The Amazing Race 13 Episode 9

Terence & Sarah made a dumb mistake in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 8 and paid for it. After they and Nick & Starr insisted on going for the fast forward knowing that whoever didn’t get it would probably be screwed, Terence & Sarah were unable to catch up to the rest of the pack and were eliminated. Having won the fast forward, Nick & Starr continued their winning ways. Meanwhile, Andrew & Dan as presumably part of some cosmic joke managed to get into the final four in spite of themselves.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Nick & Starr – 9:21PM
Second: Toni & Dallas – 10:47PM
Third: Ken & Tina – 11:17PM
Fourth: Andrew & Dan – 12:41AM

Dallas and Starr are continuing to get closer, but they still know they’re in a race. The way this whole thing’s played out, it’s helped them, rather than hindering them. Andrew & Dan, having left their shoes at the detour (they may as well have just gone back and gotten them considering how far behind they are anyway), are now in slippers they got from the hotel. It turns out there’s a 24 hour shoe store in the airport, and they have a good amount of money left, so they make sure they’re properly outfitted before leaving. They just hope they don’t run out of money after dropping $160 on shoes.

Teams will fly nearly 2000 miles to Moscow, Russia. This late at night we’re probably looking at an airport equalizer. When Nick & Starr arrive, they’re told the earliest flight leaves at 6:05AM. All teams are on the same flight.

When they arrive in Moscow, it’s back to the not being able to communicate with anybody problem again. Nick & Starr follow Toni & Dallas and are the first two teams to arrive. Dallas just wonders if Andrew & Dan are even in the right country. Andrew & Dan are next to arrive, followed closely by Ken & Tina.

From the monastery, teams will go to the outskirts of Moscow to a decommissioned military base Kolosok Camp. Toni & Dallas seem to have lost Nick & Starr somewhere along the way. Andrew & Dan and Ken & Tina are neck and neck, but Nick & Starr are in the unfamiliar position of last place.

The detour is a choice between boots or borscht. In boots, they will learn a traditional parade march. In borscht, teams will need to serve borscht to 75 Russian soldiers. Apparently the catch is if they’re sloppy, they’ll have to repeat part of the task. In each detour, teams will need to get properly dressed in full military gear.

Andrew stumbles over figuring out how to get dressed, so they decide to switch to the borscht detour hoping that they won’t have to wear the military outfit, but after switching they realize they still have to wear the uniform no matter what. They’re finally dressed but are in their traditional last place. Once that’s done, they provide much comic relief for the soldiers, as Dan has no coordination. So then they switch back to borscht. Lucky for them the borscht task seems pretty simple.

Boots: Toni & Dallas, Ken & Tina, Nick & Starr
Borscht: Andrew & Dan (switched from boots to borscht to boots to borscht)

From there, teams will go to a bakery in Zhukovsky. The road block is to be a delivery person, unloading fifty 55 pound bags of flour to an unpleasant counter person. Dallas knows this is his time to shine, and he insists on grabbing two bags at a time, even though his mom wants him to slow down a bit. He manages to get about 15 bags ahead of Ken by the time he arrives. Although Ken’s older, he is an ex-pro athlete. An exhausted Dallas retains a lead of about 8 bags and finishes first, but Ken’s not far behind. Nick & Starr are lost again, while Andrew & Dan have probably been at the detour for hours. When they arrive, Nick & Starr tell their cab driver to get lost, hoping they’ll be able to find another one if they need to. Nick tries to do two at once, but he’ll have to settle for one, as does Dan.

Road block (in order of arrival): Dallas, Ken, Nick, Dan

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Neskuchny Sad, which means it’s back through the crowded streets of Moscow they go. Looks like Nick & Starr will have to find a new cab. Too bad this guy doesn’t know any more than the last one, as Starr begins to have a nervous breakdown while Nick remains calm. Andrew & Dan have run out of money and are hoping their cab driver is understanding. Dan offers him his newly bought and expensive shoes, but he’s not interested. They do finally manage to make a deal with him, though.

First: Toni & Dallas (win a trip to the Dominican Republic)
Second: Ken & Tina
Third: Nick & Starr
Non-eliminated: Andrew & Dan

Non-elimination? Is this a joke? This is like when David & Mary just refused to be stepped on. Andrew & Dan will need to complete one additional task, a speed bump, which doesn’t bode well for them considering that they’re horrible at tasks. To further compound matters, they’re out of money, and cabs in Moscow seem to be pretty expensive.

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