Sarah have a prayer? Apparently frustrated with the country as a whole, Dan starts yelling at Andrew for not keeping up with him.

The detour is a choice between play like mad or act like fools. In play like mad, they must learn to play a tune using two traditional instruments, then go to the park and earn $1.50 in tips. In act like fools, they must walk the streets dressed like cows to find a stall with milk for them to drink, then bring themselves to the butcher.

Act like fools: Toni & Dallas, Ken & Tina, Andrew & Dan, Terence & Sarah

Toni & Dallas decide to have fun with this. Tina drinks the milk but didn’t read the whole clue. Dallas also didn’t read the whole clue but does so immediately after finishing his milk. After asking for directions, Tina realizes she was indeed at the right place the first time, then they decide they need to take their cow costume back where they got it (rather than to the butcher like they’re supposed to). Dallas tells them they need their costume, but they try to go without it anyway. Then Tina wants to take a cab to the pit stop, but luckily Ken tells her they have to walk. Andrew & Dan both miss this part of the clue, though, and they grab a cab, so they need to go back and do it correctly.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Old Square, a public plaza in the oldest part of the city.

First: Nick & Starr
Second: Toni & Dallas
Third: Ken & Tina
Fourth: Andrew & Dan
Eliminated: Terence & Sarah

Terence & Sarah were one of the strongest teams and should have been in the final three, but they made a dumb decision (as did Nick & Starr) that it was pretty obvious they should not have made. As for Andrew & Dan, they’re past their expiration date.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 13 Episode 9 That Is Studly, which airs Sunday at 8/7cish on CBS.

The Amazing Race 13 Episode 7

Ken & Tina faced communication difficulties with themselves and also with their cab drivers, which led them to be in last place in The Amazing race 13 Episode 6. They lucked out with a non-elimination leg, however, which means they are still in the race but will encounter a speed bump in the next leg.

Football just finished, so 60 Minutes will run almost an hour over (good thing KC didn’t go for overtime, or we’d be looking at another half an hour). A live blog will begin once 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Nick & Starr – 8:55AM
Second: Kelly & Christy – 9:02AM
Third: Toni & Dallas – 9:10AM
Fourth: Terence & Sarah – 9:31AM
Fifth: Andrew & Dan – 9:44AM
Sixth: Ken & Tina – 9:51AM

Nick & Starr are willing to continue to tell little white lies if it will help them stay at the top of the pack. Toni has learned to trust Dallas more than she ever had to before. Terence & Sarah need to get past yelling at each other. Kelly & Christy still think they’re above everybody.

The first stop is back through the congested streets at the Deshbandhu Apartments. They arrive to complete chaos. The road block is to take part in a traditional Indian celebration known as the Holy Festival. The racers must make their way through a crowd pelting them with dye and water to get to a ladder, which they must climb and then search through hundreds of envelopes to find one that’s correct. Even when they climb the ladders, the crowd will continue to pelt them with paint, making the searching task that much harder.

Road block (in order of arrival): Starr, Dallas, Kelly, Terence, Dan, Ken

Starr gets through the road block without much issue. Dallas also makes quick work of it. Kelly seems to have arrived to a somewhat more aggressive crowd, which allows for some drama, and she’s not helped any by the fact that she keeps pulling “Try Again” envelopes and has to keep going back. Terence, who made up a lot of time on Kelly & Christy during the cab drive, manages to finish ahead of them (but not without saving some drama for Sarah when they get in the cab). Dan & Andrew are also there and also finish ahead of Kelly, who tells Christy she can’t do it because she’ll die (if she’d stop going back and forth and just get a correct envelope, it may work a little faster). They finally read the clue and realize she just has to get the marked one to proceed. Ken & Tina are just arriving as Kelly & Christy are leaving and looking for a cab since they didn’t keep theirs.

From there, teams will go to Old Delhi to find the Charity Birds Hospital, a haven for injured birds. They have to search through the cages to find their next clue. Upon arrival at the hospital, Ken & Tina must complete their speed bump, which is to go to a temple and serve holy water until no more worshippers are desiring water.

The detour is a choice between bleary eyed or teary eyed. In bleary eyed, teams will help the department of power by keeping track of numbers on power lines. In teary eyed, they must carry two 40 pound bags of dried chilis and deliver them on foot 1/4 mile away, then make chili powder to fill a container.

