The Amazing Race Asia 3 Episode 10

Their performance at the detour followed by being U-turned led to AD & Fuzzie being last in The Amazing Race Asia 3 Episode 9, but they were non-eliminated and lived to see another day.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Vince & Sam – 12:01AM
Second: Ida & Tania – 12:17AM
Third: Geoff & Tisha – 1:14AM
Fourth: AD & Fuzzie – 2:40AM

The next destination is Bhaja Caves, 60km outside of Pune. Based on the times, they’ll obviously hit an hours of operation. It opens at 8:15. This will give everybody a bit of time to rest but also makes sure they’re all together to begin the task.

Apparently, they came all the way out to the caves and hit an hours of operation only to be told they have to go back to Pune and go to the train station to see a statue of Mahatma Gandhi. As we’ve seen in prior seasons of TAR, these trains are jam packed, but it doesn’t seem too traumatic. In order to proceed, they need to know the year Mahatma Gandhi was born when they get to Standard Chartered Bank. Ida & Tania wrote down everything… except what they needed to know. AD & Fuzzie didn’t even go to the statue and instead went straight to the bank. Both of these teams just ask the locals, who know right away. Vince & Sam got the year the statue was put up rather than the year Gandhi was born, as did Geoff & Tisha. Vince & Sam found out the correct year from their taxi driver before arriving. This appears to be quite the simple question for the locals, as three teams didn’t even complete the task correctly but got the answer right anyway. Geoff & Tisha, however, entered an incorrect answer three times, insistent that Gandhi was born in 1977, which means they receive a 10 minute penalty.

From there, teams are told to go to Muscat, Oman. All teams get on the same flight from Pune via Mumbai, a journey of over 1700km.

The first stop in Oman is Al Alam Palace. The teams are warned to beware of wild animals, including camels, donkeys, and goats, while driving. Tish never drives a manual car (one of the fundamental skills needed for the race at some point or another) and just took lessons before leaving for the race.

After arriving at the palace, teams are told to drive 140km to Nizwa Fort. Hours of operation again, this time 7:00, which once again lets everybody catch up. There they must search multiple clue boxes for the right one. Fuzzie says she has no motivation but isn’t giving up, although it sounds like they already gave up last leg.

From there they will go to Mutrah Souq. Is it here that we’re finally going to see an actual task? Anticipating an intersection, Geoff & Tisha get a cab and split it with Vince & Sam. Both teams wish to continue working together on the detour.

The detour is a choice between carpet or count it. In carpet, teams must match a unique piece of the design on carpets with photos on their camera. In count it, teams must count the exact number of dried limes. Neither is a very appealing task, but counting tasks normally drive people mad.

Count it: Ida & Tania, Vince & Sam, AD & Fuzzie, Geoff & Tisha (switched from count it to carpet to count it to carpet to count it)

Ida & Tania guess incorrectly, and they’re followed by an incorrect guess by Vince & Sam. And then Geoff & Tisha. Geoff wants to switch tasks, but Tisha wants to give it another shot. I wouldn’t bother if it were me. Counting 1500 or 2000 of an object has been the downfall of many a team. He gets his way and they switch. Ida & Tania are incorrect the second time. AD & Fuzzie are wrong on their first try. Vince & Sam are wrong on their first try as well. Immediately upon arrival at the next detour, Tisha repeatedly tells Geoff it’s the wrong choice. This time she gets her way, and they switch back to counting. On their second guess, Vince & Sam are correct. They don’t bother telling their allies what answer they got. Geoff & Tisha’s second guess is incorrect. She agrees to switch back to the rugs. Hopefully this time she’ll make more of an effort at it instead of dismissing it as a bad idea. Ida & Tania are correct on their next guess, and it appears that the baskets don’t have the same number of limes, so the boys wouldn’t have been able to help Geoff & Tisha anyway. Oh, and by the way, Geoff & Tisha are on their way back to count again. AD & Fuzzie count incorrectly but just guess one lower and get it correct. Geoff & Tisha finally manage to finish the detour.

The next stop is Wadi Tanuf, two and a half hours away. Nobody is having any luck finding this place. The locals don’t seem to know where it is, the map doesn’t match the road and vice versa, and half of what they’re seeing isn’t in English anyway. Hopelessly lost Vince & Sam decide to follow hopelessly lost Ida & Tania. Geoff & Tisha eventually run into those teams, and they’re also lost. And then AD & Fuzzie run into everybody else. They all manage to find it together.

The road block is to tyrolean traverse across a canyon. Teams three and four must wait for the first two teams to finish.

Road block (in order of arrival): Sam, Ida, Geoff, Fuzzie

The pit stop for this leg of the race is nearby, and they will travel there on foot, meaning it all comes down to the road block placement. Ida makes it through the road block fairly quickly. Geoff flies through it in seemingly a matter of seconds. Sam eventually gives up and agrees to take a 4 hour penalty. Their only prayer now is that Fuzzie also gives up. Unsurprisingly, she quits as well.

First: Ida & Tania (win $2,500US each)
Second: Geoff & Tisha
Third: Vince & Sam
Eliminated: AD & Fuzzie

Vince & Sam lucked out, as they probably would have been eliminated against almost any other team. All things considered, AD & Fuzzie did quite well despite their lack of ability in physical challenges and ambling through the race, but it caught up with them eventually.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Amazing Race Asia 3 episode 11, where we will find out who The Amazing Race Asia 3 winner is, and don’t forget the live blogs of The Amazing Race 13.

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