The Amazing Race 13 Episode 8

Kelly & Christy finally got off my screen in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 7. Not far ahead of them were Andrew & Dan, who by some miracle keep just barely surviving in second to last every week. Meanwhile, Nick & Starr continued their dominance with another first place finish.

60 Minutes looks like it’s about half an hour late. A live recap will begin when 60 Minutes concludes.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Nick & Starr – 10:14PM
Second: Toni & Dallas – 10:24PM
Third: Terence & Sarah – 10:43PM
Fourth: Ken & Tina – 11:48PM
Fifth: Andrew & Dan – 12:00AM

Nick’s wondering when someone will finally blow past them. Starr and Dallas are just wondering when they’ll be left alone so they can work on getting a room. Hormones aside, they work together at the travel agency to book a flight that should get them ahead of everybody else.

Terence wants to be a big bundle of nerves, while Sarah hopes to be able to relax. Ken & Tina (still) know they need to communicate.

Teams will fly to Almaty, Kazakhstan, a new location for the race, following closely on the heels of Borat. The first destination when they land is a chicken factory. Ken & Tina somehow manage to get on the first flight, though the team that left an hour before them is searching around the airport to see what their options are. Terence & Sarah end up about an hour and a half behind. It’s unclear how far behind Andrew & Dan are, but considering the second flight lands at 1:20AM, this is an hours of operation bunching waiting to happen.

First flight: Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas, Ken & Tina
Second flight: Terence & Sarah
Third flight: Andrew & Dan

They arrive at the chicken factory and find out it’s not opening until 7:30. Lucky thing they were so bunched up because Dan & Andrew were hours behind. All teams are even for the road block.

The road block is to enter a chicken shack and search among 30,000 chickens for one of seven golden eggs. That’s not all, though. It’s fast forward time. The fast forward is to join in a feast where the main ingredient is the fat from the rear end of a sheep. Nick & Starr and Terence & Sarah both go dashing for the fast forward. Don’t do it. One of these teams is better off swallowing their pride and letting the other do it. If you lose out on this, you’re just asking to be last. On top of the fact that fast forwards are pretty unpredictable. Sarah tells Terence she doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but he doesn’t listen.

Nick & Starr arrive slightly before Terence & Sarah, but unfortunately for them it’s not first come first served like the previous fast forward was. Whoever eats the food first will win the fast forward. And whoever doesn’t win the fast forward will be in for a world of hurt. Starr doesn’t want to read the part of the menu that says what the food is. Terence is a vegetarian, who hasn’t eaten meat in over 15 years. Despite that, he’s just going to go for it, although he doesn’t actually seem to be eating anything. He shouldn’t have even bothered trying, and eventually realizes that he won’t be able to finish, reluctantly agreeing to quit. Now all Nick & Starr have to do is get the sheep’s butt down.

Road block: Andrew, Tina, Toni, Sarah

Teams will need to find and travel by crane truck to the Koktobe Arch in the mountains and look for a Mongol warrior, where their clue will be carried to them by bird. Andrew & Dan somehow get lost along the way, although the first two teams seem to have no trouble. I wonder: are they really that lost, or is this all manufactured for drama so we believe Terence & Sarah have a prayer? Apparently frustrated with the country as a whole, Dan starts yelling at Andrew for not keeping up with him.

The detour is a choice between play like mad or act like fools. In play like mad, they must learn to play a tune using two traditional instruments, then go to the park and earn $1.50 in tips. In act like fools, they must walk the streets dressed like cows to find a stall with milk for them to drink, then bring themselves to the butcher.

Act like fools: Toni & Dallas, Ken & Tina, Andrew & Dan, Terence & Sarah

Toni & Dallas decide to have fun with this. Tina drinks the milk but didn’t read the whole clue. Dallas also didn’t read the whole clue but does so immediately after finishing his milk. After asking for directions, Tina realizes she was indeed at the right place the first time, then they decide they need to take their cow costume back where they got it (rather than to the butcher like they’re supposed to). Dallas tells them they need their costume, but they try to go without it anyway. Then Tina wants to take a cab to the pit stop, but luckily Ken tells her they have to walk. Andrew & Dan both miss this part of the clue, though, and they grab a cab, so they need to go back and do it correctly.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Old Square, a public plaza in the oldest part of the city.

First: Nick & Starr
Second: Toni & Dallas
Third: Ken & Tina
Fourth: Andrew & Dan
Eliminated: Terence & Sarah

Terence & Sarah were one of the strongest teams and should have been in the final three, but they made a dumb decision (as did Nick & Starr) that it was pretty obvious they should not have made. As for Andrew & Dan, they’re past their expiration date.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 13 Episode 9 That Is Studly, which airs Sunday at 8/7cish on CBS.

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