Bleary eyed: Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas, Andrew & Dan, Kelly & Christy, Ken & Tina
Teary eyed: Terence & Sarah

After pretending they don’t know what’s going on, Nick & Starr eventually decide to split the detour in half with Toni & Dallas to speed up both teams. They finish their first time through. Andrew & Dan have no clue what they’re doing as usual. Terence & Sarah, who believed they’d take the brawn over brains task (which normally works out okay) are suffering from making the chili powder. The good thing about their task is that, while it may be painful, it’s at least clearcut where the end goal is. Like Andrew & Dan, Kelly & Christy have no clue what they’re doing. Dan & Andrew want to work with them, but they decline. Ken & Tina are actually looking at the correct numbers unlike the other two teams, who are looking at random signs on the street. This leaves the race for last between the two clueless teams. Now on foot instead of cruising past in their autorickshaw, Kelly & Christy finally spot the tags they’re supposed to be looking for. Ken & Tina tell Andrew & Dan what they’re supposed to be looking for, which means each of the two remaining teams has finally figured out what they’re doing there.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Humayun’s Tomb.

First: Nick & Starr (win a trip to Hawaii)
Second: Toni & Dallas
Third: Terence & Sarah
Fourth: Ken & Tina
Fifth: Andrew & Dan
Eliminated: Kelly & Christy

Can’t say I’m sorry to see Kelly & Christy go, but they go out on an upbeat note. For future reference, the producers may want to consider literacy as a qualification for the show so they don’t get people who can’t read their clues time and time again. As for Andrew & Dan, they’ve managed to limp their way through one more week.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 13 Episode 8 I’m Like an Angry Cow, which airs Sunday at 8/7cish on CBS.

The Amazing Race 13 Episode 6

Aja & Ty managed to get out of their funk and put on happy faces in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 5, but it wasn’t enough to prevent their elimination in one of the more predictable episodes of the season.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived, except for Terence & Sarah who received a half hour penalty for speeding.

First: Nick & Starr – 11:22PM
Second: Toni & Dallas – 11:34PM
Third: Ken & Tina – 11:53PM
Fourth: Kelly & Christy – 11:59PM
Fifth: Terence & Sarah – 12:05AM
Sixth: Andrew & Dan – 12:29AM

Dallas wants to hook up with Starr, but he’s not catching any breaks with his mom and Starr’s brother around all the time. Ken & Tina say they’re still struggling with each other. Kelly & Christy think they’re quick learners. I’m going to have to take them by their word.

Teams will be flying to Delhi, India. Historically, the India leg has been a difficult one for some teams. With all teams leaving around midnight, the airport will serve to bunch them all together.

Nick tries to give Kelly & Christy some advice to cover up a little. We’ve seen in the past where female teams get grabbed on trains, but the girls aren’t particularly concerned. Andrew & Dan say Cambodia was like child’s play by comparison. Most teams don’t seem to have found cab drivers who know where they’re going, and arriving in rush hour probably hasn’t helped any.

The road block for this leg of the race is to paint autorickshaws green to signal they run on natural gas. Backseat painters Terence and Tina aren’t helping their partners any. The other teams get how to be helpful without smothering their partners, rather than being critical and getting in the way.

Road block (in order of arrival): Starr, Andrew, Toni, Kelly, Sarah, Ken

The next stop is the Ambassador Hotel, which means another trip back through the crowded streets of New Delhi. Ken & Tina were the only ones who had their cab driver wait for them, although he did get them really lost last time. Everybody else needs to figure out where to get another cab. I’m not surprised that Ken & Tina have gotten lost again and are again in last place.

The detour is a choice between launder money or launder clothes. In launder money, teams create a wedding necklace out of 10 individual notes that add up to exactly 780 rupees. Teams will need to exchange their own cash for the right combination of bills. In launder clothes, teams will use a charcoal heated iron to press 20 pieces of clothing. The irons are very hot and present some trouble, but Nick & Starr were smart enough to bring their gloves (didn’t anyone else plan for a cold climate?).

Launder clothes: Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas, Andrew & Dan, Kelly & Christy
Launder money: Terence & Sarah, Ken & Tina

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Baha’i House, the national headquarters for the Baha’i faith.

First: Nick & Starr (win electric cars)
Second: Kelly & Christy
Third: Toni & Dallas
Fourth: Terence & Sarah
Fifth: Andrew & Dan
Non-eliminated: Ken & Tina

Andrew & Dan gave them plenty of opportunities with their horrible ironing skills (what do you expect from frat boys?), but Ken & Tina’s combination of not working together well and having horrible luck with cabs did them in. The good news for Ken & Tina is that this was a non-elimination leg, though they will encounter a speed bump next week.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 13 Episode 7 My Nose Is on Fire, which airs Sunday at 8/7cish on CBS.

