Ace Gordon Survivor Gabon Arrested

Well, that didn’t take long. Ace Gordon, who was recently voted off the island in Survivor: Gabon, was arrested in Naples, FL yesterday on charges of disorderly intoxication, obstruction of an officer, and resisting arrest without violence.

Staff members at Sway Lounge said he struck a woman in the bar before being asked to leave. Then, he reached toward a deputy’s face “in an aggressive manner,” whatever that means. The bar’s manager later indicated that he had an incident with a woman, but that it was actually the man she was with who he slapped.

Reports suggest that he repeatedly told the deputies that he was famous.

Ace from Survivor mugshot

Source: Naple Daily News and Collier County Sheriff via Reality Blurred

3 thoughts on “Ace Gordon Survivor Gabon Arrested”

  1. Naples cops are the most over aggressive bunch of crooks in Florida. They will instigate conflicts and then trump up charges against anyone who cries foul. Ace was in what we call Hillbilly Junction, next time come to Miami.

  2. ALL COPS ARE CROOKS!!!!!!they think just because they have a badge or they are the mayors boy they can do what they want instead they do what the hell they want including breaking laws that they are arresting people for and then instead of going to JAIL!!! they get suspended with PAY!!!

    NOW THATS WHAT I CALL JUSTICE!!!!! YA RIGHT!!! they are ALL crooks!!!!

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