The Amazing Race 13 Episode 5

Marisa & Brooke were behind the whole leg and were eliminated in The Amazing Race 13 Episode 4. Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah remained at the top of the pack, while Aja & Ty struggled to pretend they were still in the race.

60 Minutes is almost on time for a change, running about 5-10 minutes late.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Ken & Tina – 6:03AM
Second: Terence & Sarah – 8:19AM
Third: Kelly & Christy – 9:32AM
Fourth: Toni & Dallas – 10:15AM
Fifth: Nick & Starr – 11:34AM
Sixth: Andrew & Dan – 12:44PM
Seventh: Aja & Ty – 3:04PM

Ken really feels like a kid again since he’s out here competing instead of sitting at home in a rocking chair. Terence & Sarah are hoping the race gets more physical. Kelly & Christy plan to use their brain power (yeah, they really said that). Starr didn’t break her arm, but she is in pain. Andrew says Dan’s too intense and wacky at times. Aja & Ty are running 9 hours behind the leaders.

Terence is pulled over for doing 117km in a 100 zone, about 10 miles per hour over. Don’t mess with New Zealand cops. With an aggressive quota system and a #1 priority of speeding tickets, they will pull you over. Sarah tells Terence she always thought he was a slow driver.

Teams will fly 5600 miles to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Terence & Sarah just barely manage to get on the first flight with Ken & Tina. Kelly & Christy and Toni & Dallas arrive around the same time, which allows the girls to mock Dallas’ hair for looking like Teen Wolf. I’m assuming that’s supposed to be funny to someone, but anyway, Dallas says they’re getting on his last nerve. Unlike Terence & Sarah, Andrew & Dan don’t get lucky and miss the second flight by a few minutes. They’re told there’s no chance of getting on tonight’s flight, and the way that’s worded, it sounds like really bad news. Not giving up, though, they go to the counter anyway and see if there’s anything that can be done, which allows them to get on the flight. Still a long way behind the first place teams, but at least they’re not several hours or more behind like Aja & Ty will be.

First flight (12:20PM via Singapore): Ken & Tina, Terence & Sarah
Second flight (4:55PM): Kelly & Christy, Toni & Dallas, Nick & Starr, Andrew & Dan
Third flight (no time given): Aja & Ty

At the layover, Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah see their lead evaporate, as everybody (other than Aja & Ty) shows up.

When they arrive in Cambodia, teams must find a gas station and choose a truck, which they will need to fill via hand pump. Most teams struggle with cab drivers, some more than others. Nick & Starr arrive first, and Toni & Dallas arrive as they’re leaving. Terence & Sarah, Andrew & Dan, and Ken & Tina are all there next. Kelly & Christy are last, but they get ahead of Andrew & Dan who seem to struggle with everything.

After their trucks are full of gas, they’ll hop in the back and go to Siem Reap Harbor on southeast Asia’s largest lake, where they’ll travel by boat to their next clue. Nick & Starr’s lead disappears as she says “Senor stop” (could they be any further away from somewhere that people speak Spanish?), despite having a driver who has clearly been advised of the route ahead of time. The front four teams are all neck and neck, with the current positions being decided by the speed of the truck and boat drivers.

Terence & Sarah, who had been in the lead, run into trouble as their boat breaks down. Terence begins rowing the boat instead. While they are able to row to the clue, their boat’s not fixed, and each detour involves using the boat. Fixing it will apparently delay them about 10 minutes.

The detour is a choice between village life or village work. In village life, teams use their boats to pick up local items at three destinations. In village work, teams will go to fishing grounds and search fishing traps for two filled with fish.

Village work (in order of arrival): Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas, Andrew & Dan, Aja & Ty
Village life: Ken & Tina, Terence & Sarah (switched from village work after seeing they’re close to this one), Kelly & Christy

From the detour, teams will travel by tuk tuk to Angkor Wat. The road block is to search the temple for a small elusive room, the chamber of echoes. Logically, they’d be better off having their strongest physical member not do this task, but teams decide based on the clue, better sense of direction.

Road block (in order of arrival): Nick, Tina, Dallas, Terence, Christy, Andrew, Ty

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Bayon Temple.

First: Nick & Starr (win a trip to St. John)
Second: Toni & Dallas
Third: Terence & Sarah
Fourth: Ken & Tina
Fifth: Kelly & Christy
Sixth: Andrew & Dan
Eliminated: Aja & Ty

As predictable episodes go, this was one of them. The top six teams caused some drama, but it was pretty obvious Aja & Ty weren’t going to catch up. Aja & Ty have been eliminated, but at least they have a more positive attitude than they had in the previous episode. Ty plans to move to LA to be with Aja.

Because they were speeding (barely), Terence & Sarah will have a 30 minute penalty applied to the start of the next leg.

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  1. The whole country is maximum 100 so driving at 117 is well over the limit, besides there is no quota system but NZ had dedicated highway patrol police who are charged with maintaining speed limits on major highways – this is for the safety of all. Drive over the limit and be prepared to pay for it, this is hardly unique to NZ, it is the same all over the world where the government bothers to enforce the laws.

  2. During the 5 years from 2001-2006, speeding tickets for 4-6 miles per hour over the speed limit increased 11,000% from 311 to 34,651. Conversely, more serious violations that might actually put someone in danger dropped by 35% over that same time. Meanwhile, it takes several hours to respond to a burglary. The numbers speak for themselves. Traffic tickets for negligible speeding violations are about revenue generation, not safety. In the US, there are places where tickets are issued for the 10 miles per hour violation this driver was doing on a highway. They’re called speed traps.

    That said, most Americans who go to New Zealand probably are not expecting to get a ticket for driving slightly over the speed limit, so as for a travel show in America that goes to New Zealand, I think it’s a fair thing to point out.

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