The Amazing Race 13 Episode 5

Marisa & Brooke were behind the whole leg and were eliminated in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 4. Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah remained at the top of the pack, while Aja & Ty struggled to pretend they were still in the race.

60 Minutes is almost on time for a change, running about 5-10 minutes late.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Ken & Tina – 6:03AM
Second: Terence & Sarah – 8:19AM
Third: Kelly & Christy – 9:32AM
Fourth: Toni & Dallas – 10:15AM
Fifth: Nick & Starr – 11:34AM
Sixth: Andrew & Dan – 12:44PM
Seventh: Aja & Ty – 3:04PM

Ken really feels like a kid again since he’s out here competing instead of sitting at home in a rocking chair. Terence & Sarah are hoping the race gets more physical. Kelly & Christy plan to use their brain power (yeah, they really said that). Starr didn’t break her arm, but she is in pain. Andrew says Dan’s too intense and wacky at times. Aja & Ty are running 9 hours behind the leaders.

Terence is pulled over for doing 117km in a 100 zone, about 10 miles per hour over. Don’t mess with New Zealand cops. With an aggressive quota system and a #1 priority of speeding tickets, they will pull you over. Sarah tells Terence she always thought he was a slow driver.

Teams will fly 5600 miles to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Terence & Sarah just barely manage to get on the first flight with Ken & Tina. Kelly & Christy and Toni & Dallas arrive around the same time, which allows the girls to mock Dallas’ hair for looking like Teen Wolf. I’m assuming that’s supposed to be funny to someone, but anyway, Dallas says they’re getting on his last nerve. Unlike Terence & Sarah, Andrew & Dan don’t get lucky and miss the second flight by a few minutes. They’re told there’s no chance of getting on tonight’s flight, and the way that’s worded, it sounds like really bad news. Not giving up, though, they go to the counter anyway and see if there’s anything that can be done, which allows them to get on the flight. Still a long way behind the first place teams, but at least they’re not several hours or more behind like Aja & Ty will be.

First flight (12:20PM via Singapore): Ken & Tina, Terence & Sarah
Second flight (4:55PM): Kelly & Christy, Toni & Dallas, Nick & Starr, Andrew & Dan
Third flight (no time given): Aja & Ty

At the layover, Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah see their lead evaporate, as everybody (other than Aja & Ty) shows up.

When they arrive in Cambodia, teams must find a gas station and choose a truck, which they will need to fill via hand pump. Most teams struggle with cab drivers, some more than others. Nick & Starr arrive first, and Toni & Dallas arrive as they’re leaving. Terence & Sarah, Andrew & Dan, and Ken & Tina are all there next. Kelly & Christy are last, but they get ahead of Andrew & Dan who seem to struggle with everything.

After their trucks are full of gas, they’ll hop in the back and go to Siem Reap Harbor on southeast Asia’s largest lake, where they’ll travel by boat to their next clue. Nick & Starr’s lead disappears as she says “Senor stop” (could they be any further away from somewhere that people speak Spanish?), despite having a driver who has clearly been advised of the route ahead of time. The front four teams are all neck and neck, with the current positions being decided by the speed of the truck and boat drivers.

Terence & Sarah, who had been in the lead, run into trouble as their boat breaks down. Terence begins rowing the boat instead. While they are able to row to the clue, their boat’s not fixed, and each detour involves using the boat. Fixing it will apparently delay them about 10 minutes.

The detour is a choice between village life or village work. In village life, teams use their boats to pick up local items at three destinations. In village work, teams will go to fishing grounds and search fishing traps for two filled with fish.

Village work (in order of arrival): Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas, Andrew & Dan, Aja & Ty
Village life: Ken & Tina, Terence & Sarah (switched from village work after seeing they’re close to this one), Kelly & Christy

From the detour, teams will travel by tuk tuk to Angkor Wat. The road block is to search the temple for a small elusive room, the chamber of echoes. Logically, they’d be better off having their strongest physical member not do this task, but teams decide based on the clue, better sense of direction.

Road block (in order of arrival): Nick, Tina, Dallas, Terence, Christy, Andrew, Ty

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Bayon Temple.

First: Nick & Starr (win a trip to St. John)
Second: Toni & Dallas
Third: Terence & Sarah
Fourth: Ken & Tina
Fifth: Kelly & Christy
Sixth: Andrew & Dan
Eliminated: Aja & Ty

As predictable episodes go, this was one of them. The top six teams caused some drama, but it was pretty obvious Aja & Ty weren’t going to catch up. Aja & Ty have been eliminated, but at least they have a more positive attitude than they had in the previous episode. Ty plans to move to LA to be with Aja.

Because they were speeding (barely), Terence & Sarah will have a 30 minute penalty applied to the start of the next leg.

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The Amazing Race 13 Episode 4

Having proved to be one of the strongest teams in the first two legs, Mark & Bill misread a clue telling them to travel by foot, which was enough to eliminate them in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 3.

With the football game going into overtime, The Amazing Race will be off to a late start as usual. A live blog will begin around 8:45 when 60 Minutes is over.

Kelly & Christy take the time at the pit stop to confront Nick & Starr. Yes, again.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Ken & Tina – 12:33AM
Second: Toni & Dallas – 12:59AM
Third: Terence & Sarah – 1:04AM
Fourth: Marisa & Brooke – 1:05AM
Fifth: Aja & Ty – 1:06AM
Sixth: Nick & Starr – 1:07AM
Seventh: Andrew & Dan – 1:08AM
Eighth: Kelly & Christy – 1:20AM

The teams are pretty well bunched together following the last close leg. Ken & Tina say they’ve turned the corner and are now getting along a lot better. Dallas tells us he’s college educated. Nick & Starr say they don’t take anything personally on the race. Kelly & Christy like everybody… except Nick & Starr.

Teams will now fly 6900 miles to Auckland, New Zealand, meaning people who speak English (though the teams will probably still try speaking Spanish). The counters are all closed, but teams can look for flights on the Internet. Andrew & Dan believe they have a prayer with Marisa & Brooke. Aja & Ty are bickering with each other while looking for flights. Everybody gets on the same flight, so it doesn’t all end up mattering anyway.

The first clue is at Gulf Harbour, where they untie knots to get their next clue. Aja & Ty are getting along now, but the flat tire from him driving on the curb should test their stress some. The good news for them is that Marisa & Brooke seem as though they’re trailing everybody by quite a bit.

From there, they will drive to the summit of Mount Eden. If they wish, they can opt for the fast forward (the first of two on the race), which is at the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere, the Auckland Sky Tower. Ken & Tina and Andrew & Dan will be doing the fast forward, which involves climbing to the top of the tower. Ken & Tina arrive at the fast forward first. Andrew & Dan, who know they’re behind Ken & Tina the whole way there, keep driving anyway, but turn back when they arrive and notice another car in the parking lot. Having won the fast forward, Ken & Tina will skip all tasks and take a helicopter ride to the next pit stop.

Kelly & Christy can’t seem to find the way to drive up to the summit, so they run up to it instead. That’d be a penalty, but they’re killing enough time that it probably won’t be. The road block is to pick an image and find the matching Maori tattoo from the group of warriors.

Road block (in order of arrival): Terence, Toni, Andrew, Christy, Starr, Aja, Brooke

The next clue is at the City Life Hotel. They’ll have to spot a Travelocity roaming gnome. When they get their gnomes, they’ll go to Kiwi 360.

The detour is a choice between matter of time or matter of skill. In matter of time, they’ll need to crush kiwis with their feet. In matter of skill, they must assemble and drive blokarts. The kiwi container is lined with jagged rocks, which could be bad going forward if they cut up their feet too bad. Most of the teams struggle with matter of time, but those who finish it head to the front of the pack. Aja & Ty are still arguing, but lucky for them the blondes have been way behind everybody all day long. Starr wipes out on the blokart and injures her arm but still completes the task.

Matter of time: Terence & Sarah, Kelly & Christy, Marisa & Brooke
Matter of skill: Toni & Dallas (switched from matter of time), Nick & Starr (switched from matter of time), Andrew & Dan (switched from matter of time), Aja & Ty (switched from matter of time)

The 1000 acre sheep farm Summer Hill is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Teams will be greeted by a special guest appearance of Phil’s dad.

First: Ken & Tina (win a trip to Rio de Janeiro)
Second: Terence & Sarah
Third: Kelly & Christy
Fourth: Toni & Dallas
Fifth: Nick & Starr
Sixth: Andrew & Dan
Seventh: Aja & Ty
Eliminated: Marisa & Brooke

I was hoping for Aja & Ty to be able to be put out of their misery, but Marisa & Brooke were the weakest link, despite their positive attitude.

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